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  • A star studded cast have personal issues and fun in the court room. Well written and witty, i give it a 9.5- 9.8.

    Any show that lets me see James Spader every week is good but it's more than that. The characters are fun and easy to understand. Sure, they have some complicated/ sticky situations but nothing completely unbelievable.EVERY THING about this show is just amazing. From Denny Crane's inability to stop shooting people and/ or stay out of trouble to Alan's amazing closing arguements (even if they are gargled occaionally). I like that they approached the law in a funny way without making a mockery of it. ABC just keeps pumping out the hits, they officially are my favorite station. Now all they need to do is buy Gilmore Girls and Pepper Dennis.
  • Boston Legal is the best written, most intellectually stimulating show on television.

    Boston Legal is the best written, most intellectually stimulating show on television. James Spader's character is superb in his utmost passion and caring for the world. I am very liberal but I live with a conservative roommate and even he LOVES this show.

    The humor is interwoven to pique human emotions and although sometimes it seems silly, connections are made from show to show which express the underlying seriousness. Often people in denial will hide their problems with comedy and so in that sense it reflects real life. (Mad Cow!) For example, the repetition of Denny saying his name is an attempt to restore his own confidence he once had when he was the greatest lawyer. Considering he sacrificed his entire life for that reputation, it is extremely difficult for him to accept that he is losing his abilities with age, and although I'm young I would imagine a majority of older people feel or have felt at least some of this.

    The show regains confidence in the profession of lawyer in which the general concensus has been for some time that they are corrupt. Law is a human creation and it provides, at least in the United States, usually, protection for our inalienable rights. Speaking of those rights, Alan Shore expresses the disgust of many Americans with the war in Iraq and the national debt, for example. He discusses foreign aid and insurance and poverty and anything that deserves immediate attention in our world. I hold the people that care in the highest regard in my life and so I really want to thank everyone involved in making this show.
  • Funny

    I love this show. James Spader and William Shatner are great. They won emmy's you know. I liked their characters a bit more in season 7 of The Practice, but still enjoy them. I would like to see Alan Shore to become more contraversial again. His character has been toned down and it would make the show funnier to let him loose.
  • The smartest, most inspiring show ever

    I reside in the asia pac region, and the local TV shows don't really keep up with the US schedule. However, recently I have travelled to Australia, and the every Monday-ly show, at 10.30pm, provide me the sufficient dosage of James Spader/Alan Shore, and Boston Legal.

    At first, I watched this show purely for James Spader sake. I even try to catch up with "The Practice, Season 8" that's shown on one of the pay TV. I personally loved shows that explore the darkside of human behaviour. Other shows, to me, are too good to be true. The leading characters are far too perfect. That's why, I love this show.

    Nothing can be more brilliant and smarter than this show. The more I watch the show, every week, the more I like the character of Shirley Schmidt, and the rest of the casts, other than just Alan Shore, and Denny Crane. However, I do enjoy the conversation between Alan Shore and Denny Crane, it's so true between real friends.

    This show, not just explore the darkside of people, which Shirely claimed that's what Alan is good at, but it also shows the friendship, a true and real friendship between people, ie. Alan Shore and Denny Crane.

    Recently even my husband fell in love with this show. One thing I told him about Alan Shore's character, ie. from Eleanor (The Practice) quote, "he thinks himself as Robin Hood", therefore, I told my husband, not to judge people. In a societly like this nowadays, sometimes, we need crazy people like Alan Shore. (not much of Denny thou, he's a bit too crazy to me, however, I do like him)

    Alan Shore, is very nakedly true character of everyone of us. We have darkside in ourselves, but usually we try to hide it to the maximum possiblity, cos, we have to be good, good boy, good girl, good parents, good spouse, or good whatever. Yet, Alan Shore is not afraid of showing his darkside... in a way, he is actually very childlike. He doesn't pretend, and he is not that bounded by the society 'practice'. He does what he thinks is right, thou at times, it can be dangerous. However, that's where friends and good colleagues come into pictures. There are always Shirley, or Denny type of people, keeping guard on him. Therefore, I actually think that, he fits well into this present legal firm, Poole, Schmidt and Crane, rather than the one in "The Practice". They didn't know how to appreciate a person like him. At the end of "The Practice" I felt sad for Alan, when he spoke to Eugene. We all know that Eugene hates him, however Alan told him, he just want him to cheer up, and feel more relax about the job, as simple as that.

