Boston Legal

Season 2 Episode 5

Men to Boys

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2005 on ABC
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Men to Boys
Denise finds herself in a difficult position when an auto-injury case she neglected for three years comes up for trial and she is unprepared. While Garrett researches, he meets Cassie, a young paralegal whose strange sexual tendencies hide a painful past. Meanwhile Denny learns he must apologize to Lori or face a sexual harrassment suit, and Alan takes Sara out for dinner and a "show".moreless

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  • The final appearance of Lori

    It was quite sad to see Lori go, but the Series has survived well enough without her. Denny's moments with her were very funny- its extraordinary how he says those things. I like his bond with Shirley as well.

    Alan's storyline wasn't so interesting to me- the storyline with Sara really wasn't great, although it was funny to see him sing in the restaurant!

    Denise's case was very moving- it was great to see her lawerying skills come into play for the first time this Season.

    Garretts little storyline with the paralegal was hilarious as well- though heart-rendering at the end. The Season so far has a nice habit of involving cases in one episode, and leading a subplot to the main plot for the following episode- cleverly done.

    Overall, another excellent episode this Season- it has to be one of the strongest Season's of its five.moreless
  • Pretty good episode, the last one with Lori.

    This episode was pretty good. An old case from the past pops up for Denise and she is simply unprepared. She advises her client to take an offer of about 250 000 but he declines saying he can get more, he also tells her that she no longer cares about this case. So Denise gives a great closing and wins over the jury so becuase they are afraid that Denise may win they offer £1.4 million dollers, and Denise cries with joy. Meanwhile Lori files a claim about Denny saying that he has acted badly to her. So Shirley gets him to appologise but i think she is set to move on. Overall this was quite a good episode not much Alan this episode but it was't too bad.moreless
  • Other than a few funny Denny Crane moments, this was just filler.

    This season has taken a turn for the funny so far. It seems as though, they have been trying to top themselves on the outrageous scale. This episode tries to rein that in some, and only mildly succeeds. Also, sexual harrassment is not really a subject for comedy these days.

    Julie Bowen's presence on the show is welcome. However, the interns are annoying. How can a guy be smart enough to get through law school, but not smart enough to make sure the door is locked before he drops his pants?

    Oh, and give Rene more to do. It seems that he is only on the show when someone is in trouble. Did they forget that he can act?moreless
  • Amusing, but not filling.

    One thing that season 2 has pointed out is just how unnecessary Monica Potter's character was. Lori's presence in this episode is the most jarring thing about it. The new cast memebers, while not spectacular, suit the tone of the series a whole lot better and this episode is dragged down by her subplot. Otherwise, nothing special, just the usual (amusing) Legal fare.
  • This episode marks a dramatic turn for the series. Denise plays a prominent role as she picks up an old case against an automobile company. Shirley tries to put out the fires surrounding Lori's complaint against Denny and Garrett's dalliance.moreless

    After hilarious episodes like "Finding Nimmo," the series returns to the dramatic side. Shirley Schmidt takes command of the office. First she fires Catherine Piper. She explains that Catherine not only reported one of the firm's clients to the police, but she also killed him! Catherine tells Alan that she's been "Schmidt-canned." Shirley tells Alan that it had to be done and Shirley saved Alan from having to fire Catherine.

    Then Shirley tries to resolve the matter of Lori Colson's sexual harassment complaint against Denny Crane. She realizes that this could be bad for the firm, so she asks Denny to apologize to Lori. Instead Denny, who is clearly not used to apologizing to anybody, reveals to Lori that he once had sex with a camel "and the camel never complained." He "sympathizes" with Lori as he says that it's the "chubby girls who offend the most easily." Denny claims that he likes "chubby sex." Needless to say, Denny's "apology" doesn't help matters.

