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Boston Legal

Season 2 Episode 22

Ivan the Incorrigible

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2006 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Ivan the Incorrigible
Alan decides to help Jerry with his first big attempted-murder case, but has to take drastic action when Jerry's courtroom outbursts jeopardize the case. Meanwhile, Shirley is shocked to discover that Ivan has yet to inform Missy that they are "divorced", and Brad becomes uncomfortable with a reoccurring word in his new relationship.moreless

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  • Smart, sexy and stylish- Boston Legal all over.

    Theres just something about this Season I can't help but completely love. I haven't watched it all the way through for ages, and what a mistake that was. I'v really loved it!

    This episode saw the return of Jerry, and his behavioural rehab sort of working, sort of not. It was good to see him and Alan team up against Alan's rival D.A. Jerry messing up the case was bad, but Alan's "misplacing" the client was awesome! In a completely unacceptable way of course!

    Shirley discovers Ivan is still married. Missy didn't quite annoy me so much in this episode, and I think Ivan has a heart very deep down! Denny and Shirleys scene was very sweet. Brad story with the sexy associate was funny- the writers haven't used his uncomfortablity with certain words since Season 1! The word vagina scaring him was hilarious!

    Overall, an excellently written and performed episode again- kudos to everyone involved!moreless
  • Shirley and Ivan...

    In this episode Shirley gets closer with Ivan when says that he broke up with his wife. But before long, Ivan's wife Missy comes asking Shirley whether she knows Ivan is being unfaithful. Meanwhile Alan helps Hands with a murder case, but it becomes complicated when Jerry messes the whole thing up. Alan fearing that the man may be found guilty tells him to flee ans escape before he is imprisioned. I knew the realtionship between Shirley and Ivan could never last but it was good while it did. I see now that they are making Jerry moe of a regular which is good. This was yet another good episode. Ans as always i can't wait for the next one.moreless
  • Hands Hands Hands

    Oh my ... poor hands, he just can't get it right. It was unfortunate to see Alan lose his case because of hand's incompetence, the whole murder court scene was almost unbearable to watch, painful even. I'm really happy that they're utilizing some of the other background characters a bit more. I loved the whole "Vagina" problem, that was really funny. I'm about tired of the whole Ivan is a womanizer thing. I thought that the "Post-Nuptual" agreements were clever. I love it when they skirt the law and find a clever way of winning. I'm guessing from the Eppy that Ivan and Shirley are going to continue their 'liason'.

    All in all I think that the writers are consistant, the shows are fresh and new, funny and poignant. This show is no exception to that rule.

  • A pleasant episode featuring the return of both Ivan (Shirley\'s ex/new beau) and Jerry \"Hands\". Jerry has his first trial case and asks for Alan\'s help, while Shirley recieves a visit from Ivan\'s all too not ex-wife.moreless

    I thouroughly enjoyed this episode of Boston Legal. I was quite happy that they didn\'t just throw Jerry out on the street once his story had finished, and this was a very nice good-bye to his character. Whether or not he\'ll return is unknown. Shirley\'s story felt very much like it had already been done, but I guess they did have to finish the Ivan saga once and for all. I enjoyed the final revelation that Missy might be smarter than we thought. The sub-plot involving Brad and the \"vagina\" was also quite amusing. A nice commentary on both most men\'s fear to address it properly, and suitable conversation around a workplace.

    I give this episode 8.2 out of 10. (A nice fluffy episode, not too full of drama).moreless
Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck

Ivan Tiggs

Guest Star

Howard Hesseman

Howard Hesseman

Judge Robert Thompson

Guest Star

Meredith Patterson

Meredith Patterson


Guest Star

Christian Clemenson

Christian Clemenson

Jerry Espenson

Recurring Role

Takayo Fischer

Takayo Fischer

Court Clerk

Recurring Role

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    • Ivan: A post-nup?
      Shirley: My idea. I'm clever.
      Ivan: She gets my cigarette boat.
      Shirley: Only if you cheat.
      Ivan: My box at the symphony, my season tickets to the Crimson games. I went to Harvard. Does she look like she went to Harvard?
      Shirley: No, but with 80 percent of your net worth, she'll be able to make a sizeable endowment. Who knows? Maybe they'll rename the Ivan Tiggs Theater. The "Ivan Tiggs Can't Keep It in His Pants Theater" has a nice ring to it.

    • Shirley: She's fairly certain of two things. One, that you're having an affair, and two, that you're still married to her.
      Ivan: A slight technicality. Look, Missy and I are done, Shirl. I swear. However, it is possible that Missy and I were not on the same page when I broke the news to her.
      Shirley: And what did your page say?
      Ivan: Missy, our marriage is over. I see now that we've made a mistake. I think it's time to admit it and move on and seek our happiness elsewhere.
      Shirley: And what page is Missy on?
      Ivan: Don't wait up. I'm going out with the guys.

    • Alan: Jerry, you're in luck. Mr. Kupfer is my favorite opposing counsel. He's smart, eloquent, a pleasure to watch, and every time I go up against him, he obligingly loses.

    • Alan: I see your behavior modification is going well...
      Jerry: Oh, it is. I've been working very hard to deal with my Asperger's syndrome. I've been learning to connect to people, to make eye contact, to shake hands, to show an interest in them even if I have none.
      Alan: A skill I never mastered.

    • Jerry: Brad! How are the kids?
      Brad: I don't have any kids.
      Jerry: Great!

    • Alan: There's a reason Shakespeare and many after him said 'First kill all the lawyers.' They're talking about people like me Jerry, not you.

    • Denny: Alan you know the one thing we sometimes forget is no matter how hard your day, no matter how tough your choices were, how complex your ethical decisions; you always get to choose what you want for lunch.
      Alan: Daily I am amazed at your inexhaustable ability to just live.
      Denny: It's either that or die.

    • Denny: I hear you misplaced a client.
      Alan: Not really. Like car keys and sunglasses he'll show up somewhere.

    • Denny: I misplaced a client once.
      Alan: Did they ever find him?
      Denny: No I made sure to ship him off to some country with no extradition. Practically a deserted island off the coast of South America. He sends me Feliz Cumpleanos cards every year.
      Alan: That's thoughtful. Sounds like paradise actually. Living on an island. A much simpler life.
      Denny: Especially if it's an island where the natives run around the beach with their boobies hanging out.

    • Denny: Does that mean you're back on the market?
      Shirley: Denny as far you're concerned I'm always on the market.

    • Denny: We know we don't deserve Shirley Schmidt. Just the possibility is enough to sustain us.
      Shirley: You are a dear sweet man. And I have something else that might sustain you. (whispers into his ear) Denny Crane.

    • Alan: There's no doubt in my mind that you could develop into a first rate criminal defender, Jerry. But my hope is that you don't. Even at your relatively mature age, you're still innocent.
      Jerry: Except when I held a knife to Shirley's throat.

    • Ivan: So basically if I screw around, she gets my life.
      Shirley: Not your whole life, just the parts you love.

    • Brad: (to Denise) So let me ask you this: in Italian does the word 'vagina' mean something else?

    • Ivan: I brought wine, cheese and condoms. I thought we'd picnic.
      Shirley: Missy came to my office today.
      Ivan: Aw. So just the wine and cheese.

    • ADA Kupfer: You know if the U.S. really wanted to torture detainees, they could sentence them to be you for a day. I imagine it's excruciating.
      Alan: You have no idea.

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