Boston Legal

Season 4 Episode 11

Mad About You

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2008 on ABC

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  • Boston Legal at its best!

    This is why you can't stop watching Boston Legal. As frustrated as I've been recently with plot holes, absurd cases, and a lack of character development, I continue to watch for episodes like this. Denny takes a case and refuses to accept assistance from anyone else. While remaining his lovable self, he constructs and wins a case. Though he gives an impassioned closing argument, it's not preachy or his entire case (cough cough, Allen). The moment at the end is what really makes the case. When we hear hints of Billy Joel's And So It Goes, which was the theme in Son of the Defender, and we are reminded of how good Denny is supposed to be. One of the show's most touching moments happens as we see the pure joy on Denny's face as he says he doesn't want the day to end, because of his triumph. The contrast of Allen's fear from the same statement is that he fears what is in Denny's future. It tugs at the heart.
  • Denny is determined to try a murder case solo while Katie and Jerry defend a woman who wants to sue a lawyer over his adverisment about divorce.

    The heart of the show focuses on Denny's feeble attempts to try a murder case on his own. What results puts the entire firm on edge and leaves Alan questioning Denny's ability to win the case. What we see is Denny relying more on his charm rather than his mental skills to woo the jurors, which creates tension between Alan and Denny. As the trial gets underway, we see a glimpse of the masterful lawyer Denny once was and how much he wants to retain the the brilliance that made him a legendary lawyer. While Alan and Denny have their memorable moments, the best scenes were between Jerry and Katie. Jerry reveals his lack of self esteem caused by his odd ticks associated with his Tourettes Syndrome. Katie, who has wisdom beyond her years, provides Jerry with the boost his ego needs to believe that he is normal dispite his handicaps. I really enjoy watching their relationship unfold. They have such a natural friendship and their support for each other seems to go beyond that of a mentor and a student.

    While I found Jerry and Katies case somewhat interesting, I did find it hard to believe that a person could make a snap judgement about divorce just from a billboard advertisment. It was obvious that the client's husband had serious psychological issues that were never explained. Jerry did raise some good points about just how low some lawyers will go to advertise their practice but I wasn't convinced that the divorce lawyer had done anything potentially harmful. I rated this episode a nine, soley for Denny Crane scoring a win that let everyone know that Denny Crane is still at the top of his game.