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  • I think Boston Legal is one of the best shows with the best actors for it;s genre.

    I am so sad to see this show leaving the airwaves. I have enjoyed each and every one of the storylines. Here in Canada it's on Mondays at 7:00 PM so I have it on memory for that night. I love Denny and his fear of dying of mad cow(alzheimers?) and Alan with his wonderful wit and oh, what can I say abot his closings in court but, inspiring.I love Jerry with his cute smile and all his qirks. He has overcome his disability and doesn't care if others hear him purr, stomp his foot or any of his other wonderful flaws. Carl is so funny because he's the new guy and hasn't quite figured out how all these people with their flaws work so great together.Shirley{Candace Bergan)is the sane one who tries to keep everyone else in line which usually she fails at.I believe the entire cast is made up of great actors who know how to keep us watching so I just hope there will be a spinoff coming real soon. I'll be waiting and watching.
    I'll miss all of you,
    Your greatest fan.
  • A lawer show of a whole different caliber then the rest! With great caracters :-)

    I love love love this show! its so funny, interesting and genius!! I never would have thought a show like this would capture me, but it really has! never never stop making it!! the caracteres are brilliant, and the script are amasing!! I have never laughed so hard at any show before! Its humor with intelligence! So if you arent watching it, start now!! The argument they bring to the courtroom are both valid and amusing :-) And the actors they do it so well, it is so refresing to watch a show that isent dominated by young 20 something, falling in and out of love! Its real, my emotions fly high when I watch it! Love love love it!
  • My favourite comedy law drama

    I love Boston Legal the moment I start watching Season 1 especially James Spader. I really really adore him in this show. Without him I think the show is not worth watching. I dont really like Danny but he is fun at times but most time irritating :P

    Besides James Spader I love watching Candice Bergen too. She was hilarious and wonderful.

    Sad to know this will be last season I do hope James Spader will appear in future dramas. He is one absolutely funny and great actor. I love Boston Legal. Hope someone can save this wonderful law drama, will be missing it.
  • There was a show called Boston Legal which was funny....

    As much as I defend this show to people, it has come to an end. I must say after watching this episode, I want to tear my eyes out. It looks like the bottom of the tank has arrived at episode 10. Not funny at all. More alarming to say the least. To lump all of the story lines over a Thankgiving meal, not all at smart. This show was about the fun. Bridging the economy it is was wise, but it has lost it's mojo. Mr. Shore has become a statistician. Jerry is just an ass. It is good that this series has come and gone. Mr. Spader is better than this.
  • What a GREAT Thanksgiving show!

    Thank you to the cast and crew for putting on such a memorable, lovable show! You started the show making me laugh out loud. The conflicts during the holidays made me "remember when". Denny's "confusion" reminded me of my mother with Alzheimer's. The foster child brings memories of foster children I've had as a foster parent. I love how you add present-day events. I've read reviews that don't like your "opinions". Well, it seems to me those opinions are what makes this the "land of the free"...and I, for one, am proud of you for being bold enough to air them! If there's any way I can tape this episode to show at my Thanksgiving celebration, please let me know! Will it be airing again before Thursday? Thank you for the entertainment!!!
  • This is an A-Class show all the way....

    Why is this show getting axed, or going away whatever the case may be...James Spader and William Shatner should be getting their OWN spinoff because they are magical together and fun to watch...The rest of the cast are good too and the show's stars both have won emmys for these roles, so why is ABC dismissing this goldmine? I vote for a Alan/Denny spinoff...Who's with me? Boston Legal is the best show I have ever watched and I'm very saddened to see it go...For those of you who have not had the pleasure of watching this gem, you really should give it a try...If you like to laugh, Alan and Denny will surely make you do just that:)
  • "Let's just hire some somewhat famous actors and make them spout our political agenda every week"

    I watched the last season of the Practice and the best part by far was the new character they introduced: Alan Shore. An antitrust lawyer - The best in Massachusetts - who had been fired from his old firm for embezzling. It was clear that he was going through a personal crisis (they never really explained what that crisis was about though) and we watched his transformation from a corporate corrupt attorney into a corrupt defender. He cared about his clients, and always went out of his way to defend them.