    That's maybe the reason, why he fits well with Denny Crane, cos, Denny Crane IS simple (he said so!)
  • This is BEST written show on the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Each character must have their own personal writer!!!!! Each week it gets better!!!!!!! Hooray for the writers, and the GREAT actors that pull those characters off!!!!!!!!!! Spader and Shatner are at their ultimate best when they are playing off one another. It is no wonder they have received awards for their acting, they deserve it!I wish more individuals would catch on to this GEM. As long as the writing holds up I can see this going on foe years, or at least I hope so! Again, the best written show on the air by far. Keep up the good work!
  • Led by an Emmy Award-winning cast, "Boston Legal" returns for a second season to tell the professional and personal stories of a group of brilliant but often emotionally challenged attorneys. Fast-paced and darkly comedic, the series confronts social and

    RTl4 : BRING IT BACK!!
    zo eindelijk de goeie heh winny(A)
    Sorry that was some Dutch, haha. But anyway in Holland they stopped this show after a few episodes, really stupid because according to me its a really good serie, specially Alan, he is sooo funny!
    The rest of the cast is great aswell, I really miss this show on my sunday night, it's replaced by close to home, which is a nice show but just not as good as Boston Legal.
    Well I hope someone from RTL 4 reads this, we've tried sending them e-mails but they won't respond, those ignorant losers.
  • Outstanding. everything about it is wonderful.

    Outstanding fun, and like it really is in the real world on a lot of topics. The hour goes to fast. It is hard to think the next week could be any better than the last but yet it always is. Great work to all the players, and crew memebers in every department.
  • This show pokes fun at social politics at the right time.

    Putting James Spader and William Shatner in their own show together was a stroke of genius. Rather than getting preachy, sleazy, or melodramatic, it delights in the moral ambiguity of its main characters and hides a little bon mot around every corner of dialog.
    Shatner and Spader deliver every time, but never seem like they're trying too hard. Spader has been brilliant in almost everything he's appeared in, so we shouldn't expect any less from him here. I'm a little surprised, however, that so many people are caught off guard by Shatner's great performance. If you've followed him over the years, you'd know his sense of humor is wonderfully suited to this role. Honestly, I can't imagine a better fit for William Shatner than Denny Crane. Captain Kirk, indeed.
    Any show that can put so many (hilarious) layers of meaning into the spoken name "Denny Crane" deserves all the accolades it gets.
    The best part of this show is the social politics that seems to be shrewed. One charactor is extreme libral and the other extreme conservative in their beleifs. But their extreme beleifs seem to make them somewhat insane. This creates a cartoonish characture of both political party that reminds me why most of America is moderate. No other show does this at all.
    William Shatner(Star Trek) + Rene Aberjonois(DS9) + James Spader(Stargate) = A funny lawyer show w/ a sci-fi reunion.
  • The only legal show on television that doesn't have my husband (a lawyer) shouting about how "real lawyers NEVER DO THAT!"

    Apparently, Boston Legal is one of the only legal shows on TV that can actually be watched by real lawyers without them getting their blood pressure raised by scripts that conveniently ignore the actual practice of law. I learned this by watching lots of legal procedural shows (Law & Order, anyone?) with my husband and witnessing his spluttering during courtroom scenes.
    Aside from my crush on James Spader and my even bigger crush on Rene Auberjonis, William Shatner is PRICELESS as the sliding-into-dementia senior partner. Who knew he could act? Sure, he's just being William Shatner, but Denny Crane is a great character.
    Candace Bergen was a great addition to the cast. She's classy, intelligent, and the character is perfect for her.
    I'd give it a higher rating if it didn't remind me so much of L.A. Law, but I'm assuming most of the people watching it aren't old enough to remember that show.
  • someone from RTL 4 if you read this: Please BRING It BACK!