    Denise tries to resolve a 3-year-old case involving the wife of the plaintiff, who died because of a car company's alleged negligence. At first she is cynical. She belittles the importance of the case and understands that it was a "warm-up" for her, early on in her career. As the case proceeds, she begins to understand how much it means to Jose, the plaintiff. Even though his wife had terminal ovarian cancer and had only a few days to live, he lost his opportunity to spend those last days with his wife. Denise delivers an outstanding opening statement at trial. She uses the defense counsel's tactics against them. She admits that the case is about money, and that Jose's wife only had a few days left at the time of the accident. She emphasizes, however, that those few days were precious and that she and Jose had a right to them. The defense offers $1.4 million at a settlement meeting. She says no, and they offer $1.7 million. Done. Jose goes to the bathroom to cry. Denise wants to be alone too and asks Sara to work on something else while she recovers from the emotional experience of the case. We finally see a human side to Denise even as she shows herself to be a formidable trial lawyer.

    Garrett gets into trouble when he is caught having sex with Cassie, a paralegal at another law firm, in the file room of that firm's offices. Shirley and Paul Lewiston are not happy in the least. Later on, as Garrett is in bed with Cassie in a rather vigorous scene, he realizes that she is driven by anger. Her brother was recently killed in Iraq and she wants to make the Army pay for keeping him there, even after his tour of duty with the National Guard had ended. There will be more to come with this story and Cassie may develop into a recurring character.

    Alan tries to romance Sara by taking her to dinner. Instead of impressing her, he breaks out into song and lectures the other diners about the dangers of farm salmon. Uncharacteristically, Alan's speech makes no sense at all. He begins talking about six pool pockets when Sara finally manages to quiet him down.

    Shirley tells Alan that he and Denny need to stop chasing first-year associates. They need to find other ways to have fun. Alan joins Denny on the balcony for their traditional cigars and drinks. Denny has a cigar pointing out of his right ear. "I need to find ways to amuse myself without getting sued." He says that he has been married five times. He doesn't like marriage. "I'll take a friend over a wife every time." Denny also reveals that he is worried that Lori might actually sue. After all, she met with Blinky, the notorious plaintiffs' attorney.

    The episode was notable for the leading role played by Denise Bauer, who is featured for the first time. (Maybe this is because previous episodes were filmed last season and Denise's scenes were edited in as an afterthought.) We can expect more outstanding performances from her in the future. Cassie's complaint looks to take on importance in future episodes as well.

    While Alan and Denny still provide laughs, we find Shirley trying to rein in their behavior. There is a dark side to the two and Shirley points it out clearly. The story was more realistic than those in previous episodes. We see a brewing conflict coming, between Lori and Denny, and between Shirley and Alan. Conflict may not be good, but it's usually entertaining. In the case of Boston Legal, conflict is always entertaining.moreless
Monica Potter

Monica Potter

Lori Colson

Guest Star

Tamara Feldman

Tamara Feldman


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Mark Derwin

Mark Derwin

Attorney Michael Eaves

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Betty White

Betty White

Catherine Piper

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Slovakia: September 24, 2010 on JOJ

    • Despite only appearing in small sketches from recycled material from the end of series 1, this is the last appearance of Lori Colson (Monica Potter), since this episode was supposed to be the series 1 finale.

    • An unaired episode from the first season, "Race Ipsa," appears to have been folded into "Men to Boys." In that episode, Meredith "The Sex Police" Waters is hired to help the firm deal with Lori's sexual harassment complaint. She suggests that the firm find someone to harass Denny. Chelina Hall assists Alan on a racially-charged case. Tara suspects the two are cooperating on more than just briefs. The title "Race Ipsa" refers to the phrase "res ipsa loquitur" [pronounced 'race ip'-suh low'-kwih-ter], a Latin phrase that means "The thing speaks for itself." The doctrine usually applies to negligence cases.


    • Episode Title: Men to Boys
      This episode's title could be referring to the popular band, Boyz II Men.

    • Alan: Ralph Waldo Emerson said, 'He reckoned a friend to be the masterpiece of nature'.
      Ralph Waldo Emerson was a famous American essayist and poet who lived from 1803 to 1882.