    He got fired from Young, Fruit and Berlutti, and the fact that he wasn't disbarred after admitting in open court all the crimes he committed was an absurdity. He went on to work for the firm that represented him in the lawsuit against his former bosses, and so Boston Legal began.

    I realize that if they had Alan use the same antics he used during season 0 it would be a hole alternative reality (there's only so much you can get away with, even as a fictional character...) but they took this complicated, conflicted, morally challenged but kind man and turned him into a regular attorney who spouts DEK's liberal views every week. The only development we've seen is his relationship with his boss and best friend, Denny Crane.

    I simply could not get attached to the other characters, because they did what they always do in DEKLand: Introduce them out of nowhere and drop them without much of an explanation. Remember that loud cross dresser from last season? And his girlfriend from the season before that? How about Brad? He was supposed to be Alan's nemesis, but he just faded into the background slowly, and all of the sudden he was working at the DA's office. Same for Paul and his rivalry with Alan, it's like he just gave up.

    There was always talk about the partners removing Denny Crane, or Alan getting fired, but the writers never had the guts to take any real risks with this show, the settled for making a silly comedy and preaching their liberal agenda and for the first few years I felt so disappointed and cheated.

    I still tune in every week, and to be honest I don't even know why.
  • What used to be fun with the show's political bantering was just downright ugly and unAmerican.

    So this ep was basically David Kelly's financial contribution to Obama's political campaign. Nowhere in history can I remember a show dedicated to making such an ugly point about people who chose to vote for John McCain. It was so hard to watch because they just kept hammering away, and by the end, they actually had one character reveal his off-ticket vote. This show is going down fast - and since it's on its way out, they just don't care about their fan base. Heck, 45% of the country voted for McCain, so there are 58.4 million "stupid" people out there... just watch the episode Kill Baby Kill to see David Kelly continue his ugly Democrat views.
  • Boston Legal should not be cut

    I am certainly sad that a show as good as Boston Legal is being cut. I hope that there will be a spin off. This show is up to date on current events and is funny as hell. I love the paint ball scenes and the constant arguing for the left and right of the political spectrum. I thought they went overboard in their promotion of Obama but that is what makes this show so great. Please let there be a spin off. If anybody important is reading this, please make William Shatners' phone ring again with the sound of Star Treks' beeper thing. That was funny as hell.
    Here's to a sequel
  • Do I need to see another political ad on TV???

    Normally I love this show. They usually get into a lot of controversial stuff. Even though it is usually interesting, this show was a blatant ad for Obama and it lost me right there. I could've been for McCain as well and it would've had the same effect. To use a television show as someone's political forum sucks.
    This is the first time I have written on this particular site and it doesn't make sense to me to have to fill up a minimum of 100 words. This being the case and I have to keep writing. The fact that old boy thinking was blasted was a great move. Corporate America is in a hell hole in part because of the old boy network. Same old dusty thinking and arrogance is killing our country. Ah 134 words, finally!!
  • Blatant Political Advertisement

    The writers for this show normally provide thought provoking comments on the major issues of our society. This week included a comment on the FDA. It was interesting to consider the idea that the FDA might cause a cattle ranch to stop testing all their animals for "Mad Cow" just because it reflects poorly on the rest beef industry who only test a small percentage of their cows.
    The story line about Jerry is always done in an interesting manner.
    The undercurrent related to the election may have put me completely off the show. I was happy to see that all the characters considered it important to vote. The American Political System would not work if people in this country did not exercise their right to choose. My issue is with the show clearly picking one candidate over the other. It came off like a paid political advertisement; The only thing missing was a statement at the end from Obama saying, " I agree with this message." I don't mind discussion of the issues, but don't tell me who to vote for.
  • Obama commercial

    I understand that the series creator leans to the left politically, and week after week I put up with it because after all, it's just a TV show. No reason to get worked up about it, right? Well, this week just went over the top. It was one hour long Obama commercial with some story bits thrown in. Honestly, a show this clever could run for ten years -- except for one fatal flaw -- too many people are sick of the heavy political agenda being shoved down their throats with all the subtlety of a mad cow. Wonder why the ratings have decreased steadily every season? You shouldn't.

