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Boston Legal

Season 4 Episode 5

Hope and Gory

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2007 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Hope and Gory
Alan is shocked when a woman asks him to represent her for a murder she has yet to commit on the basis of "temporary insanity" and turns to Denny for help. Meanwhile, Katie and Jerry once again represent Joseph Washington who is being persecuted in his home town for a crime he did not commit.moreless

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  • It looks like we are seeing the beginning of the end of one of the greatest series ever put together... Tragedy.

    I have been one of the shows biggest fans since the beginnings with the practice. The script writers have kept beautifully in balance, the irreverant crazy side of Alan and Denny (while in private), and their "Best Lawyers in the world", expertly written Court Room Tirades. At then end of every episode they find ways to sum up on the balcony, a re-enforcement of the themes of the episode while leaving our kings mighty on the throne, living to fight another day..

    In this episode we see Alan out of control, being controlled by ostrich neck, with no sexual tension - we just feel embarrasement for him. We see a client guide Alan like a puppy dog, once again painting him as out of control and dare I say it naive.. And not in a funny way.. In Alan's place rises the novice blond english accented bombshell. Painting all her emotions publically, setup in almost direct conflict to the morale positioning, of Denny, with Gerry following her around like a puppy dog. Of course last week she made it very clear there will never be any sexual tension in this relationship.. So they blunder around "doing good" on the corporate dollar, ignoring the kick in the pants from the Senior Partner - With no consequence.. Finally she interrupts the church service (that convienently is held on a Friday) in order to berate the congreation over something that none of them give a damn about.. And that was supposed to be the elequont summ up? Please I see another piece of rubbish like that, I will not bother watching another episode..

    Finally, my beloved Denny.. He adds nothing but a comment here and there (no issue here), but finally, on the balcony... normally either the highlight of show, or at least the redeeming moment.. One of the most crap one liners I have ever heard.. Hope springs a kernel.. My God. Clearly they have replaced the previous writers for idiot monkeys. And instead of letting is slip they come back and plug it again.. like it is the latest great joke of the year... The look of unbelief on Alan's face was mirrored on mine..

    Honestly Boston Legal is one of my most favorite seasons of all time. We all wondered how long it would run for - maybe a 10 season stargate? Everyone needs to start being honest.. these 10's and 9.5 ratings are totally bollocks. Get real guys. Credit it when it is good, but you have to bag it when it sucks as bad and as hard as this...moreless
  • A great episode.

    Yep another great episode from season 4... I really loved every minute of this one and it was quite sad as well. In this episode Alan is asked to help to get a woman off a murder charge on the grounds that she is insane. Even though she confesses to him that she had planned out the murder and acted with intention... So Alan for some weird reason decides to take the case anyway and gets the woman off. Meanwhile Jerry and Katie represent the same man they got off a murder charge at the beginning of this episode. Joseph Washington is no facing a harder time due to his name being on the sex offenders register. So Katie and Jerry manage to get him off the list but by then it is too late and he is killed. Katie then gives a very sad speech at church where she shames the community which killed him. Overall this was a great episode and i am really loving this season so far... Keep up the good work!moreless
  • Alan defends a woman who previously came to him seeking advice on how to commit a crime and successfully plead temporary insanity. Kate and Jerry take on Megan's Law after Joseph Washington is unable to start over in a new city.moreless

    Kate and Jerry try to get Megan's Law overturned after Joseph Washington's civil liberties are denied to him by residents of a small conservative town. The show did an excellent job of exploiting one of the biggest legal issues surrounding the law. In order to get his name cleared of a rape charge when he was 17, Kate enlists the help of the woman who made the alligation when she was 16. While the law itself isn't overturned, it did make one stop and think about just how many men faced the same situation as Joseph did when they were teenagers and wound up as sex offenders. Joseph's senario can also apply to anyone who wants to get back at an ex after a relationship has gone bad. While I am all for Megan's Law, I think the law doesn't provide for common sense in some cases.

    Alan's case was also interesting. I found myself empathizing with the mother who's daughter was denied justice after her affluent killer got off by using the temporary insanity defense. Alan is going to have his work cut out for him but if anyone can make the jury believe that the mother did suffer from temporary insanity, Alan is the right person for the job.moreless
  • As good as it gets...

    This episode represents the best of what Boston Legal has to offer. It was poignant without having a political agenda. It was funny with just the right amount of tenderness. Alan Shore is conflicted about representing his client but does so out of sense of duty and in the end learns something about himself. Katie Lloyd sets out to clear the name of her client and in the process challenges an entire community of people to look inside themselves and examine their own prejudice. This is one hour of great television entertainment.

    If you watch only one episode of Boston Legal, make it this one.moreless
  • Alan defends a woman who wants to claim insanity for a murder...that she has already planned. Jerry and Katie defend Mr. Washington again.

    Easily one of the finest episodes of this show ever. Sometimes Boston Legal is laugh out loud hysterical, sometimes it's deep and thought provoking, sometimes it's touching. This was a deep and touching episode. It covered some sticky issues in society, and in it's usual fashion, got a little preachy, but all in all, a brilliant episode.

    Alan knowingly takes a case that is based on false pretenses. This is not outside Alan's domain, but he obviously has severe misgivings about his client. At the end of the episode he reiterates he is against capital punishment, but Denny finds a way to contradict some of his beliefs. Why is Alan doing this? I guess it plays to his own definition of justice. He may not support his client's actions and demeanor, but he wishes to see justice done.

    The piece with Katie and Jerry stole the show. It was thought provoking and very touching. Those two went to great lengths to help this man when nobody would. They fought hard and well and won Joseph Washington his freedom. The prejudice he faced was disgusting, and unfortunately a real part of society. To challenge laws such as the ones that barred him from town is a provocative move. There is no clear winner when it's the civil liberties of one VS that of another-as was the case here. Politics aside, all sides argued well. On a personal note, as a father I want to see my children protected, thus I support laws like Megan's Law which was discussed in the show. I also support due process.

    This episode was beautifully scripted and directed. The acting was superb, and it just drew you into the episode. James Spader likely has earned another nomination for this performance and Mare Winningham deserves a nod for a supporting role. This is Boston Legal at it's finest.moreless
Mare Winningham

Mare Winningham

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Craig muMs Grant

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Paul Dooley

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