Boston Legal

Season 5 Episode 13

Last Call

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

We open to see Carl & Shirley in front of a Catholic Altar and within minutes the Jewish Rabbi & Catholic Priest are in an argument over religion. We learn a little later that Carl & Shirley no longer have the use of the church.

We move ahead to where we learn that the name of the firm is being changed and that it will now be "Chang, Poole & Schmidt".

A constant theme is the arguments between Carl & Shirley and of course Denny's "Mad Cow".

Denny & Alan apply for a marriage licence only to be served with legal papers to prevent them from getting married. The Gay & Lesbian chapter of an organisation issued the proceedings.

The decision is presided over Hon Victoria Peyton (Roma Maffia) and the arguments were very moving. We do find out though that the decision is in Alan & Denny's favour.

At the hearing to allow Denny to access the medication that he needs we are shown how truly brilliant and moving the writers are, and how wonderful an actor James Spader really is. He gives a very profound and heart wrenching speech about Denny & what the medication will do for his quality of life. Opposing counsel has some very relevant and moving arguments herself, however it's Alan's argument that sways the Judges.

Alan & Denny and Shirley & Carl are married on the dock of Nemo Bay with Hon Victoria Peyton officiating, but then Alan & Denny see Supreme Court Justice Scalia, who not only agrees to officiate the ceremony, but also notifies them that they won their argument in the Supreme Court and Denny will have access to his much needed medication.
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