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  • funny show.

    Bosten Legal is a really good show, When i first started watching it i liked it from the first minute, The actors are really well chosen for the show. Ellen is my favourite character on the show, as is denny, denny is really funny but when ever i watch ellen, i keep thinking of him in that movie, the secretery, and that movie is so weird. but the actor plays allen very well, i like how in the show it is serious but funny at the same time, and its really funny watching those old judges, cause they are clueless, but all in all, a very funny show.
  • although this show has more drama then comedy the issues it deals with, the characterisation and the legal aspect of the show is why i love it.

    The shows main character allan shore is a really well acted character with an interesting point of view on life and various occurances, but his job as a lawyer he takes very seriously and he does what he needs to do for them to win the trial, denny crane is allans best friend and one of the owners of the company, once a brilliant lawyer, he is loosing his touch and his peculiar attitude is often what brings the comedy aspect of the show in. the confrontational nature of the shows is very fun to watch, especially with the stylish ending of every episode feautring denny and allan summariesing the weeks occurances on denny's balcony, drinking scotch and smoking cigars
  • Boston Legal; What has the law became.

    Boston Legal is a great show which makes it hard not to fall in love with it. It zesty, fun and humors adittude on law changes everything. how can a show about lawyers be funny? Wouldn't it naturally be serious? would'nt it be edgey beyond belief? How will they fill the shoes of Law& Order? will it be more like CSI? Will it be a Drama or a Soap? Can you make breaking the law funy? How will it intertwine with current events? Will it be commenting on nine 11? How will it dodge bieng overly dramatic? all good quetions but none exactly answered because thats what the show is about not answering quetions and dodging life in a spectacullarly funny way.
  • Just when you thought they don't make TV like they use to..

    Truely one of the best shows on air at this moment in time. The chemistry between actors is great, the show is fresh well written and hilarious. Pure genious again by DEK.
    This is a show where once a week you can sit down and enjoy it regardless of age etc. Im afraid this show is underappreciated because of its late slot time, but in my opinion it is one of the best shows on TV, you shouldnt take it seriously and if you get worked up over the plots like one reviewer has here you need to take a hike and realise that TV isn't meant to be real, and it doesn't apply to the real world. If you haven't seen this show before I really, REALLY recommend it for you if you like comedy, drama and excellent quality. Long live Boston Legal!
  • insufferably smug

    What do you do if you are immensely rich, absolutely sure that the vast majority of US citizens are rock-stupid, and can't seem to get Right Thinking People (like that, with capital letters) elected no matter how much money you and your RTP friends contribute? Why, you write a derivative, cartoonish lawyer show where your chosen parrot is allowed to speechify anything you think, and your chosen strawmen are crushed or otherwise held up to ridicule. If you're David Kelly, that show is "Boston Legal". RTP watch the show, and tell themselves that they can't be in the minority, what they think is right there on the television. It's a fine, albeit pathetic exercise in narcissism. While there are a bunch of actors in this show, make no mistake, there is only one character - James Spader's Alan. Everybody else is there to highlight Alan. Any opponent is an obvious moron (usually saying things that no one would ever say anywhere, and certainly not in a court), any supporter just repeats what Alan says. Give this turkey a pass, it ain't worth your time.
  • Good show, but it miss something...

    Only a couple of weeks ago, I started to watch Boston Legal, and from the start, this show is absolutely brilliant. It seems like William Shattner has save his best performance for Boston Legal. Shattner's character Denny Crane is absolutely brilliant. I don't know why, the older I am getting, the more conservative I am, hence Denny Crane is the man.And the way Denny Crane refers to himself in the third person is a stroke of Genius.

    I am sick of looking at twenty somethings who don't have the cool factor like James Spader and William Shattner. If the character Denny Crane was to become president, he is going to get my vote. When I watching Boston Legal a couple of weeks ago, I loved the way he shot the child killer in the leg, it was a pity he didn't shoot the guy in the head. Gees got to give Denny Crane credit, for shooting the homeless guy in the head with a paint ball gun. If anyone should be the face of the NRA it should be Denny Crane.

    I mean this in the sincerest way, I love watching the old timers such as James Spader, William Shattner and Candice Bergen performing at their very best.

    All things considered, Boston Legal, is a clever mix of, comedy, drama and social commentary. How many shows out there would draw parallels between homeless people and Hurricane Katrina? The conservative Denny Crane and the liberal Alan Shore is nothing more than amazing.