    Further, the producers aren't satisfied with just waving their agenda flag during every episode, they have to also make any conservative characters appear to be complete idiots. Is every liberal (in real life) an idiot? Of course not! Is every conservative (in real life) an idiot? Also, no. Boston Legal show runners see it a bit differently.

    Every "conservative" (and there are none really, because they are never portrayed accurately or fairly) on the show is written as the bad guy or a complete dolt. (Denny Crane is NOT a good example of a conservative -- they just want you to think he is.)

    Thanks Mr. Kelley, for ruining what could have been great TV for years to come. If only you could have kept your political opinion in check. On your future projects, I would like great content without the political rants, if you don't mind. Just because YOU believe in a certain point of view doesn't make it right. Viewers are changing the channel in droves because you offend about half of your total viewers every episode! Please do us all a favor and try and keep your political opinions to yourself next time? Thanks.
  • Farewell Boston Legal. You just can't get to much of a good thing. Especially if there's a network executive in charge.

    Its that time again. Time to say goodbye to a show that was just too good to be appreicated by enough people to keep it going. I shouldn't complain 5 seasons isn't a bad run for a show the deals with pertinent social issues and can still leave you laughing.It would be nice if networks could use more than just ratings when gauging the viability of a show. Maybe consider the quality of the viewership not just the quantity. But advertisers won't buy that. They want shows that appeal to the lowest common denominator. Why, because people who can endlessly be force fed any mindless crap will buy the crap they're selling. And just for the record I like the mindless stuff to thanks to my DVR I don't have to choose between South Park and Grey's Anatomy.
  • I am denny crane or am I alan shore.

    Love the undertones of the show, the little stabs at society and its political satire is second to none. I laugh so hard it gives me hiccups. The Shat is king. Allen Shore is king. The casting is superb. The show is well written and has got lots and lots of levels. The writers are either complete mad men or just pure geniuses can never make up my mind. The cases that are showcased on the show, although extreme, make me think that they could be true, many an hour I have found myself surfing looking for the evidence that this kind of case has already occurred. The only downside is the fast rotation of the rest of the cast. People who you grow to love disappear very quickly. Have faith and believe. It will be a sad day when the show ends.
  • The real Boston Legal is back!

    With their last season on he way, Boston Legal is back with both the hillarity (of especially Denny Crane) and the cutting edge political actuality that I missed so much from the first three seasons. Alan Shore has also gained back his personal debth and quirks, Denny Crane is still Denny Crane (who is one the most awsome characters I've ever encountered on the TV). Not mention Carl Sack! Who has really grown on me, and proven to be quite the brilliant and funny guy. And of course Jerry Espenson, through which Christian Clemenson shows us all how brilliantly origial and hard, real acting really is. Shame its their last season, but if you gonna go, you might aswell go big :)
  • An absolutely brilliant show full of humor, drama, did I mention humor? David E Kelly has created a massive following around his 'Boston' shows and is never afraid to test the boundaries of perceived societal injustices and norms.

    Denny Crane - the role that William Shatner was born to play. The entire cast can draw out laughs, tears, and even anger with their ability and the extremely well written scripts and characters. Even those who appear all to briefly (eg Dana in season 4)can create viewer emotion for their plight.

    There are similarities with 'The Practice' and 'Boston Public' as you would expect. In fact, Alan Shaw and Denny Crane originally appeared in the final season of 'The Practice' and set up the new series. However, the crossover of characters stops there (which is a shame because, like Boston Legal, character creation was perfect in every facet). But the stories, the cases, the drama, and the humor that has proliferated all of David E Kelly's works is so very present in Boston Legal - none moreso when Alan defends Shirley's right to 'euthanise' her father and Alan refers to his best friend's diagnosis with Alzheimer's. In the back of the court we see Denny. This still creates an emotive response that almost no other TV show has created.
  • I love this show.

