Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 9

On the Ledge

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 28, 2006 on ABC
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Episode Summary

On the Ledge
The firm rallies together to find and rescue Shirley who they believe has been taken captive by Lincoln Meyer.

Meanwhile, Denny becomes jealous of Alan's relationship with Jerry, as their murder case comes to a climax.

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  • Superb episode

    After a brilliant start to the Season, this was is one of the best. There are just too many highlights to include!

    The case involving Jerry and Alan from the previous episode was just brilliant. Jerry really came into his own, and for the first time we get to see his exception legal skills. He really did brilliantly, and it was actually a joy to watch!

    The scene with the two on the balcony was touching and subtely done; it was emotional seeing Jerry open up. Then Denny's reaction was hilarious, and provided some good humour.

    This led to a brilliant scene with Alan and Denny, and a really touching display of their friendship. I always get a shiver when Spader says "I can't imagine going through life without you as my best friend"- some truly remarkable, honest acting.

    Shirleys being held hostage was interesting, the scenes in the basement were tense and dramatic, as we see Lincoln finally snap- he was a very interesting character. Alan stole the moment, however, when he easily just broke the law to help rescue her whislt everyone else was stumped! The look on everyones faces was brilliant!

    Overall- perfection. Pure and utter perfection.moreless
  • Shirley's in trouble...

    As the team rally to save Shirley, Lincon continues to try to impress Shirley at gunpoint and playing the songs.Eventually the team wrk that Lincon is holding Shirley, but he sets up s trap to kill whoever enters the room looking for Shirley eventally Lincon is shot by his own trap. I liked this episode a lot everyone had something to do, and Alan was the one who saved Shirley. Boston Legal is doing well this seaosn i like it a lot. I hope that David E. Kelly continues to write such high quality episodes. Overall i really enjoyed this episode.moreless
  • The conclusion to the hostage situation. Lincoln forcefully grabs everyone's attention by kidnapping Shirley. Everyone at the firm frantically searches for her until Denise points them in the right direction and Alan makes use of his flexible scruples.moreless

    This episode had two main stories: Alan's trial of the woman who blacked out after seeing her ex-lover apparently hung in her apartment and Shirley's hostage ordeal. Lincoln Meyers reveals to Shirley he was responsible for the attempted murder of the TV loudmouth, and much to his dismay finds that she is not willing to indulge him. His character depends on attention, but not just any kind of attention, more importantly he desires to be feared but admired by the public. In Alan's trial, the only two people I found interesting were Jerry and the woman who was involved with the deceased. She played Alan and Jerry by pretending to be cold and emotionally detached while coming off to the jury as heartbroken. My favorite scene is close to the end, when Alan uses the same line to hit on Shirley as he did to hit on Denise, who does not walk immediately away like Shirley but lingers for a moment more. There is definitely sexual tension between Alan and Denise. I would not be surprised if they become involved in a later episode.moreless
  • Lincoln has kidnapped Shirley. Denny is taking issue with Alan's relationship with Jerry.

    There is something about this show that from the moment I begin watching an episode I am grinning because I know I am going to entertained. I was not disappointed with this episode. Shirely is in the evil clutches of Lincoln Meyer..evil emphasis on his rendition of the chipmunks song.."Christmas Don't be Late" sung by Lincoln whilst he played the tune on his ukelele. Jerry is medicated and doing well defending Erika of murder of her estranged girlfriend. Denny is feeling depressed because he doesn't have a big murder trial, as well as a bit of jealousy after he finds Alan bonding with Jerry over a glass of scotch and a cigar on "their" balcony. This episode had all the quick witted banter that I have come to love and expect and Lincoln survives as so does Gracie. Great characters, great actors and brilliant writing. Who can ask for more? Cheers!moreless
David Dean Bottrell

