Boston Legal

Season 4 Episode 20

Patriot Acts

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 21, 2008 on ABC

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  • Stunning...

    While I realize that the same can be said for just about every other episode of this show, this was so amazing. Alan agrees to help Judge Cooper attempt to secede from the US. Denny is offended and he and Carl represent the United States. The tension that builds between Alan and Denny is more poignant than any feud they've had in the past, and Denny's speech about how he lived through the feeling of that America might not be there. It PERFECTLY expresses the views of millions of elderly Americans, and gives them a counterpoint while not dismissing them, or taking them lightly. It walks both sides of the line,but not to the point of losing all real meaning in favor of political correctness. It retains its powerful message. Alan's closing, and Denny's reaction, are ineffably astounding. Astounding seems like such a useless word here. Denny's realization that Alan is not being a traitor is the best acting of William Shatner's legendary career. The last scene is moving. I think this is the best episode of Boston Legal, and by virtue of the fact that Boston Legal is the greatest show ever made, that makes this the best episode of all time. That may sound hyperbolic, but with the decline of television into a reality show/soap opera filled void, this show shines past anything done in this decade. And I simply cannot think of any TV show (even ones not in the 2000's) that possessed more emotion, comedy, mature dialog, sillyness and overall passion, all being acted by people like James Spader and John Larroquette, William Shatner and Candice Bergen. I simply cannot think of anything better.

    Every Emmy Award deserves to go to this episode.
  • Would have been a fitting finale

    Evidently written under the potential threat of cancellation; I don't think anyone would have complained about this being the last episode of the show. Beautifully plotted and an apt focus on the central friendship that puts the show above its rivals really makes this a standout episode; probably my favourite since last season's Son of the Defender.

    While I'm obviously glad that it's been renewed for a final (albeit shortened) season, I think this will be one to beat when they come to script the last episode. Just a shame this series didn't get the popularity that I feel it deserved.
  • Loved it! Best Episode YET!

    Too many perfect scenes to mention, but when Denny shows up in the Coast Guard uniform, that was the topper. It turns out, he remembers little law now and again as well! Truly one of the best in the series, no dumb side plots, just full on Denny and Alan! After Shirley kissed him and his eyes got a little misty, that was a great bit of acting by the Shatman! As the show ends and they are walking downtown in their waders, a really nice funny ending. I have to say that I agree with Alan's stance on liberty and Kelley loses no time getting up on his soap box, but what a great end to the season!
  • Simply the best yet!

    This episode had everything one could want. The issue is whether or not a town has the right to secede from the United States of America. Allen ultimately accepts the case representing the town, and an invigorated Denny defends the U.S. This episode is the showdown between the two friends. Denny, despite constant doubt from everyone in the office, gives one of his best efforts. Allen is also on point, as he defends the rights of people to question their government. The show highlights the questions of Civil Liberties, war, patriotism, tyranny, and a multitude of other issues. Even though I personally believe that communities have the right to question the government, I found myself rooting for Denny throughout. This makes for a compelling case and episode…right down to the end.
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