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  • In the mixture of Comedy and Drama, it's the one Goldilocks chose.

    Let me just start by telling you the starring actors on Boston Legal. Candice Bergen, James Spader, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Rene Auberjonois, and Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. Not sold yet? Really? Okay, how about guest stars? It’s had Golden Girl Betty White, Parker Posey, Michael J. Fox, Katey Sagal, Al Sharpton, Tom Selleck and Freddie Prinze, Jr. Now, at the risk of sounding like a name-dropper, I’ll tell you about the actual show. Over the years super-producer David E. Kelley has created many, many dramedy shows, usual about lawyers. In the past 10 years or so, I’ve found them to be either a little too much on the side of quirky, sexy lawyers in weird cases (I call Ally McBeal to the stand) or too dramatic and hot button pressing (The Practice, which Boston Legal was spun-off from, and Boston Public stand accused of tackling “issue of the week”). Like the porridge Goldilocks chose, Boston Legal is just right. Comedy like Betty White begins robbing convenience stores balances out the drama of a young man accused of killing a woman to get over his Oedipal obsession with his mother. Boston law firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt is full of characters as odd and neurotic as Ally McBeal minus the visible ribs and anti-feminist whinings. Shatner acts better than you’d expect and steals the show as Denny Crane, a lawyer as daring and womanizing as Captain Kirk himself (the show throws in plenty of Star Trek references for all the fans out there). He shoots a homeless man with a paintball gun for asking for money, he’s been married more times than you can count on one hand, may have Alzheimer’s but tells people it’s Mad Cow Disease, loves to hear his own name and is an absolutely brilliant defense attorney. Candice Bergen is smart, witty Shirley Schmidt, who once slept with Denny after losing a bet. James Spader, who has a knack for playing normal looking guys with a kinky underbelly, (remember his bondage loving boss in Secretary?) keeps it up as unscrupulous Alan Shore, Denny’s best friend and often rooftop confidante as they share cigars and stories in some of the best scenes. Rounding out the offices at Crane, Poole & Schmidt, are Jeffrey Coho (Craig Bierko) and eye-candy Brad Chase (Mark Valley) and Denise Bauer (Julie Bowen). Titular partner Edwin Poole (Larry Miller) is on extended leave after having a breakdown and coming to work with no pants on.
    The out of Courtroom antics are as sexy and over-the-top as anything on Wisteria Lane and the legal battles are as funny as those in Harvey Birdman and as tense as any Law & Order.
  • Why didn't someone tell me?

    This the second show that I have watched this season and wished that I had watched the prior seasons. This show is so funny. Although Alan and Denny are dogs, they are truly funny. I like their friendship. I how they sit together at the end of a day to talk. They are excellant attorneys, but again they are dogs.

    Candane Bergman performs her character well. Her character, Shirley has similaries of her character Murphy Brown from the show Murphy Brown.

    The rest of the cast are great. I like the cases. They remind me of the Grey Anatomy medical cases because they tend to be strange.

    Two thumbs up on this one!!
  • Candice Bergen and William Shatner, headline a terrific cast in this beautifully written dramedy about what could only be described as one of the most successful yet dysfunctional law firms in the world.

    However, without a doubt James Spader's "Alan Shore" is the glue that holds this talented cast together. Mark Valley who won my respect in Fox's short lived "Fast Eddy" also contributes as ex-Marine "Brad Case", a perfect foil to Spader's "Shore". The primary thing this show has going for it is its attempt to balance moral and ethical legal questions of significant social weight against incredibly biting humor. In short, this show is almost always a scream. Spader's "Shore" is a very wealthy, brilliant, contrarian litigator; as likely to take a seemingly unwinable case pro bono as he is the big buck trials for the firm. Yet the finest part of the program is the personal relationship between Spader's "Alan Shore" and Shatner's "Denny Crane", the firm's "Of Counsel" patriarch and founder. "Denny Crane" is the epitome of the right wing, self-centered, dandy and buffoon. "Crane" is a past-his-prime lawyer obsessed with his wealth, position, fame and personal idiosyncrasies. Shatner creates "Crane" as a character that is at once deplorable, yet roguishly endearing as he (bottom pinches and breast fondles) his way through overt sexual overtures to every character in a skirt that crosses his path, including his partner Bergen. "Crane" is everything that "Shore" is not, yet they are the closest of friends. Partly based on womanizing but mostly based on a realization that they almost compliment each other in what they should be as human beings. Their's is one of those truly rare relationships between grown men. There is a palpable trust even intimacy in their affections for each other. The end of each episode finds "Crane" and "Shore" sitting on the balcony of "Crane's" office, smoking cigars and sipping whisky neat. Their waxing is more self-realizing than profound, yet they always leave us with a germ of sagely posited questions about life and relationships. This is episodic television at its best.
  • It\'s a really good show.The whole cast is very loveable.William Shatner,and his roommate are excellent.Need more attorneys like them around.