    Ok, this is one of the greatest shows out there, that is just worth watching, unfortunately i have to admit it is laking in the latest 2 seasons, if we include season 5 which is airing now. But worth watching! For those who think this show isn't great watch season 1, 2 or 3 and you'll fall for Denny's "mad cow", Allan's disputes with his other colleagues Brad Chase, Paul Lewiston, Lori Colson, Denise Bauer Jeffrey Coho and the cases that they trial. It was very interesting to watch because none of them were on their best behavior to say the lest.
  • i love it, love everything about it specially at the end of each episode when alen and deny enjoys there time at the balcony such a great show

    i get speechless about this show and each episode discuss different types of cases about U . S and it reflect the real U . S i enjoy my time watching it and i adore the characters of this show specially deny. I think any episode that does not conclude him in as a main focus makes the episode less interesting.

    About alen and his anti American thoughts and his way of practicing law, it just amuse me more and i like his arguments.

    about the judges i do not know there names exactly but i like two, the one who hates jebr jabr in his court and the nansy panzy one =p
  • The best thing to happen to the legal profession since Perry Mason!

    I watch Boston Legal because of the writing. The writers do a phenomenal job of making the characters real and relevant. The chemistry between Alan Shore (James Spader) and Denny Crane (William Shatner) is priceless! The two of them together are so fun to watch. You can believe they're best friends. They're comfortable with each other and don't care how others view their friendship. They have sleep-overs, drinks on the balcony and take trips together. No woman will come between them. Candice Bergen is gorgeous and graceful. Her character doesn't try to be younger. She's proud of who she is and what she's accomplished in her career. What a great role model! I love her jewelry too! I highly recommend this show!!
  • A brilliant and vibrant show that tops all the lawyer and court room drama shows there is out there. A must watch show that never seizes to impress!

    A brilliant and vibrant show. I got hooked to the show from watching just the first two episodes of the first season. Went ahead and bought all the seasons dvds available out there. It brings interesting perspective to life with each characters depth in persona and intellect. Very spontaneous and fun are just few words that may at times cannot suffice to how captivating the show can be. From watching hundreds of lawyer and court room drama Shows Boston Legal is by far the best and my new pass time personal favorite. To anyone who enjoys a good debate and to everyone who likes a bit of a drama as they kick back to relax and have some entertainment, Boston Legal is THE SHOW to watch I must say.
  • This show is nothing short of brilliant. High-brow, low-brow, everything in between. It is fresh and innovative and 'creative' in a way that most networks are unable to duplicate

    This show is a must see for those who are looking for something fresh, innovative, creative, and just plain fun. The characters are great, the plots are spectacular, the chemisty between all the actors is electrifyingly good. I can not say enough good things about this show. I recommend buyin gthe seasons on DvD. You get 25 episodes for $20 (seasons 1 -3) which is a great when compared to the normal $15 a 2hr dvd movie costs. You get 10 times more fun for the same price. Anyways, the show and characters and storylines and even the moral lessons and philosophical ponderings (usually liberal) are done well and mixed together beautiful. Well, that is 100 words. Buy the seasons, you will not be disappointed
  • More lawyer drama... how can people watch this crap?

    There was The Practice, Ally McBeal, and so many other lawyer shows that I can't even remember the last time I had fun watching one of them. Boston Legal isn't any different... show after show they get into new situations while abusing the character stereotypes that the show has been able to create so far. Still, it's one of America's most loved television shows (though I can't imagine why) so there must be SOMETHING in it that I'm not seeing. One way or the other, Boston Legal is undeserving of the immense praise it has received so far. It's a good show, but it's not THAT good.
  • fearless and brilliant!!!

