Boston Legal

Season 2 Episode 10

Legal Deficits

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 2005 on ABC
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Legal Deficits
After kidnapping a witness and physically assaulting a priest, Brad is put on trial and enlists the help of Denny and Shirley to bail him out. Meanwhile, Alan's hands are full with his secretary's financial troubles when her credit card company charges ridiculous interest rates putting her $50,000 in debt.moreless

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  • Pretty good episode but not great.

    Denny talking about his man-parts was not good. They finally made Brad interesting. Shirley came across great but Denny was not. And who has not thought about suing their credit card company? Go Melissa. I loved it when Alan talked to the hooker. That was classic. I could have done without the strange guy keeping his hands on his thighs.
  • A right hoot.

    This has to be one of my favourite episodes- great on the comedy and the drama! I really liked how they dealt with Brad's case- Shirley's cross with the priest was brilliantly written, and was very funny to hear- Schmit got them!

    Denny's examination of Brad was also brilliant and hilarious, and I also liked how Denny was the won who basically helped them win the case- despite being crazy, he does actually make sense as well!

    We see for the first time Jerry Espinson, who becomes one of my favourite characters of the whole Series, behind Alan and Denny. Here, he is socially awkward and very bizarre, but also greatly entertaining. Alan's run in with Melvin Palmer was one the best moments of this episode- I love how he collaporates his words! And the growing attraction between him and Melissa was very subtley done.

    Overall, I thought this episode was excellently written and acted- another perfect day at the office for the crazy lawyers.moreless
  • Another great episode.

    In this episode Brad is arrested for the assult he commited on the priest in the previous episode. Anyway with some help from Shirley and Denny they are able to win the case. Meanwhile Alan decides to help his new secrtary out of some credit card dept. With a little help from a man named 'hands'. This episode was really good. I thought that this episode introduced us a little more to Melissa who appears to be intrested in Alan. I hope the next episode is as good. Brad and Denise also shared a moment in this episode which was really nice.moreless
  • About Shirley again!!

    I like the part of how Shirley handle the testimony, with the priest. And of course the part where Denny questioning Brad.

    Shirley said to the priest in the end, "I have known many good priests, but I definitely will not add you to my list!" and the priest was speechless. I have always thought that Shirley is good at making brilliant conclusive comment, to make the opponents speechless most of the time.

    She asked the priest, why he'd stick out his fingers to a person who's already swinging an axe.

    She asked the priest, so, it's ok for him to apply cannon law to protect a peodophile person, while, cannon law is not applicable when he forged the Pope's signature, and he traded the supposed concealed information for his fingers.

    (I loved it when Denise bravely threaten the priest with his 1 last lost finger)

    The way Denny questioning Brad is just soooo funny and inspiring. At first, I thought I missed something in the show. Then only I figured out, that's the way it's done, Denny:"Question 1", then, Brad:"bla bla bla", Denny:"Question 2", then Brad:"bla bla bla". Gosh!! it is just sooooo funny!! and refreshing!!moreless
  • Another entry in David E. Kelly's "weird character of the week" file.

    Interesting how Alan was pushed partly to the side this week with the plotline with his assistant and the credit card company. The part with his detailing the crimes of card companies was a bit much but I loved his chemistry with that too-genial Texas lawyer.

    Better yet was the entry of Hands and his baffling behavior. It's always nice to see Alan thrown by someone else for a change and I do hope Hands pops back in sometime for more fun. It's also good to see Alan realize how far he goes as when he makes fun of Hands' lack of gestures and realizes he's just insulted a key aide to the case.