David Dean Bottrell

Lincoln Meyer

Guest Star

Missi Pyle

Missi Pyle

Renee Winger

Guest Star

Patrick Breen

Patrick Breen

A.D.A. Otto Beedle

Guest Star

Michael Ensign

Michael Ensign

Judge Paul Resnick

Recurring Role

John Thaddeus

John Thaddeus

Detective John Stephenson

Recurring Role

Christian Clemenson

Christian Clemenson

Jerry Espenson

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (12)

    • (On the balcony)
      Jerry: When I was in law school, my dream wasn't so much the big trial as... well, I guess this. Having a drink at the end of the day with co-counsel, battle-weary, rehashing the day, discussing strategy. The whole socialization of lawyering that... well, until now, I've never experienced. It's a rich feeling, whatever it is.
      Alan: It's called friendship.
      (Jerry nods)
      Alan: To friendship, my colleague.
      (They click glasses in a toast)

    • (Renee and Alan run into each other)
      Renee: My apologies.
      Alan: Renee, looking well.
      Renee: I'm glad. It's a goal.
      Alan: Coping okay with your, tragic loss?

    • Gracie Jane: (On TV) It takes more than a stiff whack on the head to keep me down, folks. Trust me, I get hit harder during sex. I'm only sorry this creepo didn't have at me with a shovel during sweeps.
      Lincoln: (slaps the TV off) I knew I should've plunked her a second time! I just knew it!
      Shirley: Are you telling me you're the one who assaulted her?
      Lincoln: I say that in confidence, of course.

    • Claire: (about Shirley) Are we really sure she's missing? Sometimes old people just slip off to have some work done.
      (Jeffrey glares at her)

    • Denny: My murder case went away. You've still got yours. It just doesn't seem fair.
      Alan: Nutty Lincoln didn't whack the judge?

    • Alan: Ready?
      Jerry: I'm ready. I actually feel... calm. Of course, I'm medicated but... (smiles at his own joke)

    • Lincoln: From the first moment I saw you, do you know what I wanted to do?
      Shirley: Pave my driveway?
      Lincoln: I wanted to suck on your right earlobe. I'm sure people tell you, you have soft, supple lobes.
      Shirley: It gets old.
      Lincoln: Is mocking me really an exercise of your most sound judgment, Shirley? After all, I do have in my possession a loaded firearm.
      Shirley: Let alone a ukulele.

    • Denny: Right on my balcony.
      Allen: It is not what you think.
      Denny: I saw you. I heard you.
      Allen: We were just talking.
      Denny storms from the room.
      Allen: Oh dear.

    • Alan: Denny, where is that doll?
      Denny: The police took her in for questioning.
      Alan: Shirley Schmidtho?
      Denny: She'll be back.

    • Shirley: (to Lincoln) We all live our lives on a ledge. And it takes surprisingly little to push us over.

    • Shirley: Lincoln!

    • Paul: Have you seen Shirley?
      Denny: Naked?
      Paul: Lately. She's missing.

  • NOTES (5)

    • In one of the scenes of "Desperately Seeking Shirley", Judge Bryan Hooper and Paul Lewiston are arguing becuase Crane, Poole and Schmidt is defending Scott Little, the man accused of murdering his wife.

      At one point, they were friends. This is reminiscent of the conflict (and the friendship that grew out of it) between two other characters played by Armin Shimerman and Rene Auberjonois, namely Quark and Odo on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

    • Delta Burke receives the "And" credit.

    • Christian Clemenson recieves the "With" credit.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latinamerica: October 30, 2007
      Slovakia: October 22, 2010 on JOJ

    • Both Missi Pyle and Patrick Breen starred together in Galaxy Quest, a smart spoof of Star Trek. David E. Kelley is a confirmed Star Trek fan, casting Shatner and Auberjonois in leads, along with a host of guest spots to other Star Trek alumni.


    • Lincoln: This room is my little Waco. If anyone tries to get in (turns lock) while this door is locked, it will trigger my spring-bow over there. Am I sinister now?
      This is a reference to the FBI standoff at Waco, Texas, in 1993, that ended with the cult's compound being burned down when a fire was triggered as agents attempted to enter it.