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  • The life and cases of the Boston Top notch law firm Crane Poole and Schmidt.

    On the edge show about a top notch Law Firm in Boston. The cast is wonderful and you can not help but be moved in some way by each case. Each attorney has an out there personality which seem to mesh with the others in the firm. The most obvious out there Denny Crane played by William Shantner is my favorite and I can not wait to see what he gets into each week. I even enjoy the personalities of the Judges. A must watch if you like law shows. The show brings shocking cases and Cases that you hear of in everyday life not to mention imitated cases of real cases seen in the news.
  • Denny Crane, trix are for kids!!!

    Loved this show in its first season and I love it now, the cast is amazing and the show is funny as hell. As a fan of Boston Legal's mother "The Practice" I must say that Boston Legal is an improvement, where The Practice was a drama, Boston Legalis able to make murder, incest, and mad cow disease a comedy. I find it amazing how the writers are able to switch quickly from comedy to drama, and just when things get a bit too serious they throw in a joke that makes you laugh out loud. Of the dozens of law shows that are or have been on the air, this one is set apart from them by the great writing, cast,and comedy.
  • I absolutely love the show and hope you continue with the \"off the wall\" characters. Ingenious!!

    Boston Legal has been my favorite from the beginning of the series. I love Denny Crane and Candice Bergen\'s back and forth chit chats. She definitely is a great addition to this series. How cute and original. James Spader is quite original with his character, too. Keep up the great work. What a unique team.
  • This show is basicly about lawyers and there every day cases they deal with. But more importantly what will Deny Crane do next. He is the main character of the show. And that is AWESOME!!!

    I must say this show is one that will be around for awhile. Even though its about lawyers usually that would get me bored and I would change the channel, but this show has a lot of comedy in it. Just alone with Deny Crane, enough said right now. I am always excited to watch every week to see what he will do next wether its shooting his client in the knees or shooting a bum in between the eyes. He always has me laughing. If it was not for this character I do not think this show would make it. I also think some of the cases they do are funny and some are a little boring. But all in all this show is a good one and I am always looking forward to see the next episode.
  • Boston Legals, a upbeat fun show that makes you think!

    I am just simply in awe. A great show!. Witty, smart, funny and daring in expressing issues of our current times. A total thumps up from this, by now large fanclub of BOSTON LEGAL in Santa fe, NM. Can't wait till a DVD with a collection of shows is available. Go and see it!
  • 2 words "Denny Crane"

    Denny, Allen, and Shirley are hilarious
    This show rocks
    Finally somthing good is on on tuesdays.
    abc just let out a smash hit
    The website is really cool and funny
    allen and Denny slept together
    and denny keeps shooting people and keeps going on national television talkng about the incidents
    that had occured at those times.
  • If you've not seen're missing one of the most electric shows on TV...and yet, it seems to be slipping into madness.

    The new Practice spin-off is the best to come out of David Kelly for a long time. Yes, many say it's just the same old thing...and I used to disagree, until recently. The format is familiar, a law firm with neurotically genius characters that drive this program...but the show may be spinning out of control.

    William Shatner is brilliant, and James Spader has really made this show a stand out favorite. Though it has been unjustly moved down the totem pole by House, this drama has a great Emmy potential. But the characters seem to be crazier as each episode unfolds.

    The addition of Candice Burgan was a risky move (being associated with Murphy Brown and Miss Congenitally) but it paid off in the first episode. Now she steals every scene and gives William a run for his money. Her "less crazy" character is a welcomed change compared to the Spader and Shatner rolls.

    When this show returned in Fall of 2005 I wanted to see the ratings sore through the roof...but it didn't, mostly because the formula has skewed to the insane, rather than the entertaining.

    If you are not already hooked on Boston Legal, take the chance and make the plunge, but be warned. The comedy is fresh and topical, the ensemble is a well-oiled machine, and some of the characters belong in an insane asylum. Give this one a chance and you won't be sorry.
  • Well worth watching -- superb acting by cast members, especially Spader, Shatner, Bergen, and Auberjonois.