    A fantastic comedy show
    with el;ements of politics friendship drama and interpersonal relationships of the lawyers of Crane,Pool and Schit.

    alan shore
    a demon lawyer with a history of bedding women and sexual harrassment (panda).
    Al he asks in a relationship is that he remains utterly alone.
    He has major psyhcological problems

    Denny crane
    Flamingo of alan shore and senior patner of the firm
    he may or may not have mad cow.
    He is a commited republican and is a huge supporter of the gun lobby.
    And he has shot several people inocent or otherwise.
    his politically incorrect dialogue is one of the highlights of the show

    there are other characters but there really unimportant
    what matters is whos on the balcony at the end of the show
  • omg this show is great

    this show is the best the cast is hilarious and and the story line is great it always keeps you watching. I'm sad that they don't advertise more because i think if they were on a better time a lot more people would watch them. I hope that they do not cancel the show. I think they should add some more characters because then they can keep it running longer. I'm glad that Brad and Denis are together because they make a great couple. Denis (Julie Bowen) had her baby in real life on set and she is having her baby on the show ( episode Duck and Cover). It look s like that episode is going to be really good.
  • Incredibly courageous show which consistently tackles the issues our society is most uncomfortable addressing ... without resort to stereotyped political correctness, but with outspoken directness, honesty and tremendous humor. CANNOT FIND BETTER!

    Incredibly courageous show which consistently tackles the issues our society is most uncomfortable addressing ... racism, homophobia, sexism, guns ... without resort to stereotyped political correctness. These characters demonstrate outspoken directness, honesty and tremendous humor. Cannot find better in a time when TV is either mindless or sensationalistic. Being age 45, I grew up with StarTrek in the background of my experience. Never really liked Captain Kirk, though I enjoy an occasional rerun ... My respect, however, for William Shatner has blossomed as he demonstrates tremendous dignity, ego-free self-examination, and always good humor in the character of Denny Crane. I especially love the closing scenes between Denny and Alan, with its loving homosexual overtones that so wonderfully convey the deep mutual respect and trust that exists between these two characters. I'm hooked.
  • Very enjoyable but too frivolous to be truly great.

    I will start off by saying that I do like this show a lot. Give me a legal show over most and I am happy, this is up there and doesn't really take itself seriously. The shows strength is really in the main actors / characters. James Spader seems born to the roll of Alan Shore and it is always great to see Candice Bergen and to my great surprise William Shatner is an absolute revelation and a joy to watch when in full flight. The show is not afraid to take itself too seriously and Shatner is the main outlet for this general tone (Alan says, "The lice are called 'cling-ons.'" Denny looks confused and says "Did you say Klingons?. Wonderful stuff. The scripts are also very good but tend to spend too much time out of court for my liking.

    The down side is pretty much all the other characters. Julie Bowen is used more and more as eye candy, Mark Valley seems to be dropping down the pecking order and seems to add little to the show itself and Craig Bierko seems to have been brought in just to give Mark something to do (although their confrontations are quite funny at times)

    All in all, this is a very enjoyable show. If you consider "The Practice" and "Ally McBeal" (Two other David E Kelley shows) as being on either end of a spectrum (Practice is dark and serious, Ally is bright and frivolous), this show fits neatly about halfway between the two.
  • Denny Crane!

    Boston Legal was created by the same guy that did Ally McBeal and the Practice, David E. Kelly. Boston Legal is about the law firm "Crane, Pool, and Schimdt." Each of the attornies in the firm are amazing. From Denny Crane who tries to hit on any one he sees to Alan who makes the perfect closing arguement. Of course you can' forget about Shirley, Brad, and the many other characters in Boston Legal, but I assure you each one has a funny and original personality. The cases they have to take on are very unique and different from the next or the one before. You'll be introduced to some creepy people they have to defend and some funny crimes. Each season the story gets better and better. I really like Boston Legal and I'm glad that it has a fourth season planned. Both James Spader and William Shatner work great together. It's a must see for any law fans!
  • Boston Legal, Son Of The Defender episode. Wonderful. Would like to see more of the blonde model with Southern accent.

    Son Of The Defender. Interesting and well written. A wonderfully entertaining and funny, family show. We look forward to it every week. We would like to see more of the attractive blonde model with the Southern accent. She added something special to the show. She would make an interesting addition to the cast, perhaps as a occasional or permanent cast member. This episode was not as funny as others but still was very interesting. We noted the compassion that is rarely a quality seen in lawyers. I found this to be refreshing to see a lawyer as a warm and sensitive person.
  • Awesome show!

    Awesome show dealing with contemporary moral issues and interspersed with hilarious personal issues of strong characters. The primary cast members have an excellent rapport with each other and obviously have a lot of fun making the show. A high cast turnover of secondary characters keeps the stories fresh while still allowing for character development and continuity. The continual breaking of the "fourth wall" keeps things light and the self-referential asides remind the viewer not to take things too seriously even during Alan's tirades on the status quo.
    Occasionally characters will simply disappear from the cast list without a mention but I feel this is acceptable considering the constant reminders that this is a TV show, not real life.
  • This show is very similar to Ally McBeal, but the stories are so great and original.

