Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 26, 2006 on ABC
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Alan helps Jerry Espenson with a client who is a suspect in her girlfriend's hanging murder, but she herself isn't sure if she's guilty. Denny defends Lincoln Meyer who is accused of killing the judge in his trial, but begins to lose interest when Lincoln's behavior becomes more and more strange. Meanwhile, Bethany's mother fights to get Denny back, and Brad and Jeffrey fight each other.moreless

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  • The midget I'm dating could be my daughter!

    Another really strong episode of Boston Legal! I really love the wacky character of Lincoln, who, after his murder of a judge last week, enlists Denny to help him get him off. The scene when he was in the police line up had me in hysterics!

    Dennys reaction to him was brilliant, and I loved his lines as always. I did feel for him when Bethany dumped him, but it did amuse me the whole "daughter or not daughter thing". It was a really funny, slapstick scene when Alan gave cue cards for Denny on what to say to Bethany.

    I was a little wary about Jerry being back, but it was an excellent episode and case. It seems he is coming into his own, and thats really entertaining and good for the show. He and Alan have a really good friendship, and this was displayed here. The case itself was really interesting, and it has many plots and turns- especially with weird, monotone woman! Jerry and Brad fighting was also hilarious, and provided another great comic scene in this episode.

    The drama at the end, with the crazy client of Alan and Jerry listening to the balcony scene, and Lincoln taking Shirley hostage were really well done, and added good drama and tension to the episode.

    Overall, hilarious and dramatic- another day at the office for Boston Legal!moreless
  • Another less than average episode of Boston Legal.

    After the long drawn out \"Murdered Judge\" trial, I was relieved by how much I enjoyed Trick or Treat. It felt like Boston Legal was getting back on track, after having a so-so season. But, the first part of Lincoln was a step back in the wrong direction.

    For one thing, I am confused on how Alan can spend so much time working on Jerry\'s cases. Doesn\'t he have responsibilities at Crane, Poole, and Schmidt? And would CP&S be allowing him to spend so much time working with a guy who held a knife to Shirley\'s throat? These questions could probably be easily answered in the show, but the writers haven\'t even bothered. Instead, they just keep bringing out Jerry and making the character more and more pathetic. Granted, the scenes with the victim\'s girlfriend were vintage Boston Legal, but they just weren\'t all that engaging.

    Also, Craig Berko was hitting on Shirley and getting in fights with Brad. They really are turning him into Alan, Jr. I can\'t wait to see Alan and Brad work together to get Berko removed from the show...err...I mean Boston office. Lincoln feels like he stepped right out of a bad episode of The Practice, and I can\'t wait until we never see him again. Amazing how incompetant Boston cops are. You have a guy practically leaping to confess at a crime, where he is the most logical suspect...and they have no interest in pinning the crime on him. My biggest complaint with Boston Legal is not that it is a terrible show, but season 3 has just really slipped in quality. This season has been mostly lifeless, and even Shatner and Spader can\'t save weak episodes all on their own. My thoughts are simple: more episodes like Trick or Treat, get rid of distractions, figure out exactly what they are doing with Jerry, and get rid of Lincoln Meyer.moreless
  • Three twisted clients, two lawyers fighting, the revelation of a past love affair, tackling and a murder. Just another week at Crane, Poole & Schmitt.

    I liked how the whole Lincoln thing began at first. This weirdo desperate for attention willing to kill to get it. The sight of him showing up for the lineup in a white tuxedo was priceless. However, killing Gracie like that was a bit much and kidnapping Shirley just takes it to a more extreme level that throws the whole thing off. Always loved Laura Leighton and it was great to see her back. The case is rather intriguing with the ultra-deadpan other lover and the question of her sanity. The look on her face when she heard Alan say she was insane was truly scary. I just love the idea of Sidney playing Kimberly Shaw <G>

    The Jeffrey-Brad fight was a bit much but I liked the bit of Alan and Brad actually ready to work together to get rid of Jeffrey. And the revelation Jeffrey and Shirley were once involved was interesting to say the least and promises some developments for later. (Oh man, I so hope we see a wrestling bout between Denny and Jeffrey). The Denise bit seemed out of nowhere but her and Alan make an intriguing couple. I also look forward to more of Delta Burke as she's pretty funny and makes Denny think about his life (the bit of Alan doing cue cards to him was hysterical). So a good way to get back into the mix and it's helpful for them to say when the next episode is to pick it all up.moreless
David Dean Bottrell

David Dean Bottrell

Lincoln Meyer

Guest Star

Missi Pyle

Missi Pyle

Renee Winger

Guest Star

Laura Leighton

Laura Leighton

Erica Dolenz

Guest Star

Michael Ensign

Michael Ensign

Judge Paul Resnick

Recurring Role

John Thaddeus

John Thaddeus

Detective John Stephens

Recurring Role

Christian Clemenson

Christian Clemenson

Jerry Espenson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the "Previously on Boston Legal" segment, a clip is shown of Lincoln Meyer (David Dean Bottrell) shouting at the judge. This clip was not shown during the previous episodes.