    It\'s really a very great show.William Shatner is one of the best actor\'s I\'m seen. A must see show Watch it every week,and every week there is always something different.I was suprised to find out that the little person that is interested in him is his daughter.What a shock.I especially like the eposide that was on this week when they were dressed like women.I thought that they were cute.William Shatner thou didn\'t make a nice looking woman.He would have been better dressed as a man.John Spader is my favorite.I think that he is a hunk,and he could be my attorney anything,if I was to ever need one.
  • Boston Legal is a show about Boston's finest and not so finest Lawyers. The show centers around the friendship between legedary concervative Lawyer Denny Crane, who's a narcasistic perv, and a liberal Lawyer Alan Shore, who's also pervy.

    This show cracks me up, it's full of political satire bashing on both the republican and democratic party. Who knew William Shatner would have such a big comeback? Part of the reason it's so funny is you see how much these lawyers get away with in the offices. It's full of sexual harrassment, games, and jokes. Also it portrays the unlikely friendship between a conservative and liberal. You also get to see how scum baggy lawyers can be as the BS their way in the courtroom. The balcony scenes are priceless, just Denny and Alan smoking a cigar talking about sex. If you haven't seen this yet, you really should because it's funny even when it's not supposed to be.
  • Great!

    One of the best tv shows still on the air. I use to watch the Practice, but this show blows it away. Just to see William Shatner as Denny Krane is enough to watch. I practally fall off my chair when he is on. This is a fast paced show with fast talk and quick jokes. Very funny, even if you have never watched, you can jump right need to see previous episodes or seasons (even though I recommend you do just for the pure enjoyment). All star cast is also what makes this a big hit. Highly Recommend!
  • Denny Crane... Donny Crane... Denny Crane... Donny Crane... DENNY CRANE...

    Boston Legal, where do I begin…. this show is fabulous, a little slow in areas but really and truly fabulous. If you haven’t watched any episode yet, I advise you do, and start from season 1. The seasons have evolved character wise and story wise and it is just brilliant the lines are. I must admit, I was skeptical the first few episodes but there is so much drama between characters and certain cases that it draws you in. The problems that some people bring to the courts are fantastically funny and surreal that you would never think of some actually being real although you never know…. some could be.
  • awesome show!

    what can i say about this show? it is really one of the most interesting ever! really! after whatching an episode i just want to keep whatching and whatching. It has something that makes you want to get more and more of it.

    The cast is great and the plots are brilliant. The scipt just makes me laugh all the time.

    Sometimes i don't get he characters but that is part of why i like this show.

    My favourite character has to be Alan. He is so funny! and clever too!. I don't like Denny that much, sometimes he gets on my nerves lol.

    this is an awesome show and i think everybody would enjoy it, I know I do.
  • Denny Krane...

    This show is ridiculous, half of the things that happen at the law firm couldn't happen at all...but still I love it. This show makes me cry laughing. I love Denny; I think everyone has a little Denny in them...admit it, you do. Sometimes he says the worst things in the world but you think to yourself...I see his point. There is never a dull moment on the show. But there is also always some kind of message that is usually brought out in a case that Alan is doing. I love this show. I love that it is so different and fun and can make light of some of heavier issues.
  • So why does it need the new characters?