    The show is full of surprises. A single episode may deal with serious social and legal issues or go off in an absurdly funny direction -- or both in the same hour! The complex relationships between the characters are fascinating -- former and current friends, former and current lovers, you never know what will happen with the various combinations of people.

    The quality of the acting is fantastic -- James Spader is just plain brilliant, and the skill and experience of William Shatner, Candice Bergen, and Rene Auberjonois make them an absolute joy to watch.
  • Off the cuff, unpredictable hilarity... William Shatner at his best.

    Boston Legal is fast paced, hilarious, off the cuff and predictably unpredictable. It's the greatest combination of conflict, intelligence, stupidity and inuendo on television. The strength of the characters is awesome and the casting puts the icing on the cake. I give this one a ten for being the most humorous intellectually stimulating show on television.
  • Boston Legals is absolutely fabulous!!in my estimation it's the best show on the air at this time..Danny Spader,William Shatner & Candace Bergman are all terrific along with the rest of the crew/writers.

    11/08/2005 I just finished watching the episoed
    Truly,Madly,Deeply,and I could not stop laughing through the hole 1hr show....actually I did not want it to end it was so hilarious!between Denny being appointed to represent a man who raped killed an 13yr old girl an called him a scum bag and shot him in both knees,then Alan being afraid of a clown he had to represent,and another case of a man having sex with a cow..OMG what else could they have come up with?? this show is sooooooooo well written,acted,and all the stars are wonderful each in there own catergory!!I beg you do not take it off the air I love it!!& would not think of missing seeing it every Tues @ 9p
    Thank you all!!
  • Intelligently wonky

    A limit chaser, making witty fun of our overstuffed serious way of life, epitomized by the legal process. Somehow gets the stories told in a compassionate way while indulging itself in over-acted foolishness. The actors are enjoying themselves and it shows. The ratings of this show indicate that our ability to laugh at our own ridiculous way of life "needs work".
  • Yeah What a show.OMG what a show.

    Boston Legal, Continuation of "The Practice" Absolutely wonderful. The characters constantly change and some people have left the show but it is absolutely the funniest show on tv. Kudos to David E. Kelly on his genious. Finding James Spader was a blessing because he absolutely ROCKS as an actor on this show, between him and Denny Crane. Being 72 years old you wouldn't know it when William Shatner is conversating or making a speech on this show it usually ends in a comical radient expolsion. Tune in if you enjoy laughing A LOT.
  • Endless buffoonery, endless political agendas and endless wasting of talent

    Ya know, there may be no TV actor more gifted at delivering oratory than William Shatner. And he did, in the beginning, and brilliantly. Now he has been reduced to the punching boy of left leaning writing and directing. What a waste. They have transformed him from being eccentric with maybe a touch of Alzheimers to being a buffoon.

    Early on James Spader had teeth. Now, he is defanged, declawed and de . . ., well, neutered.

    The show has truly lost it's way. It has lost me.

    Rhona Mitra added a smoldering, dark sexiness with her character. She's gone.

    Lake Bell added an odd, quirky sexiness with her character. She's gone.

    Monica Potter was a subtly comic counterpoint to the antics of James Spader. She's gone.

    Rebecca De Mornay's character was deliciously antagonistic to Spader's. She's gone.

    I don't blame them. I'm gone too.
  • Ment to be something that could not

    At first it was meant to be the repleacement of "The Practice" but soon enough they changed it to be kind of a mixture of that show and Ally Mc Beal.
    In my opinion that make this one better than the other two (which I didn't follow the first one and didn't watch at all the latter one).
    Great show, great acting, great script.
    Great Ideas.
  • Amazing show! The actors are brilliant and so are the writers/ producers/directors. The cases are great and so are the scenes with Allen and Denny (two of the lawyers.) This is my favorite comedy and court show. If you haven't watched it, you're reall

