Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2007 on ABC
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Denny is outraged when he is not permitted to board a plane because his name is on a "no-fly" list, and asks Alan for help suing Homeland Security.

Meanwhile, Shirley and Vanessa defend a teacher who is accused of negligence when one of her students dies from anaphylactic shock in class.

Denise becomes nervous when Alan begins to suspect she is sleeping with both Brad and Jeffrey, and Claire continues to help Clarence with his self-esteem issues.moreless

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  • The character Clarence/Clarice/Cleavon and now Oprah! Terrible! Painful to watch, both my husband and I predict this will be the final season of Boston Legal. With the past few episodes literally in the dumpster where can they go from here.moreless

    This episode proves that they are running out of ideas to pull tricks and ploys so unbecoming of a series that used to be interesting, smart and savy. There was only a couple of points that were good and they were Alan Shore and his speech and Candice Bergen. That's it a total amount of 5 minutes! Get rid of the deadwood if you want to save the show!
  • Season 3 Continues strongly

    I loved this episode, despite it not being quite as good as some of the others this Season.

    I think I overlooked Season 3- in previous reviews I commented on how Season 2 was the strongest, but I think I may have to reevaluate that- Season 3 packed such a punch I forgot.

    Denny's case was funny, and provided some great amusement. Not being American, I am not sure how correct many of Alan's statements actually were, but if they were true the system, as pointed out, was pretty stupid! I loved when he got everybody to stand up at one point!

    It was also hilarious when Alan started smelling sex on Denise- quite amusing indeed! Although I think Denise's character is being somewhat underminded at the moment.

    Claire however, became one of my favourites, and her budding relationship with Clarence (who amusingly turns up as Oprah) is one of the highlights of Season 3.

    The case involving the school teacher was also very poignant, a reminded to people in America and my own country that teachers are beginning to be taken for granted, hence the high turnover.

    Another brilliantly written episode.moreless
  • Great episoode.

    In this episode Alan finally gets it on with Denise but finds all does not go well. Meanwhile Alan and Denny sue the government for accusing Denny of being a terrorist and stopping him from flying on planes.

    Also Shirley and the new woman have acase against a child who died over eating peanuts in the classroom while the teacher has her back turned.

    This episode had a lot to do with relationships especally with Denise. Also Claire and Clairance get a little closer in this episode which i liked overall everyone won and the episode had a good ending the trailer for next week looks great.moreless
  • All in all, a decent episode of Boston Legal, but they insert way too many preachy left-wing moments into this one.

    The third season of Boston Legal has been a big decline in quality from the first two seasons. When this was one of the better episodes of the season, it really shows me that this show is pretty much just going through the motions. There were some fun moments in this episode, like when Denny proposes they blow something up to prove that he's not a terrorist, and I thought Shirley and Vanessa's case with the teacher had a lot of good moments. Because of these moments, I still watch Boston Legal, but it is no longer my favorite show. But, too much of the episode was just left wing preaching against No Child Left Behind and Homeland Security. Granted, I agree with a lot of these thoughts, but I don't need to be bashed over the head with them.

    While typically, I enjoy the Clair and Clarence storyline, the Oprah thing was really dumb, and really took away from the quality of the show. And this stuff with Denise is just dragging on now.moreless
  • Alan and Denny take on Homeland Security. Denise is a slut. Clarence is, well, Clarence.

    A big reason I watch this show is the interplay between Denny and Alan. This show gave me that. Their differences with respect to government are put aside and a very good point is made in the process. Technology has given us the ability to do so much, why is it that the government isn't able to take advantage of it?

    On the minus side, I am really starting to dislike the Denise character. Michael J. FOx added a lot to the show and he character's depth when they got together. Ever since, her content has gone down hill. Which is a shame, because the acting is good, just the character is bad.

    Overall, great show. Lots of laughs and a hilarious ending.

Nia Long

Nia Long

Vanessa Walker

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Debra Mooney

Debra Mooney

Judge Patrice Webb

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Zach Grenier

Zach Grenier

U.S. Attorney Randolph

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Lou Beatty Jr.

Lou Beatty Jr.

Judge Kolodny

Recurring Role

Meredith Eaton

Meredith Eaton

Bethany Horowitz

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Claire tells Clarence/Clarice he/she is not schizophrenic. However, she uses this term interchangably with multiple personality disorder--a common enough error, but still very inexact. The two are not the same thing.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Denny: I can't fly.

      Alan: You're just discovering this?

      Denny: Bella and I were heading for Hawaii. I got detained at the airport. They wouldn't let me board!

      Alan: Why?

      Denny: According to their records, I'm a terrorist.

      Alan: What?

      Denny: That's what they said - I'm a terrorist! Now Bella's in Hawaii and I'm not. Alan, you've gotta help me.

      Alan: Okay.

      Denny: Nobody gets away with calling Denny Crane a terrorist!

      Alan: What would you like me to do?

      Denny: Perfect world? We blow 'em up.

      Alan: Short of that.

      Denny: Sleep with their wives.

      Alan: You can do better.

      Denny: Daughters?

      Alan: Denny, you're an American. What does any true red-white-and-blue American do when he's been wronged, or even slightly put out, for that matter?

      Denny: We sue.

    • Alan: Isn't there anybody you know?
      Denny: I can't get anybody. I called Tom DeLay -- his number's disconnected. Foley's got his hands full. Frist said don't take it personally. I called Clarence Thomas. All of a sudden, he's indisposed.
      Alan: Did you try going all the way to the top?
      Denny: Cheney? (Alan nods)

    • Alan: Denny, I'm not sure I've ever told you this but I truly love America. I would never consider living anywhere else. But this country is only two hundred years old. It's a work in progress. Especially lately.
      Denny: Alright, Mr. Smarty Pants. You get to change one thing. What is it?
      Alan: Get rid of all stores that end with 'Mart.'

    • Alan: We have geniuses in this country. True pioneers of innovation. Steve Jobs, Steven Wozniak, Steve Balmer...if we could just round up some of our best Steve's!

    • Alan: The 9/11 commission, they dumped on you pretty good didn't they?
      Linwood Winchell: Somewhat.
      Alan: Somewhat?! A 'D' in port security, an 'F' in improving communications for verse responders a 'D' in border security, an 'F' in aviation security, a 'D' in chemical plant security. These aren't passing grades Mr. Winchell.

    • Denny: This country works Alan. You democrats don't want to admit it. Oh I'm not saying there aren't kinks! Foam chips off the occasional space craft, we start the odd war on false pretenses, but by and large...America works! That's why I'm completely nuts about it.

    • Alan: Everyone here is named Denny Crane. These are just the ones within driving distance, of course, since airplane travel is not an option.

    • Claire: And Clarence needs to get back to work. I can't afford Oprah.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Slovakia: October 28, 2010 on JOJ

    • Claire: Isn't this where you go to commercial break? You ask a loaded, melodramatic question, and then you say, "We'll be right back after this." Say it, Clarence!
      A commercial immediately followed this scene. It is yet another example of Boston Legal breaking the fourth wall by referring to itself as a TV show.


    • Alan: Rich friend who will take you to his quail ranch and let you shoot him.
      This is referring to Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shooting his friend in the face while they were hunting quail on his friend's ranch. The man suffered a heart attack shortly after the incident.