    Is James Spader trying to cut back on his involvement in the show? If not then I see no reason for introducing Bierko's character as his role appears to simply be a sub set of Alan Shore's. And isn't the new female lawyer playing a watered down version of the character plated by Rhona Mitra in season 1?

    On another note - is Boston Legal becoming a retirement home for ex Star Trek actors? In this weeks show we had Captain Kirk, Odo, Neelix and Quark. Last season we had Seven Of Nine. Have I missed anyone?

    This is still my favourite show, and the writing simply gets better and better each week.
  • Guilty pleasure

    I think this is a great show. I love William Shatner is hollarious. I also think think that Candice Bergen, Willam Shatner and James Spader play there characters. I believe the way the characters Denny Crane and Alan Shore interact with one another and the relationship that the characters Alan Shore and Denny Crane have. I think the third season is getting off to a great start. I have to say I don't to much like the new characters they added. I think the episode New Kids on the Block was great but the new characters I have to say I did not like to much.
  • The Best Laywer Comadey/Drama Show

    The combination of Alan Shore and Danny Crane, is the foundation of Boston Legal, which makes look fresh and entertaining every time I watch the show. One thing that I have noticed is that these two people core of the show, while all the other characters such Shirley Schmidt, Brad Chase, Denise Bauer these people may or may not be effected. But the full credit should go to David E. Kelly who created fresh new ideas for the show and character every time and it doesn’t feel that it has been dragged or “seen before”. Two Thumps Up From Me!
  • Alan Shore has been taken under the care of Denny Crane at the law firm Crane, Poole and Schmidt. Whilst there, he and his colleagues experiece action in and out the court house.

    This is another great show which should be put on earlier so more people can enjoy its views about aspects in life mixed with a good dose of comdey. When I figured out that Mark Valley (Keen Eddie) was in this, I had to watch this show and I was not disappointed. All the other characters in Boston Legal add so much colour to their character and their emotions it's hard not to like. The entertaining rivalry between fellow co-workers, the underhand tactics to get the information they need, the comebacks each character uses. All of it makes this show what it is.
  • What a great season opener.

    Absoultely awesome show. I just love the chemistry between Allan/Crane. This is what I was missing all summer long. I just hope that they will not continue to play with the season like they have done in the past. I am sure that they lost a lot of viewers when they did not play the entire season out the first year. I like how they are bringing in some new characters this year with out getting rid of the old. Also loved the comic relief of the police entering during the sex/relationship therapy. And finally, love the addition as Michael J Fox as a guest star. Hopefully he will return more in the future!!!
  • Isn't enough, enough. Why do people want TV shows to tell them how to think about opinions, can't people think for themselves? I would have put less than a 1 but for some reason this site won't let me, must be a glitch.

    I'm not trying to be preechy, but when did shows all stop doing jokes, and start forcing their opinions on people. Just because this show has big names Shatner & Bergan, and some people like them, doesn't make it a good show. Bergan has made a career out of forcing opinions down people's throats look at Murphy Brown. It's just gonna get worse and worse, and then pretty soon they are going to start losing viewers, like the movie industry has. I just want jokes is it asking to much to just sit down relax and here some funny dialogue and good drama, without their opinions, beliefs, and views being shoved down my throat.
  • articulate, well written, terrific interpretation, james and bill interact on a level seldom available in prime time.

    I am a fan of "The Closer", "law and Order SVU", and that's about it - however I am astonished that a well written, well acted, intelligent, (not reality TV - thank all of the Gods for that), series has got me exited about tv again. I believe the interaction between the cast is worthy of any TV fan over 50 - sorry, the rest haven't been around long enough. Well done : Bill, James, Candice and most importantly..the writers, producers, directors etc, etc,...great stuff!
  • Boston Legal brings the comedic side of William Shatner, James SPader's role suits him. The fantastic cast, stories and cases are the imagination of Daid E. Kelly and the cast and directors, crew & guests make the show great. Top 10 list in TV today.