    • When Alan Shore offers the highlighted insurance policy to opposing counsel, counsel extends his left hand to take it. When Alan then whips the policy away, we see it coming out of counsel's *right* hand.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Shirley: Are you okay?
      Denise: It's just that ever since Daniel died, I... All I can think about is...
      Shirley: Yeah.
      Denise: Sex. (Shirley looks startled) I walk down the street anything I pass in pants... I wanna have sex!
      Shirley: Oh.
      Denise: I'm not kidding, Shirley. I wanna screw anybody and everybody. Denny Crane is looking good to me right now.

    • Denny: I must admit that the idea of a mother-daughter ménage à twaddle.
      Alan: I think you mean trois.

    • Jeffrey: Denny. Seen Shirley?
      Denny: Why?
      Jeffrey: She was gonna meet me.
      Denny: Why?
      Jeffrey: We had some business to discuss.
      Denny: What sort of business?
      Jeffrey: The kind that wasn't yours, actually.
      Denny: I told Alan, I'm telling you. Stay away from Shirley.

    • Renee: She loved me.
      Alan: Well, you made her laugh.
      Renee: I'm funny.
      Alan: Are you telling me this handwritten will is valid?
      Shelby: Completely. It turns out Ms Winger is also a lawyer.
      Renee: The plot thickens.

    • Shirley: When you came here I made one request, Jeffrey. One simple request, "Don't step on toes." Silly me for not adding, "Don't punch jaws."

    • Jeffrey: Bit of a weak stream you got going there. Get you prostate checked?
      Brad: What did you say to me?
      Jeffrey: Never mind.
      Brad: So what? You're gonna make fun of my flow now?
      Jeffrey: I'm sorry. It just seems a little lackluster. I would think a Marine would be a little more, "Hup! Two."
      (pause) You're gonna hit me, Brad?
      Brad: Oh, you'd just love that, wouldn't you? For me to sink to your level.

    • Denny: (to Claire) You said I'd like him. He's an attention-starved wacko, fairy. He couldn't kill anyone.
      Lincoln: I heard that! I'm getting tired of you, Large Marge. You remind me of Mr Dirty Mouth. That's what you do.

    • Denise: Excuse me. (she drags Alan away) I just wanted to tell you that what you said to me last night was truly... disgusting.
      Alan: Hm. And I assure you, Denise, I'm a man of my word.

    • Alan: Denise, you've always struck me as a woman who secretly longs to be debased. It's an awfully big job. But I feel I'm just the man to... do it.
      Denise: Don't stop. I'm curious to see just how low you'll go.
      Alan: All the way down. Again. And again. I see the filthy, naughty girl deep inside you, Denise, longing to get out. Now, if you're so unwilling to let her out. Perhaps I should go in after her. I brought my snorkel.

    • Det. Spindle: What's the infield fly rule?
      Lincoln: I haven't the slightest. Does it involve a zipper?
      Denny: (to Claire) I bet he's more familiar with a zipper than he is with baseball.
      Claire: (deadpan) Really?

    • Alan: Denise. I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with Shirley. I happen to know sometimes grief can trigger the libido. It's got something to do with death causing a biological need to propagate the species. Evidently after 9-11 people were running around like rabbits.
      Denise: Really? I did not know that.
      Alan: If I could ever be of service. To help you cope.

    • Denny: Well. Shall we pick up where we left off, my little friend?
      Bethany: Forget it.
      Denny: Why?
      Bethany: Because one of the rules I try to follow in my social life is, 'don't date guys who slept with my mother.'

    • Alan: Erica, before I pick up the phone, is there anything else I need to know?
      Erica: Like?
      Alan: Anything that could be construed as relevant.
      Erica: Well. We were lovers.
      (Jerry squeals)
      Alan: That would be relevant.

    • Jerry: My client proceeded to go hiking without her and returned, there was her friend hanging around the house. And when I say hanging, Alan, I mean like a pinyata.

    • Denny: The midget I'm dating could be my daughter.

    • Alan: Let me see your underwear Denise.
      Denise: Get out.

    • Bethany: I can get by that you're old. I can get by that you're old and gross. I can't get by that you had a history with my mother.

    • Jerry: You can do it. You can do it.
      Alan: Jerry do it now.

    • Denny: Gotta remember: Before I open my mouth, always look both ways for midgets.
      Alan: (chuckles) That's a good policy.

    • Bella: Our break up was very painful for me.
      Denny: Me too, twelve stitches.

    • Denny: When is the trial?
      Alan: Next Tuesday.
      Denny: Really? What time?
      Alan: 10.

    • Referring to Lincoln
      Denny: Seriously, he is a total fairy.

    • Shirley: You do realize that I am significantly older than you are.
      Jeffrey: Then be my significantly older other.

    • Shirley: I am a senior partner here.
      Jeffrey: You say that like it can get you laid. It can.

    • Bethany: I need to speak with you... (notices Alan) ...privately.
      Denny: Anything you want to say to me can be said in front of him.
      Alan: We're married.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Jeopardy
      The 'final Jeopardy' theme from the gameshow is heard as Denny, Bella and Bethany await the results of the paternity test.