Boston Legal

Season 5 Episode 12

Made In China

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Alan heads to the Supreme Court to persuade them to let Denny have access to a non-FDA approved drug that could slow down his Alzheimer's.
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  • DEK sucks at closure.

    This two hour finale could have been a lot better, let's start with the bad:

    * We don't know what happens to the characters at the end. Do the Chinese eventually fire Denny and Alan? That's the kind of thing you cover on a series FINALE. Take note of that for your next show, DEK.

    * I would think a man as proud as Denny Crane would be extremely shocked and saddened by the fact that they removed his name from the firm HE started. The way he didn't even react was just silly.

    * The judge they dragged to the bay. She appeared many times during the past five years, and yay she got to stand around during the wedding! /s Seriously her being there felt a bit pointless.

    * A lot of things left unattended like Alan and Jerry's friendship and the ten or so characters that where just dumped and never heard from again.

    * Paul suddenly standing up for Alan when he and all the partners saw him as a loose cannon when the show began. The fact is that their relationship never developed for him to change his mind like that.

    The good:

    * I thought it was hilarious the way Paul got more time on screen this episode than ever before. In fact he got his first actual court scene.

    * Alan and Denny and Shirley and Carl getting married.

    * Jerry and Katie dating.

    * The Supreme Court.

    * Alan's rant to the chinese.

    All in all this was an ok series finale. Like the five seasons this show gave us, I enjoyed it but couldn't help but feel a lot was missing.moreless
  • Denny and Shirley meet the new perspective owners of Crane, Poole, and Schmidt and things don't go as planned. Denny and Alan discuss getting married. Shirley is directly opposed to the new owners based on many factors. Jerry and Tara are dating.moreless

    The scene where Denny fires the paint ball guns at the Chinese was priceless. Shirley's reaction was predictable. Also it was sort of weird that someone would buy one of the most successful litigation partnerships in the US and then disband that department. Alan was at his best in the meeting with the Chinese. It only makes sense that they would change their opinion. What was with their applause at the end? Is that because we sometimes want to do that when Alan is through?

    It was nice that the team can now go out on their own terms instead of being kicked out.

    Carl and Shirley's fight was pretty heavy duty, but you would have to think they had been over this ground before. I found all of that pretty staged. The Supreme Court piece will be interesting. Review of the second half is in the next part of the episode.moreless
  • I Loved this Series Finale.

    I for one totally enjoyed the series finale. They ended it by bringing closure to all the characters. Denny got his medicine for his "Mad Cow". And Shirley and Carl got married. And Jerry and Kate finally kissed. Finally Denny and Alan got married. What a sweet way for the series to end. Also us Fan hope for a spin off. Like Denny and Alan said" New Show on a new network, one that cares". Don't we fans just hope.

    Like all fans we always want more. For me I would love to see how all three of those couples end up. Maybe they will shows cross your fingers.


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    • Denny: Are you telling me we're being bought out by the Chinese?
      Paul: Uh, the good news is, they intend to keep on most of the attorneys here, so as transitions go …
      Denny: Yeah, I've seen their transitions in Tibet. I'm not a fan. We're not selling out to a bunch of commies.
      Paul: Denny …
      Chinese Businessman: How dare you.
      Denny: What … you're not a bunch of commies? You're not getting my firm!

    • Paul: Line of credit? Have you been living on this planet? Credit?
      Shirley: We have assets into the millions.
      Paul: And liabilities in the tens of millions.
      Shirley: So you just make a deal with the devil? That's the way you…
      Paul: They are not the devil.
      Shirley: Yes they are.
      Paul: What, because they're Chinese?
      Shirley: Yes.
      Paul: You're a bigot.
      Shirley: (scoffs) I'm entitled to my opinion. I realize I wouldn't be if I were in China.

    • Alan: Denny, what we've got now is so great. Why … ruin it with marriage?

    • Paul: Shirley, there are many ways to go out. On your ass isn't one of the better ones.
      Carl: You might keep that in mind, Paul.

    • Denny: Shirley going to court?
      Carl: She is.
      Denny: I'm coming with.
      Carl: Well …
      Denny: My name is on the door, too.
      Carl: Understood, but we have to present a rational front. (Denny shoots him with the paint-ball gun) Give it to me.

    • Shirley: I … I understand that the United States may end up working for China one day. I get that. It's a new world order. But … as far as law firms go … (voice breaks) my name is on this one. My life's work has been to build up … Let them start with someone else's firm.

    • Alan: What are you talking about? We've all been fired?
      Carl: "Fired" is such an ugly word, Alan. An accurate one, but …
      Shirley: I am sorry. This is no doubt because I antagonized them.
      Katie: Fired? All of us?
      Denny: Even me?
      Carl: Especially you. They fired you twice.

    • Alan: Here's a little tip - we American's love to trade on fear. Ask W. Ask Dick. Ask Rummy. Fear Sells. Fear works. The fear I'll be trading on is China, Communist China - taking our jobs, first over there, then over here. Where you once were passive investors, now you want active control. That scares Americans - active Communists, made in China, seeking control. Ooh, scary! One last thought, we're giant slayers here. It's what we do. Be it the United States government, big pharmaceutical, big tobacco, big oil - it never gets old. And just when it seemed we were fresh out of bigs, along came you, China, the poster child for big. Oh, to parade you in front of an American jury … Well, here's your out - we'll agree not to fire you, not to sue, on one condition. We stay, and we stay in charge. Do what you want with corporate or tax. But in litigation, we run the show. Shirley Schmidt, Denny Crane, Carl Sack, Jerry Espenson, Katie Lloyd, me - It's our party. Stay out of our way, we'll stay out of yours. That is the deal.

    • Shirley: Thank you, Alan. You … (chuckles) you are really something.
      Alan: Usually, when women tell me that, it's to get inside my …
      Shirley: Alan! See you tomorrow … feels good to say that.

    • Alan: The problem is funding it. Plus, I must admit, I enjoy having money to travel and fish, eat well.
      Denny: You know where this discussion is headed, don't you?
      Alan: Where?
      Denny: Straight to the alter. (Alan chuckles) Alan …I have more money than God, unless he timed the market.

    • Denny: The cleanest, simplest, most efficient transfer of property … is marriage. Plus all those other reasons : medical, spousal privilege, immunity.
      Alan: (laughs) It's beyond ridiculous, even for us.
      Denny: I've always wanted to remarry before I die.
      Alan: Really? Why?
      Denny: (shrugs) I just have. And, like it or not … you're the man I love.

    • Denny: Take my hand, Alan. Take my money.
      Alan: I always thought if I were to get married again … it would be for love and romance.
      Denny: You love me. Romance never lasts. Money can.
      Alan: Okay, Denny, I will marry you.

    • Denny: This could be a television series.
      Alan: On a new network.
      Denny: One that cares.
      Alan: Alan Shore and Denny Crane - Husband and Mad Cow.

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