    Boston Legal is a show that has had me ever since the first episode that I've watched. Frankly it is comedic, it has drama that plays out wonderfully in every episode. The chemistry between the actors never surprises me. There is a definite political view that is not up to me to judge, but the ultimate goal of the political view is not rather for one political side but rather for the final betterment of the nation's political views and actions. There is something that is quite wrong with the show, which is why I did not give this show a perfect -- I should also mention that I rate shows in between 8-10 only -- and that is that the cast is not as diverse as it was previously. Also, as open minded as the writing and everything else is on the show I cannot beleive that this is actually soething that is currently being done in this show. Therefore, the continuation of this show needs a bit more colorful cast. Other than that, the showis really good.
  • I look forward to every new episode of this show, and despite my extremely busy schedule, I never miss it. The characters constantly amaze and surprise me, and every episode makes me laugh. I hope this show enjoys many successul years.

    What can I say, I love this show! I was a big fan of "The Practice", and was really worried that ABC had effectively killed the show when they moved it from it's usual timeslot. It's great to see William Shatner in a role that he clearly loves playing, and the Allan Shore character is an absolutely perfect fit for James Spader. My only complaint is the constantly changing supporting cast. The blond girl was very good, and the English girl (Allan's "girlfriend", I guess) was sorely missed the last few episodes of last season. I would love to see her in future episodes, maybe crossing paths on a case or something. I would also like to see some guest appearances by some of the characters from The Practice, particularly with Eleanor, since she was a close friend of Allan's on that show. It doesn't make sense that he would never talk to or see her. The show also takes some interesting positions on political and social issues, and for the most part, appears to be impartial, although recent episodes have tended to lean one way or another on issues that arise in court. I prefer that they remain impartial and let viewers see the arguements from both sides of an issue and decide for themselves rather than being somewhat "led" by the producers of the show. This really is my favorite show, and I hope the new timeslot on Tuesday nights doesn't hurt it. Why can't ABC leave a good thing alone?
  • The characters are quirky and the storylines are constantly entertaining. There are so many crime themed shows on at the moment that the original approach is refreshing and funny.

    I began watching because I was a fan of Julie Bowen. I have kept watching because the characters are quirky and the storylines are constantly entertaining. There are so many crime themed shows on at the moment that the original approach is refreshing and funny.

    While some scenes can be laugh out loud funny, others can be heart touching and emotional. The ensemble cast each bring a real depth of emotion to their characters that make the audience really care.

    Denny and Alan\'s relationship is particularly special and the show would not be the same without their drink and cigar on the balcony to close. \'Denny Crane\' is one of the funniest and most clever characters on television at the moment. I cannot wait each week until the next installment of the lawyers at Crane, Poole and Schmidt.
  • One name sums it up ....Denny Crane.

    Denny Crane. Need I say more? This is the greatest legal show to come along in a long time. Totally the opposite but rivaling Perry Mason. How can this show loose with William Shatner at the helm? Denny Crane. William is an icon that has conquered just about every media over a more than 50 year period. Denny Crane. William is a ham himself and brings a lot of himself to the show. Denny Crane. Candice Bergen, another icon brings her own humor to the show. With the goings on at the office and the motly ensamble of clients this drama has more comedy than comedy shows. Denny Crane. However with all of its comedy it still hits home with great legal action. Goings on in real court are not all stoic as on most shows and real judges have their pecularities as they so on this show. This is a breath of fresh air and I look forward to a long run without a lot of jibber jabber(those who are fans know what I am refering to.) ....Denny Crane!
  • Shatner and Spader lead a colorful cast of characters in the highly superior successor to The Practice.

    Boston Legal is a lawyer show unlike any other. Its strength lies in its ability to go from hilarious moments to touching melodrama as fast as you can say two words... Denny Crane.

    Spader is brilliant as his classic slimeball character, only this time he plays it with a heart and good intentions. Bill Shatner is phenomonal as Denny Crane, the legendary lawyer who is entrenched in a not so secret battle with his own dementia. The rest of the cast works very well and the chemistry between everyone is a breath of fresh air. The dialogue is full of wit and the characters are all so amazingly three dimensional that the show succeeds in its intended goal with flying colors... which is to entertain.
  • I'm glad I finally jumped on the Boston Legal is great bandwagon.