    Boston Legal was created by David E. Kelly the mster behind Ally McBeal and the Practice. The show is centred around the Law firm 'Boston Legal'. The charactors in the show are amazing. From Alan to Denny to Shirley to Brad. Each one is original and funny. The cases the show come up with are great. Thsi show does not disapoint. Episode after episode the writing grows stronger and more exciting. This show gets better as it goes on. Now renewed for season 4 i hope the writers continue the high standards. I love it so much, its great, fans of any Law based show will love this one. James Spader gives an excellent proformance and so does William Shatner. Don't miss out.
  • This is a very funny crime drama.

    It seems that a really great comendy drama isnt getting the attention it diserves. Boston Legal is a great show that will have many funny scenes and most of the scences are from Denny Crane played by William Shatner and Alan Shore played by James Spader. They both act very crazy over each other. But there are scences that will My biggest problem right now with the show is one of the characters left the show which I found very funny and I was upset it was Jeffrey Coho who was played by Craig Bieko. Its a great show to watch outside that.
  • I gave it a chance, and it wasn't half bad!

    Still bitter over The Practice's untimely cancellation, I was in no hurry to give this spin off (via James Spader's character) a real shot. Then, one night, I tuned in as someone told me to on the phone. I found myself curious, not fascinated, but curious, 'til the very end of the show. It employs the same kooky-off kilter humor that Ally McBeal did in the late 90's, but there are quite a few sound legal tidbits mixed throughout. I don't really have a favorite character, and I don't feel very attached to the show, but if my other shows are reruns, then I’ll certainly tune in!
  • William Shatner is by far one of the funniest men on T.V.

    I so enjoy this show. I find my self covering my mouth in giggles every time. From the truly bezare to the extreme sane. I stunmble across it becuse it come on after one of my favorite shows. Now I make sure I watch it. It has all of the Drama on a good law and order and they use the law in the most tricky ways. This show is refreshing and funny, They even cross the open forum of DNA samples to see who was one of the main characters fathers to be. I am not well verse in every one name but I have a clear view of this show and it is so hilarious.
  • Its "Gigglefest" time. No topic is too sensitive not to tackle on this show. One may be assured the legal cases our wacky lawyers take on will be approached in the most bizzare most orginal off the wall way imaginable.

    Two smacks up on the behind here! You cannot help but smile as you watch this show, the adult sexual undertones can be bold and brassy or subtle, but always leaving you with laughter. I love the way the writers include the late middle aged actors in the sexual bantering between the characters. If I had one word to describe this show it would be the word "Juicey".
  • A zany, fun, unpredictable show.

    The chemistry between characters, is just part of the fun. The stories are between hilarious and downright serious, often there is a moral in the theme, but, regardless, the characters never, takes themselves too seriously.

    An amazingly addictive show. The Shatner/Spader combo works! The Schmidt works! This show is just plain and simple going to become a true classic.

  • Brilliant!

    The is one of my favorite shows on TV today. Spader and Shatner are great. I've always been a James Spader fan, but was never a real big William Shatner fan until Denny Crane first appeared on The Practice.

    I've been hooked on this show from day one.

    I do really miss Rhona Mitra's character though.
  • This show is a million times better than all the Law and Order shows that is on NBC. I like this show because I'm familiar with all the character's for example William Shatner the star of Star Trek my #1 favorite show of all time.

    And Monica Potter Role: Lori Colson
    . This show is so wonderful in most ways of putting it. That guy with the sideburns with the Buzz lightyear costume I hate to see him go. That was an amazing episode I saw last night, this is my new favorite show. I give this show two thumbs up.
  • Quirky, Amazing, Influential

    This show has blown me away. Week after week we see Alan Shore delivering amazing dialogue. (or diatribes, whichever you prefer). The writers are doing a fantastic job of bringing real world issues into a quirky yet amazing setting. The characters are well developed, funny, articulate, and well ... absolutely fine!!!. The way the relationships are intertwined in the episodes is fantastic. The guest stars have thus far been wonderful. The dialogue is witty and quick. The show goes by so quickly due to each of the characters individual flaws. The writers have done a phenomenal job in creating a fun enviornment in which to really buck the system. I look forward to many many years with this family.
  • Top class

    I love this show, it's very similar to Ally McBeal but it has evolved into a show of it's own. I can't get enough od it. William Shatner's acting is brilliant and credit also has to go to the wonderful David E. Kelley. I have only seen the first season of the show, but i can only hope that they keep up the high quility acting and writing. For a shor first season Boston Legal caught me as a viewer very quickly and by the end of the season i was hooked. They also are not afraid of getting rid of charactors in the first season alone they got rid one big main cast.Alan and Denny are perfect together, they are so similar and yet so different, which makes unresistable comedy. Anyway i really like the show i hope it goes on for many more seasons to come.
  • Underappreciated but funny! Shatner and Spader make this work!