    I think that this show is new, imaginative, and downright hilarious! James Spader is an excellent actor, along with William Shatner and the others. The first season was O-K, some really funny parts but mostly repetitious. Season 2, though, has never lost my attention (or my laughs!) I\'m only upset with one thing, though: Rhona Mitra (Tara) leaving. Why? A) She left too suddenly, and with almost no reason whatsoever. B) Her character was awesome, and so many more things could have been done. I really hope she will come back in future episodes. Out of all the episodes, my favorite is probably \"Schadenfreude.\" Allen\'s closing statement for the Kelly Nolan trial was nothing short of amazing. The writers must be brilliant! They come up with the funniest scences and the most amazing trial cases. Most definitely my favorite comedy and lawyer show (even better than its predecessor, \"The Practice.\")
  • Thank goodness. Finally a show worth watching. A dream cast and who would have thought you could take James Spader and William Shatner and make them lovably funny and irritating at the same time...yet you never want to miss what they are going to do next.

    Finally a show that shows character and not only gives us a good storyline, but provides a good laugh too. This is the only "can't miss" television show on the air now. With all the reality tv and unfunny sit-coms we need a truly creative show. Candice needs more airtime.
  • One of the Best show on TV as far as I am cooncerned

    Every week the episodes cease to amaze me and the suspense of which other characters besides Shatner & Spader will shine

    They get you to really be involved with all the characters and to care about what is going to happen to them, you love some, some make you laugh
    some get you mad etc all in the same episode

    Wish it was an hour show !

    Once you start watching it you'll be hooked !!
  • James Spader makes this.

    I know season 2 hasn't lived up to my hype for this show, but I blame that on Grey's Anatomy taking it off the air. They obviously had to rush for a revised script.

    It was a good choice with the new blonde girl, but the african american chick and the young guy totally suck. They almost bring the show down a few levels.

    I also noticed a lot more of a comedic edge to the show. While this is good, the cases are not always as interesting. Still this is my favourite show and I'll stick by it.
  • Shatner and Spader both won back-to-back Emmys for their work on this show for a reason.

    Shatner and Spader both won back-to-back Emmys for their work on this show for a reason. This is "The Practice" with a sense of humor. And Shatner and Spader are without a doubt two of the best actors in TV drama today. If nothing else, watch this show just to see the two of them at the top of their game.
  • Boston Legal

    This show never disappoints and deserves legions of fans and huge ratings. It's great to see an ensemble of the caliber of Spader, Shatner, Bergen, and White; each of which are brilliant. Danny Crane is the modern day Archie Bunker. Spader often sounds like the much missed Richard Cage of Ally McBeal. Bergen is always a hoot. I love Betty White's character, but I am a bit confused how Ally McBeal's ex-therapist ended up as a secretary. Both The Practice and Ally McBeal did crossover episodes, so the David E. Kelly universe may implode. I cringe to think how this show will fizzle out like most David E. Kelly shows. I'm just gonna enjoy the ride.
  • The funniest, yet sometimes most touching, show on TV. Excellent characters really bring the show to life, especially good ol' Denny Crane.

    This show is utterly fantastic. I'm not usually a coutroom drama kind of person, but I'm very glad I got hooked on Boston Legal. It has probably the best cast of characters I have ever seen in a show; from Denny Crane, the old lawyer with "Mad Cow" who has a tendency to make lewd comments at the worst moments (or all moments in general, really); to Alan Shore, the sarcastic younger lawyer who loves getting in judges' faces; to the very young lawyers who set traps for clergymen by claiming to have clergy fetishes, the characters make the show worth watching week after week. Denny Crane, as expertly played by William Shatner, is often good for comic relief; and yet, sometimes, one can't help but feel bad for the once-great lawyer who now has to struggle with the fact that he can't remember anything. This show is capable of evoking the entire range of emotions, and you never quite know what you'll get. Whether you agree with the politics of the characters or not, you'll want to know what happens to each one. Definitely worth getting hooked on. Denny Crane.
  • unbelieveable bunch of bogus anti gun dribble. don\'t waste my time with biased political statements, entertain or get off the air

    i will not be subjected to political garbage again. you get one more chance. unbelieveable bunch of bogus anti gun dribble. don\'t waste my time with biased political statements, entertain or get off the air. This was unbelieveable. who writes this garbage? hasn\'t he ever read anything written with intelligence?
  • Very simply, the best law related tv series ever.