    I didn't watch the show at first but by the first episode I found myself in love with the show and the characters in the show. The show certainly gains points for comedic value and Denny Crane is hilarious. William Shatner does a great job in the role. It's had to pick one character to like, they're all so funny and they all are acted by great actors.

    Shows like this are a rarity in today's television shows but few shows can match Boston Legal for laugh out loud moments. The actors are great, the plots are either funny or serious, and there really isn't anything you can hate about the show. If you’re not watching this show you should start, it's a great view.
  • Putting James Spader and William Shatner in their own show together was a stroke of genius. Both are fine actors and they play off each other perfectly.

    I generally don't enjoy legal comedy/dramas, but BOSTON LEGAL is unique in its presentation. Rather than getting preachy, sleazy, or melodramatic, it delights in the moral ambiguity of its main characters and hides a little bon mot around every corner of dialog.
    Emmy-winner James Spader, the ever shameless and subtly self-destructive Alan Shore is the slimy playboy who, like it or not, is a fantastic attorney. Denny Crane (fellow Emmy-winner William Shatner) seems like the perfect match for Shore's unpredictable fashion. Both men are unorthodox, and Denny is slipping. He's also a great attorney, but he doesn't know it half the time. The two are the perfect team, each willing to forgive the other for their shortcomings in the area of law, and cover each other as such. Paul Lewiston (Rene Aberjonois) is the figurehead of everything they are not. He is respectable, by-the-book, and without conscience. The embodiment of the sleazy corporate attorney, and more concerned with keeping a client than with admitting a falacy on their part. Brad Chase (Mark Valley) is in the same boat insofar as playing by the rules, but he's Denny's man, and it pisses him off that Alan gets all the attention for his crimes. Laurie Colson (Monica Potter) is the idealistic attorney who has dabbled in Alan Shore's method of practicing law with disastrous consequences. Tara Wilson (Rhona Mitra) is finally sleeping with Alan, and happily playing along in his little game. And Sally Heep (Lake Bell) has all but disappeared since she broke up with Alan, so that she is little more than an errand boy (girl).

    And most recently Candice Bergen has joined the cast at Crane, Poole, and Schmidt, as Shirley Schmidt (Edwin Poole has gone off the deep end after showing up at work, having only dressed the top half of his body.) and she appears to be Alan Shore in reverse. She's manipulative, wisecracking, and short with answers, but she seems to appeal to the ethical way of practicing law. Now back from New York and busting balls due to a law suit filed by one of their employees, she seems a welcome edition to the show.

    Perfect follow-up to "Desperate Housewives," and just as funny. It's proof that David E. Kelley still has a few tricks up his sleeve.
  • I missed The Practice when it was on. Boston Legal is so good, I want to go back and watch The Practice just to get some backstory.

    I haven't missed a single episode of Boston Legal. That's actually saying something, because Season 2 had a whopping 27 episodes. Pretty impressive in this day of scripted prime-time shows.

    James Spader and William Shatner are hilarious together. It's more than two people with different political outlooks, and about 30 years apart in age, being friends. That's part of it, but they just have good on screen chemistry. They manage to pull off intimate moments, comedic moments, and dramatic moments with seemlingly flawless effort. It's really such a treat and a privilege to watch these two interact week after week.

    It's also a delight to see Boston Legal break the fourth wall. Alan Shore telling Denny Crane he hasn't been in this episode much, or he's looking forward to next week, or he hopes they come back next season on the same night are just a few of the more obvious examples. While breaking the fourth wall is most often used to humourous effect, there is a level of sentiment present as well. William Shatner telling Candice Bergen kiss him as he might not be around much longer, was touching.

    Add to that the star power found in guest roles - Michael J. Fox, Betty White, Tom Selleck, Michael McKean - and Boston Legal is just about perfect.

    Boston Legal has had some trouble, it seems, keeping a consistent supporting cast. Five people, at least, have come and gone from the cast in just two seasons. Still, that's the only flaw I can see with the show. That and some perhaps over-the-top humor, which feels a little out of place from time to time.

