Boston Legal

Season 5 Episode 13

Last Call

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on ABC

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  • DEK ties up loose ends, closes doors, opens doors, and gives us the ending that we didn't really get last year when he thought the series was finishing.

    DEK valiantly and respectfully brought back old favorites over the last several episodes, I suspect in deference to both his audience and the players. Paul Lewiston came back for the last few, as did Betty White's tiny old lady character. It was hard to shed a tear for the ending because it was all a bit choppy for my taste. At one moment they are arguing in a church and in another they are off to Nemo Bay (and then back again in the same day, like we were watching Prison Break or something).

    We got a small taste of what is to come in the next series: It's looking like a legal aid outpost in Nemo Bay? with a more silly flavor - the non-gay married couple practicing law for free. I wonder if it will come to pass with William being closer to 80 than he was a year ago.

    I have loved to see the passing shots at the idiot network execs who think that reality TV is what the public wants.

    Thank you, David E Kelly, for a fine show. Now what will I do? I will miss all of your characters.
  • Let me preface this by saying I am in one of their demographics, so, I get "it". I am also going to miss it. BRILLIANT final episode, BL will be missed.

    One of the things that I truly enjoyed about BL is that they had a "take no prisoners" attitude, if they saw something they didn't like, we found out about it. We got to see some of America's finest writing & acting talents in the barest of ways. From political & religious statements to human rights issues, and just human in your face emotions. BL has had it all over the course of the series.

    I don't often admit when I've cried during a TV show, but, this I did. I got the tissues out and I sadly waved farewell as the last scenes faded from the screen. One of my ONLY criticisms is that I'd liked to have seen some of our other cast that we've enjoyed over the last few years, I'd like to have seen them make a cameo farewell, wave us off as we have done the show. Perhaps if a BL move is made (as is the rage now) then perhaps we will see some of favourite bit-characters.

    BL I will miss you, as well as many other fans in the world.
  • Alan presents his case for Denny before the Supreme Court. Shirley/Carl and Denny/Alan get married on Nemo Bay by a surprise judge. Jerry and Tara kiss.

    Many questions are answered and many aren't. We knew this was the last call and I am sufficiently charmed by this last of the five seasons of Boston Legal. I think as much as could be reasonably answered was in this last hour of television.

    Alan's argument before the Supreme Court was surprisingly moving. He didn't bluster his way through it but did use tact, at least tact for Alan. The big gun attorney who was really good from Tennessee who was brought in to oppose him was crying at the end. A very moving scene.

    For the subject matter the "wedding" at Nemo Bay was quite quick but done well. One of the Supreme Court justices was coincidentally present and at Alan's request married them. Judge Peyton was present and witnessed instead of doing the honors and I am sure she would be happy with that. Tara and Jerry were there as well as the happy couples.

    The two Chinese gentlemen sitting in Alan and Denny's chairs near the end mimicking them was disrespectful, but it falls in line with the humor of this show. They have been poking fun at themselves for five years.

    We see Tara and Jerry kiss after all of this time. Making for nice symmetry between all the final main characters.

    Finally we see Alan and Denny on the balcony for maybe one last time. Alan wants to do legal aid and Denny has the money to support it. Maybe they'll start their own firm. Who knows. As Denny and Alan have a final dance we pull away to see the sign Chang, Poole, and Schmidt and realize things will never be the same.
  • In this outstanding series finale, Denny and Alan go the US Supreme Court and get married (to each other!)The firm is sold to a Chinese firm and the balcony scene at the end with Alan Denny is perfect

    Shirley and Carl tie the knot along with Denny and Alan in a wedding presided by US Supreme Court Justice Scalia! But let;s go back first -- great courtroom scene when alan and denny fought against an injunction to stop them getting married, then Shirley (with some Murphy Brown feistyness) files an injunction to stop the Chinese from buying the firm (and renaming it Chang, Poole and Schmidt!)David Kelley tackled the US Supreme Court in Picket fences but does it again here as Alan fights to alow Denny use of experiemental Alzheimers medicine. Overall, the scaled-down cast worked great in this shortened season and worked really well in the finale. Overall, an amazing ending to a series that got better and better and will be missed.