    This show is top notch, i find the script clever and amusing. The cast, notwithstanding the drastic changes introduced each season act beautifully and bring each story to life. Though some find the show preposterous and offensive, i personally find it refreshing.
    Although this show could last long years, as it would never be left without stories, it is simply sad how David E. Kelley had to bring out bargaining chips to keep the show for another season. I wish people appreciated this show as much as the Emmy winning cast and producers deserved, that way i wouldn't need to watch each coming episode with the bitterness of the fact that Boston Legal will be going away for good only after a shortened season. So unfair!
  • I can easily say with no doubts that this so far is the best episode of Boston legal till now, Denny against Alen, a thing I always wanted to see, and at the same time Denny brilliantly defending the United States of America.

    simply put, great episode, Denny against Alen, for the fourth time in a row, the writers manage to give a great season finale, and this time an extra special one, it is always great to see Denny and Alen in the same court, but running against each other was something else, and the subject itself was really "shocking and outrageous" :) Concort Masseuses wants their freedom from the United States of America because its viscous acts goes against what they believe America should be, Alen accepts and Denny chooses to defend, and to make things more exciting, 50000 dollar bet raises between the two, after words it is doubled to 100000, best episode so far, and it is great that we will have another season, hopefully it won't stop on the fifth one :)
  • Every aspect of this show is Superb

    This show hits all the Hot-Button issues in a manner that offends no one,the acting,writeing and humour are done to perfection. Each character has nailed there part perfectly.Where many shows faulter by going in to many directions at once in a episode, Boston Legal has found the formula to make it work, and make it work smoothly, keeping the viewer enthralled with each characters performance in every episode shows the dedication by all who are part of this great show.This show has re-invigoured my small screen viewing pleasure once again, that was fadeing fast with all the Idol this and Reality that TV that seems to be permeateing the airwaves.
  • The writers actually know what is going on in this country, I dont watch TV much but caught this and cried for joy knowing the whole country isnt dumb as dirt.

    Thank you for the poignant episode, I cant believe how well done it was...gone fishin'...............................................................................................................................................yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ye syes yes ye syes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyesyesy eys eys yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no war no war no war no war no war no war no war no war no war no war nowar no war no war no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
  • Not only is this one of my favorites, it is funny and also I think it has some of the best actors around. The Spade character was one of the best at the end on the Practise which was always my one time favorite.

    I guess in all fairness it is a little sexist, and then I feel like I will never watch this again, and then they do something later in the show which makes the show one of the best. This Denny Crane is the best and a real jerk but damn does he even look good. They say he is a real jerk in real life and I believe that. just until recently he was hardly ever on one of the talk shows because they never knew what he was gonna say. The MAD COW thing has gone a little too far and I wish they would get off that but it is kinda funny. But I would say it is one of my top ten shows on TV easily.
  • Ethically-challenged attorney Alan Shore, formerly of Young, Berluti, & Frutt, settles in at a wealthy and powerful firm focusing on civil cases. With some help from his friend and mentor, veteran attorney Denny Crane.

    The first episode of David E. Kelley's Boston Legal (spun off from The Practice) one bubbled like vintage pink guzzled it down, adored the brief high, and woke the next morning warmed by the faint reminiscence of some mildly illicit(in this case, the use of the word "fungible" in a primetime TV drama). By the third episode, though, watching the antics of high-priced litigators Alan Shore (James Spader), Denny Crane (William Shatner), and their minions, was more like swigging tired prosecco in a provincial restaurant, a formulaic ritual that left a bitter aftertaste. pleasure.This show is flipping the greatest I can't wait
  • Great, marvelous, uplifting, enlightening, thought provoking, entertaining!!

    I think Boston Legal is without a doubt the best show on tv. The subject matter is timely and thought provoking. I salute your writers, producers, and actors for taking on difficult issues and presenting them with courage, honesty, and clarity.Your show also presents human beings with the frailities that we all possess. The characters are dealing with difficult personal afflictions but are still able to be successful! You have somehow managed to combine some truly rediculas antics with superb courtroom drama. I also enjoy the relationships you explore. You present the ups and downs involved and prove that people can be compassionate, understanding and loving.
  • Regarding the salmon episode. The presentation was excellent as always. An issue that isn't getting the media attention it deserves: The Plight of the Bee and the Butterfly: Genetic Engineering of Corn and Cotton - Impact on the world food supply

    Boston Legal writers are proficient at exposing issues that are too often overlooked in the media. The salmon episode brought awareness to millions the cause and effect of man's control of nature to farm salmon. WA - Seattle area a group of sea lions were recently shot for doing what sea lions do - fish. What about revisiting environmental issues in an new episode with the focus on genetic engineering of corn and cotton and the impact on the the Bee and Butterfly.

