Boston Legal

Season 4 Episode 9

No Brains Left Behind

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • A hint of redemption.

    In this episode we see how truly brilliant Boston Legal can be. Recent episodes have frustrated me as they have presented: preposterous ideas that are insulting to intelligent viewers, a lack of creativity with how characters are utilized, an over-emphasis "quirky" characters who are completely unrelatable, and long , drawn-out, preachy speeches which solve all plot holes and lack of legal proceedings. In this episode, however, we see that Boston Legal is not unaware of their recent lack of good stories. Allen, upon accepting another ridiculous case, is not given a chance to make one of his sermons, but instead tossed into court for contempt of court. What follows is a terrific character development as he examines his repetitive and predictable nature. One can only hope that it would lead to a greater development as a character. As this show would be remiss if it were not preachy in attacking the right. We have Shirley indicting the school system once again, this time in defense of her daughter who broke into the school, stole a standardized test, and destroyed it in a way that vandalized the school. As a teacher currently earning his PhD in Education who has taught in both England and the U.S., I was completely offended by much of the episode. Even if one forgives the "preachy" indictment of the American school systems, the complete fallacies that are propagated in this episode, and the complete lack of realism in how "witty" the little girl is while a graduate school educated lawyer is completely stumped; the case is once again absurd. I was afraid of the direction of this case and episode until the judge's ruling. Providing a little levity in that the Crane, Poole, and Shmidt can't get everyone off for every crime by simply presenting the left agenda in vocal form.