    I'm from Holland and they've quit the show here, me and my neighbour are furious about it! We love theshow. It has great humor in it and it's well written, I don't get it why did they quit it:S I tried sending them a message but they just don't respond it's absolutely mental! So someone from RTL 4 if you read this: Please BRING It BACK!
    And the show has a great cast I love the character of Alan :) he is really funny and I really hope it come back to the Netherlands soon!
  • TReats with the nettlesome problems that occur when one law rubs against another. Also brings in the idea that, while some laws may be moral, there are many that aren't.

    In a rare moment of the networks allowing honesty to be shown on their fiction shows, but not on their twisted 'news', we were treated to a quotation that I love.
    After having seen "Judgement at Nuremberg", where judges are trying judges for their complicity in Nazi Germany, this was a great reminder that we Americans aren't completely stupid and corrupt. Shattner was the aide de camp in that great movie, slim and handsome.

    Loved it. And when the jury screwed up, the crusty judge corrected their stupidity with a sentence of far less than might have been called for. Reminds you that there is even a balance in a court trial: between the proscecution and the defense, between the judge and the jury.
    May be a good system, despite the ignorance of the average jury, and we the people (who will be deprived of our republic, if we don't get more knowledgable, less easily lied to)
  • Best show ever. Need I say more?

    WOW. Next to 24, this is my new favourite show. I loved the most recent season of The Practice, and this spin-off is just fantastic. Funny, witty and occasionally serious, this show has it all. My personal favourite episode involved Brad Chase in court when a man walked in, claiming to have a bomb on him. Brad, a trained negotioator, was instantly convinced he had no bomb, and with much humour, managed to tackle him down only to discover he really did have a bomb. It is things like that, and also Denny's sniper rifle and assortment of guns that he uses on a day-to-day basis that makes this show fantastic. Denny Crane.
  • Love it

    I personally love every time somebody says “Denny Crane”. Alan Shore is kind of my laugh hero with his appearances and the way he jokes on every serious situation in the legal system of USA. The saddest thing was seeing Tara leave the show, but besides that the show is excellent.
  • awesome episode i love the actors and an absolutly superb scipt from david kelly, the issues he talks about should be discussed and not swept under a rug by some of you other posters but again this show couldnt get much better

    awesome episode i love the actors and an absolutly superb scipt from david kelly, the issues he talks about should be discussed and not swept under a rug by some of you other posters but again this show couldnt get much better than what it already is cant wait for more episodes to come out :/
  • Alan Shore settles in a wealthy and powerful firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt that focus more on civil cases. With some help from his friend and mentor, increasingly eccentric veteran attorney Denny Crane, Shore quickly makes his mark winning cases no one woul

    Boston Legal is the comedy-drama that has been missing from TV for a long, long time. Putting James Spader and William Shatner in their own show together was a stroke of genius. The two are the perfect team, each willing to forgive the other for their shortcomings in the area of law, and cover each other as such. James Spader as Alan Shore and William Shatner as Denny Crane were by far the best acting on TV. These guys are priceless, reaching a level of pure arrogance that you can\'t help but love. This show is a refreshing change of pace from other shows. DENNY CRANE!!
  • Great stars in a clever comedy/drama. William Shatner, Candace Bergen, James Spader and the beautiful Julie Bowen are fun to watch.

    Edgey, funny and clever - sometimes to excess. Most legal eagle stuff is pretty unbearable but this show moves well enough to hold my interest. The characters are fun to watch mostly because they are so full of themselves.

    The program is intelligent and funny at the same time - although it does have axes to grind and agendas to promote.

