Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 20

Guise N' Dolls

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 24, 2007 on ABC

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  • Jerry vs Alan- round 2.

    This episode wasn't as good as the previous ones leading up to it, but Boston Legal still provides great entertainment.

    The return of Jerry and his vicious, wooden cigarette persona marks his revenge for the way Alan treated him earlier. It was nice to Alan hurt, because it showed he has feelings. It was also lovely for Jerry to show his true strength as he closed so brilliantly. And it was of course lovely to the pair make up.

    The place where Denny makes a 'racist' comment was also brilliantly handled, and raised very important messages. I loved Shirley's quote "We take our blacks like we do our coffees- with a little milk"- it rang sadly true of todays society. A very delicately handled issue.

    The only downer was the boring relationship things between Brad and Denise- they need to give these guys something to do!!!

    Overall, however, another brilliant addition to Season 3.
  • Great episode.

    I really liked this episode. It was mainly about Alan and Jerry but the rest of the episode was also good. Brad and Denise tell Shirley that they plan to get married and she laughs. Also Denny sets in serious trouble when he says that he is supprised that a black man does not sound black. This comment is so serious that he is almost removed from the firm. Anyway Jerry beats Alan in court and they make up again. Meanwhile Denise confirms to Brad that she really does love him so overall i think this is a great episode. And i can't wait for the next few episodes of the season.
  • A perfect episode...

    Amazing episode...I know people don't like Christian Clemenson's character of Jerry, I really don't know why people don't like him, as he's a great character, and Christian does a phenomenal job portraying him. The scenes between Alan, Jerry and Judge Weldon were great, and extremely well written. The dialog that came out during their first encounter (all three of them in the courtroom), was very funny. Jaleel White who was in Family Matters makes a cameo (although it could be more, we all can hope), and his scenes with Denny were very good, and if he does come back it would be great if they had more scenes together. I still don't see Brad and Denise getting married, the payoff is the tension of the wedding being called off for some reason or another...Maybe Daniel Post is still alive after all...Or Jefferey Coho comes back. The only disappointing thing about the episode no Constance Zimmer, but we got Jerry instead...Equal trade off I think.
  • Alan takes an old "friends" case against a department store, and must face Jerry once again. But this time Jerry cant be shaken by Alans ploys, and makes preemptive attacks against Alan. Jerry is still using his wood dowel to get through court.

    This was a great episode, but they are all great episodes. Jerry's new personality is still really annoying, and he makes all those remarks about his friend, Alan, who I suspect is his closest and dearest friend. But my favorite part was after Denny made his little comment about "Urkel" being articulate, and the managing partners convene an emergency meeting to depose Denny from the firm. Denny sees all the partners in a room and Shirley walking speedily toward the room, he asks why they are there and if he should be there, to which Shirley says that he cant be there. She walks in and makes a speech about how he should not have leave, then puts it to a vote of all the partners, about 20-30 are present, all vote to fire Denny, and Shirley says ok, i guess its unanimous, he stays, and walks out nicely and into a press conference where she "articulately" explains what he did.
  • Another example of why in the lawyer business you cannot afford to make mistakes or at the very least, make any friends, because they will use what they know of you to their advantage.

    In many ways, this episode reminded us once again that Alan's worst enemy is himself. Not only does he ignore returned calls from women that he has had flings with, possibly as a means of sub-conscious punishment or a means of self-defence against being hurt by women, but he also provides the audience with the achilles heel of his lawyering abilities - How to defeat Alan Shore. With all fairness to Jerry, he did do his homework well on Alan and he displayed dirty lawyering skills to a greater effect than Alan was willing to do on that occasion - Possibly due to regret for his actions in "The Good Lawyer". However, I would like to see if Jerry is as good as Alan in winning cases without using dirty tactics, such as exploiting a friendship. Let's face it guys, Jerry did not win the case, Alan let him win it. Jerry after all, needed it more and I believe Alan knew this.
  • Alan and Jerry face off once again in court as they take on the manufacturer of provocative dolls marketed at 6 year olds. Denny faces termination after his harmless remarks to an interviewee is taken to be racist in nature.

    Alan is finally knocked off his game by Jerry Espenson's new courtroom persona while Shirley and Paul must decide how to handle Denny's latest fiasco, one that could force CP&S's founding partner to resign. Denise makes up her mind regarding Brad's marriage proposal.

    Jerry's new persona, created in Alan's likeness, verbally attacks Alan's case with childlike delight. Not only must Alan contend with keeping up with the mock version of himself, he also must deal with Judge Gloria Wheldon, whom he had a "love and leave" liasion with. Judge Wheldon's hostility toward Alan works in Jerry's favor, especially after he let the Judge know what Alan really thinks about her. Shirley takes to the airwaves in order to shed light on Denny's apparant racist remark, which reminds us that image not race, is often a major factor in many hiring decisions. On a lighter note, Denise accepts Brad's proposal. In the end, Jerry comes to realize that being himself is what's important. The human side of Alan lets Jerry know why their friendship is important and how much he misses the old Jerry. The episode was well-written, humorous at times but always very in touch with the issues.
  • Alan and Jerry face off in a court battle dealing with provocative dolls meanwhile Denny's statement to a potential employee makes him look like a racist.

    Decent episode. Jerry is back to oppose Alan on another case. Jerry resumes his confident persona which Alan doesn't like. Meanwhile, Denny makes a racist statement toward a potential employee.

    I liked the Jerry and Alan storyline more than the Denny one because the Denny story had a lame ending to something that could have been carried more to other episodes.

    I think Alan was more upset with the fact that Jerry was more aggressive than him on the case (this is what Alan preached about a few episodes ago about lawyers getting ugly at each other yet he didn't like receiving the same treatment).

    Alan's defense was weak too I'am glad the writers finally exposed this and made him lose. I've seen far too many episodes where Alan spews out a lot of nonsense to play with a jury rather than lay on the facts.
  • Alan takes on a department store that sells sexual themed dolls, such as bratz. Opposing him was his ole friend Jerry, except it was his alter ego that took the floor. Denny tells Urkle that he doesnt sound black, which starts the media buzzing.

    Another great episode on one of my favorite satirical comedies. Jerry was great in the episode, really pissing Alan off in court, as well as getting the judge, someone who Alan has had "relations" with, mad at Alan. In the end I applaud Jerry for closing in his true form. Which in the end won the case. I love how he got under Alan's skin with his alter ego. We've never seen Alan so discombobulated. Denny tells Urkle he doesnt sound black, and when it's pointed out how NOT PC that is, Denny makes nothing but points to Shirley and Paul. And what a trip, when the administration partners all vote for Denny to be out, Shirley simply says the Nays have it, which wouldnt go over in the real business world, but it was funny. Then you have to applaud Shirley for making the same points Denny made to her, to the media. Name one network news show where the black guy sounds, well black. I am not racist or a bigot, but they made some really good points. Particularly when he made the example of the guy who kidnapped his child and asked to describe the caller. And those crazy writers...I thought they were going to split Denise and Brad up! However they did not, more so, they had her look deep inside and realize that she really does love him and finally is comfortable marrying him. Bravo!
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