    The Brad part was more interesting with Denny and Shirley battling over the trial. The part where Denny, Shirley, Brad and Denise all object at once was funny to watch and also great to see Denny shocked that he makes cases about himself. While we all knew where it was going, it's nice to see Brad get more face time and I like how we once again advance the subplot of Shirley and Edwin realizing Denny's reaching the limit. So a good episode to carry us into the holiday break.moreless
Henry Gibson

Henry Gibson

Judge Clark Brown

Guest Star

Christopher Rich

Christopher Rich

Attorney Melvin Palmer

Guest Star

Richard Fancy

Richard Fancy

Father Michael Ryan

Guest Star

Marisa Coughlan

Marisa Coughlan

Melissa Hughes

Recurring Role

Currie Graham

Currie Graham

A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg

Recurring Role

Christian Clemenson

Christian Clemenson

Jerry Espenson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Alan and Melissa meet with Melvin Palmer for the first time he sits down at the end of the table, but when Melvin starts to talk about being a problem solver the camera shows Alan and Melissa and what appears to be an empty seat at the end of the table. Even though Melvin is meant to be sitting there.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Melvin: Well, we have an extremely complex marketing strategy, one that I'd be happy to take some time and explain to you.
      Alan: That's okay. I think I've got it. You find people in dire straits and market directly to them, with the hope of forming a lifelong relationship. I had a former client who kind of operated his business the same way.
      Melvin: Really? What line of work was he in?
      Alan: He sold heroin.

    • Melvin: Let me tell you a little about me and why I chose to represent Prominence Bank. Like any other credit card service, it's a business, sure. But it is a service. We help people who are short of cash. Help them make their rent so they don't get thrown out on the street. Help them make a car payment so they can get to work. Help them buy Christmas presents for their children during tough times.
      Alan: You're like Santa Claus...

    • Shirley: Denny, our whole case is his testemony.
      Denny: Who's?
      (Shirley, Brad and Denise look at him)
      Denny: Kidding...

    • Denny: Seriously, do I act like I'm the only one in the room?
      Alan: Denny, one of the things I love about you is when we talk, often it's as if you're not even in the room.

    • Alan: You know, we have a saying in Massachusetts, 'Maybe someday you'll get horribly sick and die'. Until then.

    • Denny: What are you doing in my office?
      Paul: This is my office, Denny.
      Denny: Oh, that must mean I've come to see you... why?

    • Denny: Denny Crane. My poop doesn't smell. Comes out in pretty colors, pastels. Denny Crane.

    • Frank: You attacked a man, cutting off his fingers. As someone who took an oath to uphold the law, yes, I take that personally.
      Brad: Good sound bite, Frank. Might want to save it for the cameras.

    • Denny: (to Shirley) It's not polite to talk about crazy people behind their backs.

    • Denny: (to Judge Brown) Judge, you're old. I'm old. Lock and load before we're dead.

    • Melissa: That was the single sexiest thing I've ever seen a man do.
      Alan: You should see me do it naked.

    • Alan: The credit card industry is essentially a pack of hyenas crunching on the bones of the poor.

    • Denny: We're talking juries. It always comes down to simple. And hey, there's nobody simpler than me.

    • Melissa: How's my hair? Does my hair work?
      Alan: It does appear to grow each month.

    • Shirley: (to Father Ryan) Do I dare ask where those three fingers have been prior to my client chopping them off?

    • Father Ryan: That's a cheap shot.
      Shirley: I've been known to take them.

    • Denny: I have an erection... It's a good sign. Let the trial begin. I'm ready.

    • Denny: Denny Crane.
      Shirley: That is not a legal defense.

    • Denny: With all that's going on in the world today, who among us has not at least once wanted to take an axe to a priest?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Alan notes that Frank Ginsberg is interested in promoting his next political campaign. When Ginsberg delivered certain key statements at Brad's trial, he emphasized his words with a repeated right hand gesture, with his thumb placed on top of a closed fist.

      This was a signature gesture of former President Bill Clinton during his speeches. Other national Democratic politicians have taken to imitating this peculiar gesture, including recent presidential candidate John Kerry from Massachusetts. Given David Kelley's active interest in politics, the presence of this unique gesture in the episode is no mere coincidence.