    In a day and age when courtroom dramas are so common, Boston Legal is anything but. In fact, it stands apart from Law & Order and the rest of the pack. It's the only courtroom drama you should be watching, and, believe me, you should be watching it.
  • Boston Legal does NOT have to continue stooping to degrade women lawyers on that show for ratings.

    Making sexual remarks and calling one female lawyer BLONDE is neither cute nor endearing for female viewers.Do you have such high ratings that you can afford to alienate your female viewers? i am quite sure women are outraged by this infantile writing.why not show the women attorneys the same respect as you show the male attorneys?
  • Boston Legal is one of those adoring tv shows. I actually saw the first episode by accident (you know the good old zap the commercials away) and I have to say it was love at first sight.

    The cast is really stunning:
    William Shatner plays the part of Danny Crane, Danny is the boss with Alzheimer who likes to take risks.
    James Spader plays Allen Shore, Allen is an extremely talented lawyer with an ego as big as China. Hated by some loved by others.
    Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt she is by far the really boss of the firm and the only woman who makes Danny Crane nervous.
    Mark Valley as Brad Chase another talented lawyer but with greater moral values then Allen. Surprisingly the two are competitors on all levels.
    Rene Auberjonois as Paul Lewiston he wane be boss of the firm.

    Boston Legal is not just a legal tv series, it is much more. It teaches us moral lessons, it’s extremely funny and so much more.
  • A law firm full of eccentrics.

    This is some of the finest writing around. What I love is the surprise factor of a show that dares to stretch from farce to drama within the same scene...sometimes within the same sentence. All of the characters indulge in their own brand of eccentricity and neurosis in the way that only the brilliant, powerful and rich can. I love the fact that the cast has a wide age demographic and all are troubled, all are sexy, all are wise and courageous and cowardly in their way. There's a limitlessness about this show that is breathtaking. I delight in every single minute of it. It's fun when it takes the pss out of itself too with sly self references. My only quibble is some episodes are so over the top with Denny Crane's this last one with the movie actress who shot a photographer...that it simply ceases to be funny or interesting.
  • THE show to watch.

    I didn't start watching this show until midway through the second season, but once I heard Denny Crane say his trademark greeting, I was instantly hooked. I'm usually not a fan of dramas because many of them are overplayed and just too dark and dramatic to watch, but with Boston Legal, this is not the case. This show is very well written, with some edge of your seat courtroom drama, and perfectly timed comic relief in between. But what really has me watching week after week is the superb performances from all of the cast, but especially the team of James Spader and William Shatner. Spader is absolutely brilliant in his role and Shatner's egotistical Denny Crane character is a modern classic. This is must see TV right here, kids.
  • Love the show. Especially love the last scene with Alan Shore and Denny Crane on the balcony and their comments. Best part of the show.

    Very interesting show. Denny Crane shooting everyone is a bit much, but short of that, it is great. Like most of the characters-originally didn't like Denny Crane, but the role has developed, nicely. Love his interplay with Alan Shore, especially at the end. Wish a bit more time could be added to that segment of the show. We look forward to seeing it every week.

    Love Alan Shore's role-unique kind of character. Enjoyed the Michael J. Fox's appearances-and his relationship with the young attorney.

    Overall, this show is awesome and should remain on for many seasons to come. A good blend of cast and characters.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the courtroom.

    Boston Legal is a spin off of The Practice that focuses on civil law. I never watched The Practice and no one needs to if you want to watch this show.

    Attorney Alan Shore, played by James Spader, formerly of Young, Berluti, & Frutt, settles in at a wealthy and powerful firm. His gets some help from his friend and mentor, veteran attorney Denny Crane, played by William Shatner, who is very funny and crazy. Alan Shore quickly makes his mark winning cases that no one wants to take. He often uses less than honest methods. Because of this, he develops a rival with Brad Chase,played by Mark Valley, who has been assigned to the office partly to keep an eye on Denny Crane.

    Alan is s not one to be underestimated. He will not let things such as honesty get in the way of winning a case.
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