    The bee and the butterfly may not seem to have very much in common; however, currently both are deep peril. I have watched with great sadness the demise of the butterfly. At first I noticed the silence or the emptiness of the void that was once filled with pure joy getting lost in the flight of a butterfly. The amazing agility of these supreme acrobats as they float on wisps of wind, colorful wings soft as velvet you would love to just reach out and touch but you can't knowing it will kill them. The agility of a butterfly is unsurpassed in nature. Butterflies seem to be big and clumsy but that is simply an illusion. I looked one day into empty blue skies, searching the green landscape for the movement of bright life but found instead the all encompassing void of emptiness on a hot summer day. The lack of colorful displays of butterfly despite all of my attempts to grow the right flowers guaranteed to bring butterfly's actually brought a voice that whispered into my consciousness: Where are all the butterflies? Now it seems the sight of a butterfly is an event! At one time butterflies were as common in nature as the sound of a buzzing fly. Now these gossamer winged creatures have become victim of man's efforts to genetically engineer more productive corn and cotton crops. Scientists have genetically designed corn to kill corn boring worms an added bonus to this marvel is the demise of the butterfly. Who could have known the impact on the butterfly other than those who released the corn seed into research fields and then into the farming communities. In my world, a good commercial business plan examines all avenues to reach to outcome. Additionally - researching the impact of introducing a genetically altered plant species into the environment should have been this team's number one priority. Wouldn't you think this team would have comprehended the seriousness of introducing a species that can never be taken back one introduced into the environment? And shouldn't those results have revealed that altering plant genes in a major staple such as corn or cotton would impact the entire world food system?

    Had this science team completed their outcome analysis they would have perhaps seen the dilemma that we are all facing right now with the dying of vast quantities of our honey bees. Bees are simply not showing up at home again when they leave the hive. Bees are ancient creatures that are hard wired to know that if they are sick they don't go back to the small living quarters to share that illness with thousands of their closest friends and family. Studying the bee problem scientists suspect that genetically engineered corn and cotton seem to be at the top of the list of possible causes of the pathogen that is crippling the immune systems of the bees. The bees disappearing seem to have contracted what can be best described as HIV for bees. The symptoms of this disease are the bee immune system is being compromised and the bee just shrivels up and starves to death. Not a good way to go. This epidemic is leaving huge holes in bee hive colonies that are moved from crop to crop and state to state to pollinate such things as almonds and apples. Not to appear a pessimist we as country have once again tried to solve some of our food production problems by reacting rather than being proactive. When I realized the impact of our world bee population dying I began wondering what foods do not require pollination. The demise of the bee is 50% in some areas of the country and as high as 80% in other parts of the world. The tragic demise of volumes of hives is really devastating to farmers. It saddens me that the loss of the butterfly simply wasn't news worthy enough. Money speaks and the decline of the bee hives on the California coast did not reach broadcasting potential until well after the delicate flowers of the almond trees had fallen to the ground this year. Whether or not the small percentage of bees that survived were enough to pollinate the crops won't be known until the almonds are ready for harvest. The almond crop in California is just the tip of the iceberg. All of the world crops are in jeopardy. Apples grown in Washington state supply the country with applies each year. The peas served at most of your holiday dinners are also grown here. We in Washington are feeling the impact of the disappearing bee population. Perhaps next year those frozen peas on your holiday table just might be as costly as the gas you filled your tank with this week. The loss of 50% of honey bees will impact the outcome of not only domestic crops but wild plants. Wild plant survival has already been stressed to borderline extinction by the use of herbicides. Clearing of vast acreage to build housing developments continues to impact the environment. However - On the positive side this current economic recession will slow down the destruction of native plants by slowing down the housing industry. It would be nothing short of a miracle if wild bees were to find a safe haven in some remote hillside and prevent the infection of their hives, those bees could strengthen the species eventually. Many native species of roses and numerous primal species of bees have been found exclusively in old abandoned cemetery lands.
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