Boston Legal

Season 1 Episode 10

Hired Guns

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 19, 2004 on ABC
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Hired Guns
Lori and Brad defend a woman who is accused of murdering her husband and his mistress while they were in bed together. Alan's life becomes in danger when he helps a woman whose ex-husband plans to kidnap their children.

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  • Top notch episode

    This episode easily takes the crown for "Best episode so far".

    It opens with a brilliant crooning song from Denny, and amusingly cuts short as he catches the eye of a pretty secretary! Typical Denny! The Lori and Brad murder case was brilliant- it was nice seeing Brad in court, was we have rarely got to see his brilliant legal skills. The court scenes were dramatic and well done, as well as showing that its not just Alan who is brilliant at the law.

    Alan gets himself taken hostage, and whilst the tenstion was brilliant, it was fanatasically lifted with Denny's humour, especially when he shot the hostage taker, and moves on with a smile.

    It led to two brilliant scenes; the Tara and Alan moment was easily the best romantic moment the show has produced (in my opinion). I loved that scene, and its easily one of my favourites. The balcony scene at the end was equally good, highlightly the brilliant friendship between Alan and Denny, and showing how their relationship continues to be growing.

    Overall, a top notch episode, and one of my favourites to re-watch.moreless
  • Crane croons to Christmas carols. Chase and Colsen defend a woman who doesn't remember whether or not she killed her cheating husband and his lover. Alan Shore becomes entangled in a hostage situation and Denny Crane saves the day.moreless

    This is it. This one has it all. The Shatner is in full force in this episode. Crooning, Spouting, Shooting...Denny Crane! What a treat to hear Denny open the episode with a Christmas carol and then for him to save the day in the most irresponsible, polically incorrect fashion imaginable. James Spader is also in top form, balancing his dry wit with a slight stammer in a terrifying hostage situation. This is the episode that made me a regular watcher. I would equate it with the Seinfeld episode "The Contest". Not only did it convert me, but I have insisted that my friends watch it and many of them now regularly tune in. "Hired Guns" has everything that is great and unique about this show. I still like to watch it from time to time.moreless
  • Denny Crane fans rejoyce! Hands down, THE best of the pre-Schmidt era. This episode has you at the edge of your seat from tension and almost falling off from laughter.

    If you have something against Denny, skip this episode because afterwords you'll have no choice but to love him.

    Back when the series was silly and surreal (I call this the pre-Schmidt era), a little office hostage situation was to be expected. How the lawyers would handle it however, was completely unexpected.

    AND it's a David E. Kelley Christmas episode, so it's gotta be gold.
  • This episode sets the tone for the whole series, putting a great criminal case, a suspenseful hostage situation, and humor together.

    Brad and Lori take on a murder case where a woman is accused of killing her husband and mistress while they were in their home. Besides the case, Alan Shore gets himself and everyone at the firm, in danger after he protects a woman’s kids from her ex-husband. The situation leads to Alan being held at gunpoint at the firm. The situation escalates, and emergency crews and a hostage negotiator show up, but make little difference. As the episode goes on, you are ready for a climax, with a decision on Lori and Brad’s case, and the hostage situation. Denny (William Shatner), who is absent for most of the show, wakes up from a nap out on the patio and does not know what is going on. In one the most surprising endings, he gets his gun out and shots the hostage taker and saves the firm. The whole situation becomes comical in a way because Denny takes it as no big deal and moves on with life. A great quote from Denny being, “Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?”moreless

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