    Good show overall, however, the photograhy is annoying and draws attention to itself with jerky zooms and such. It's going to look especially stupid in a year or two.
  • How the summarise a show that is just so close to perfect...and with a cast that works so perfectly together. Well I guess one would say, "You must watch it every week.

    This show mixes satire, flat-out comedy and serious drama so well together. And your never sure what you're gonna happen other than a good forty-odd minutes. Often side-splittingly funny and occasionally a true thought-provoking excercise. Whatever the subject matter, this show is unafraid of offending people, and while that is not always a good thing, in this case it is very much so. ds what it achievies, it certainly does achieve.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the courtroom.

    william shatner, james spader make me laugh. larry millers character as well. i would have like to have seen rebecca demorney in the series. her character was fantastic. this show is serious yet funny which is what i like. "denny crane"-i crack up when he says that. i hope this show stays on the air a very long time. keep up the great work. This has become one of my favorite on air show. Denny Crane, this character is so off the wall, but i think people can identify with him too. the women in the show are OK but no one stands out. except the rebecca demorney character. there should be serious consideration on bringing her back. even if its every other week or so.
  • This has got to be the best show on network TV currently.

    I started watching Boston Legal as a latecomer, but quickly realized that this was the one show that I look forward to every week without fail. It's funny, absurd, has a smart writing style that I haven't witnessed since the heyday of "West Wing". James Spader and William Shatner steal the show, but there are also great performances by others such as Candice Bergen and Rene Auberjonois.
  • How the summarise a show this hilariously perfect... well I guess 'hilariously perfect' will do.

    An amazing show that mixes satire, flat-out comedy and serious drama. Never sure what you're gonna get other than a good forty-odd minutes. Often side-splittingly funny and occasionally a true thought-provoking excercise. Whatever the subject matter, this show is unafraid of offending people, and while that is not always a good thing, in this case it is very much so. Another point, which may seem trivial, is the spectacular video-to-music-sync -- by that I am referring to the stock footage scenes played to an often quick music beat in between scenes. Though it's hard to put into words what it achievies, it certainly does achieve. After two years I still cannot get enough of this show. Bring on season 3!
  • James Spader is the man.

    The biggest reason I watch this show is because of James Spader. He is the coolest dude ever. I thought about switching my major to law, but then I realized it was just a television show and real life is nothing like this. But anyway, the acting on this show is great and the chemistry between Spader and Shatner is terrific, they're a good team. The only duo that is as great would probably be Turk and JD from Scrubs. But that another thing. Anyway I like the little messages they sprinkle in for each show, but I also love how nothing is ever taken too seriously. Good show, hope it sticks around.
  • Hopefully the timely social themes wrapped in Spader, Shatner & Bergen's ironical style will motivate the American lemmings off their asses.

    Hopefully the timely social themes wrapped in Spader, Shatner & Bergen's ironical style will motivate the American lemmings off their asses.

    I have to root for Spader's character, because he wants to kick the butts of complacent power-mongers taking advantage of the common folk while he suffers his elitist lifestyle. I love his character - wish I had one like that in my life.

    Shatner's Denny Crain is the old boy you can't help but love - move over Capt. Kirk, Denny Crain is here.

    Candice Bergen has always been smart, beautiful, and cocky with consciousness. Best cast on TV and David Kelly\'s production (writing.direction?) is superb, although a little less of the quick stylistic fancy editing wouldn\'t hurt - the show doesn\'t need it - but that\'s part of it\'s youth appeal I guess. Keep up the great work on this show - I hate to miss it!
  • Has this show jumped the shark?

    Do you think this show is changing too much? It seems the writers want to include some huge political or geographical message in the show now, in almost every episode!

    We've had the fish at nimmo bay, the clown who talks bout the green house effect, the poor just to name a few. It just doesn't make sense/fit in with the rest of the show that well, at times coming across as awkward. Generally they shove the little speech into a case, and worst in point so far is when Shirley was talking about the statistics of alzheimer's in her manslaughter trial!