    If this show wasn't opposite Law & Order SVU it Would get even bigger ratings but still it is
    A funny and off the wall show and that the chemistry
    Between Shatner and Spader is absolutely funny and riveting. I really don't like lawyers at all. But
    These two can be my lawyers anyday at anytime.
  • Really hitting its stride.

    Boston Legal gets better with age. When it first debuted (spun off from the more serious The Practice), it had trouble finding its tone for a while. It wasn't sure whether it wanted to be a comedy or a drama. In the first season, there were too many extraneous characters who didn't add much to the show. Beyond James Spader and William Shatner, there wasn't much to it.

    However, everything began to turn around when Candice Bergin was added to the cast. She brought the fresh blood the show badly needed, and it also allowed writers to dump the useless cast members (like Lake Bell and Monica Potter).

    Now in its third season, Boston Legal has found its groove. It wisely focuses more on the comedy with the occasional dramatic storyline thrown in, and it works.
  • For Ally McBeal fans, like myself, I didn't think it was possible to have another legal series that was equally clever, funny and yet emotionally fulfilling - Boston Legal surpasses all these and more!

    Whilst the character format of Boston Legal is close to that of Ally McBeal - Crane v. Fish; Shore v. The Biscuit; the great thing about the series is that their quirkyness is accentuated, exaggerated even, to greater depths which results in such pleasurable viewing. Beneath the gloss of legal repartee and office banter, lies serious story telling, which is actually informative and sometimes compelling.

    The characters have been perfectly cast - William Shatner IS Denny Crane - he is no longer Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, he is Denny Crane, legal eagle extraordinaire and full-time eccentric with his trusted colleague and friend Alan Shore, whose witticism leaves you speechless and his sexism even more so! The third Musketeer is Shirley Schmidt - whose beauty has you rushing for the plastic surgeon's knife, but whose wisdom and confidence enhances what is after all such a professional team; even when one is often reminded of her blow-up doll cupboard existence!

    The rest of the cast, permanent or just visiting are equally outstanding - my favourites at the moment being the relationship between Denny, Bethany and her mother Bella!

    I think there have been 54 episodes to date and every one of them has been first rate - which surely must allow the series to be rated one of the best, if not THE best, on television today. Long may it continue to reign!
  • Fantastic acting and writing.

    The acting is absolutely superb. I must say the cast changes from mid-season 1 and the beginning of Season 2 made things a bit disorienting, however by the middle of Season 2 the show really hit its stride. Every character is wonderful and completely full of life. Absolutely wonderful writing. I love a show that is able to take the viewer into a completely serious moment and the next minute, make something completely hysterical out of it.
  • a spin off of the practes a hilareouse camady about a lawferm where sexau harrasmant is the norm and be dobald over in lafter from minute one

    if you like a cort based camady then this is it a show you can sink your teath into and one i keep watching you can never get enuf. in recent weeks a new carictor has come in he discribes himself as a " peepe "( peping tom) he has killed more then ones this last time a judge who called him a pervert wile an arow throught the chest was enuf to finish hime off. the ferm deals with people that sue ofver erotic colection to sueing god for a death this show cant get funnery or i will die of laphter
  • ABC hits a Home Run with Boston Legal!!

    This is now one of my favorite shows on television. I just started watching last season, but I was instantly hooked. And, I very much disagree with the 9.9 rating of Shatner's ego. If there's anything funnier than William Shatner on this show, its James Spader. I had no idea that Spader was that hilarious. The highlight of the season so far, is still when Shatner and Spader dressed up like women at the Halloween party! That was truly one of the funniest things I've ever seen on T.V. Thank God that this series was created. In our stressful times, this is just what the world needs, some amazingingly hilarious comic relief!
  • I have nothing negative to say, just thought Shatner's ego could do with a 9.9. rather than a 10!

    This series gets funnier and funnier every episode, and is one of my favourite shows. IT's brilliant seeing James Spader going from playing Dr. Daniel Jackson on Stargate (The Movie) to playing a lawyer and the same for Shatner and Kirk.

    Two bigger snobs I've never met (well I haven't actually met them, more like seen), but at the same time they feel what we feel and then some. They are people, a little bit loopy bordering on criminally insane, but brilliant and human nonetheless.

    If anyone hasn't seen this programme yet I recommend it urgently. You won't regret it, unless you're my brother but he and I disagree over everything. Boston Legal addresses important issues by making light of them, whilst also pointing out the serious side of the faults with them. Seeing Alan's defiance agains the Death Penalty is inspiring, me I'm not personally against it, I do think it's used a tad to often, as Alan more than points out just encourages you to actually think about what you're seeing. I hope you appreciate it as much as my mum and I do.
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