Boston Legal

Season 5 Episode 13

Last Call

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on ABC

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  • In this outstanding series finale, Denny and Alan go the US Supreme Court and get married (to each other!)The firm is sold to a Chinese firm and the balcony scene at the end with Alan Denny is perfect

    Shirley and Carl tie the knot along with Denny and Alan in a wedding presided by US Supreme Court Justice Scalia! But let;s go back first -- great courtroom scene when alan and denny fought against an injunction to stop them getting married, then Shirley (with some Murphy Brown feistyness) files an injunction to stop the Chinese from buying the firm (and renaming it Chang, Poole and Schmidt!)David Kelley tackled the US Supreme Court in Picket fences but does it again here as Alan fights to alow Denny use of experiemental Alzheimers medicine. Overall, the scaled-down cast worked great in this shortened season and worked really well in the finale. Overall, an amazing ending to a series that got better and better and will be missed.