    The character of shore is losing his wit and becoming very goodygreenytooshoes like and it's annoying as hell to watch.
  • Lawyers in a Law firm that kicks ASS!!!!!

    Best show i have seen since friends. This show is the only show that has made me doudt if i friends as much as i like this show. Its a fast witting great show. This is the best writing i have seen for the big sex networks in a while. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRReat show
  • I started watching from Season 2

    I started watching this show from season 2 by accident because I taped a show before it and it just continued on.
    In the first few minutes I laughed so many times it held my interest to watch the whole show.
    Now I love it!

    The cast it superb and work really well together.

    On a final note I have just two words ..... "DENNY CRANE"!
  • I want to get the DVD of this program.

    I am sooo absolutely obsessed with it! Shatner is hysterical and Spade is the kind of attorney I\'d want to handle my case. Bergen rounds out the cast and I love Betty White in whatever she appears in. All in all it is the best program to come along in a long time that can make me laugh and seriously think about current issues. Loved it when Shatner shot the molester in the leg in the office! Adored Spade\'s unruffled passion regarding the girl who was suing the HMO internet site that carelessly revealed (albeit with research on the father\'s part)the locale of her battered mother so her father could kill her. excellent program...If I can get the DVD of the series I\'ll watch it every day!!
  • I began watching last season, and since then i can't stop watching!

    Top drawer cast! The writing is stellar! The show has a fast pace and biting wit! The cast brings the hilarious lines to life! William Shatner, Candice Bergin, James Spader, with a cast like this how could this show go wrong! I think I enjoy this show because I find my office to be oddly similar! Work can be fun, and I find that many of my friends are my associates from the office! I think this show has captured this truth. Betty White, and Leslie Jordan as guest stars are perfect! This is a great show that i hope continues to grow!
  • Legal Dramedy with a cast of characters that make the storylines unforgettable!

    Boston Legal is one of those shows that leaves you wanting more. You get to the end of the episode and are disappointed that you must wait another week until the next episode. The cast is superb! The classy veterans are hard to beat. Candice Bergen, William Shatner, Renee Auberjounis, James Spader, Betty White, etc. are fantastic at their craft. The topics are meaningful with a zing of hilarity to make it easier to swallow. Cheers to the creators for finally making a legal show to fill the absence of Ally McBeal.
  • Shatner & Spader are the best duo in a long time!

    I never miss this show. It is fantastic every time. I don't like, even a little, any of the shows that are listed under the heading "If you like this show, you might like these..." on the front page of Boston Legal here on ie. Law & Order, CSI etc. But Boston Legal is definately a personal favorite of mine. The great thing about this show is that you don't have to be a fan of tv court or law dramas to enjoy Boston Legal.

    Shatner & Spader are a great together. Two different caracters who find a way to relate and enjoy enjoy each others company, usually. If you only watch one episode, make it the one where they go fishing in Canada. What a classic!
  • Smart, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, and FUNNY!

    I never thought that I would say this about Bill Shatner, but WOW!!! What a performance! Every week, his character, Denny Krane is completely entertaining! James Spader is quirky, dramatic and completely off the wall. I have never seen him shine brighter than in this series. This is by FAR the most off the wall attorney dramedy that I have ever seen. It is absolutely perfect. Candace Bergen holds down the fort in the chaos that is Krane, Poole and Schmidt. There wouldn't be a show if we didn't have her exaspiration and steady viewpoints. Julie Bowen (quickly becoming one of my favorites) does an EXCELLENT job of presenting as the young, successful, but not quite sure of herself senior attorney. Her personal struggles help carry a consistent plot-line through the show. This is a MUST see. If you haven't sat down to watch this show, you need to make an appointment to do so. You will not be sorry. BRAVO, ABC!!!!!! I will NEVER miss an episode!
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