    Spader and Shatner are genius together. The characters this show has are amazing. This is one of the few law shows that have been on on TV in the last few years that actually seems real. The characters pull you in and you find yourself rooting for them religiously. By far, the best Law series ever and i hope it continues to be as great as it is.
  • My favorite lawyer show since "Ally McBeal".

    I’ve missed Ally McBeal. While I didn’t watch the last season of the show that I had grown to love over the years it aired, I still missed it. I missed David E. Kelly’s wit and satire. I really do not know what rock I was under to have missed an entire season of Boston Legal, but I am absolutely elated to have found it.

    It seems that most TV shows are either too stupid or too serious. Boston Legal is an incredibly intelligent show that does not take itself too seriously. I absolutely adore Alan Shore’s sarcasm and Denny Cranes narcissistic tendencies. This show is fresh and funny and a must see for anyone, especially those who are is sick of CSI: Kansas, CSI: Alaska, or CSI: British Columbia.
  • The legal world may never be looked at the same. This is really good.

    I got tuned in by accident, and I have to say, Boston Legal is turning into one of my favorites.
    William Shatner is no capt. Kirk here, but he is wonderful as a tongue in cheek smart alec who often turns out to be right, even when you may want to slap him. His methodology may not be politically correct, but he really seems to do his best by his people/clients.
    James Spader, seems almost reptilian he is so cold and unblinking in his jaded view of the world--but he is so effective, you can't help but hang on his every word and motion. He is a riot-and I love watching him one-up as best he can.
    My very favorite part of this whole show is when the two of them meet on that balcony and while at least one of them is puffing on a cigar--exchange their views of what is happening both too them and around them. It is so wonderful to watch them play off each other--it may turn into one of my CAN'T MISS shows of the week.
    I am also really enjoying Mark Valley in this. He is the straight no nonsense one with the common sense, and he plays off the other two very well.
    Truly high quality acting,and excellent entertainment.
  • Boston Legal is simply superb, a great spiritual successor to Ally McBeal, but also so much more. James Spader, William Shatner, Candice Bergen and the rest of the cast play fabously, even though I feel that there have been a distinct lack of stability in

    Boston Legal is simply superb, a great spiritual successor to Ally McBeal, but also so much more. James Spader, William Shatner, Candice Bergen and the rest of the cast play fabously, even though I feel that there have been a distinct lack of stability in it. Boston Legal is a personal favourite.
  • Finally, a realy look at the legal world.

    Boston Legal is like 'The Shield' of the legal world. Everyone, at one point or another, does something which is unethical and maybe not in confirmation with the law. The show captures that world, removing the goodie boy crap that we see in a lot of other legal shows.

    The humor must recieve its own place in the hall of fame. James Spader and Willian Shatner are absolutely amazing. The on-screen chemistry is wonderful, not only between the two but also between James Spader and Rhona Mitra.

    I wish they continue the show well beyond season 2 and a good thumbs up to David E. Kelly for yet another superb piece of work.
  • A drama that will make you laugh at times.

    This is a great show with a wonderful cast of characters. Think The Practice meets Picket Fences. All it's missing is that crazy old guy who played the lawyer on Picket Fences and the politically incorect teach from Boston Public.
    James Spader is so slimy and uncouth that you can't help but love him. William Shatner is the funniest person on TV these days (thats what happens when reality tv rules the airwaves). His portrayal of aging semi-senile senior/founding partner Denny Crane is beyond hysterical.
    It's freshman season was cut short because of the success of another show. They didn't show all of the episodes last season so they are tacking them onto this upcoming season. Watch it!
  • Wonderful show that even an actual trial attorney can sit down and watch!

    As an recent graduate of law school, I love this show though the objections and the courtroom demeanor arenot true to real life nor do the attorneys adhere to the ethical rules that real attorneys must adhere to. It is cleverly written and the characters particularly James Spader are wonderful. I am so glad to see that it is not canceled.
  • An awesome show with great storylines and a great cast.

    I have a fascination with creative television. In my opinion, there is nothing exciting about rehashed plots, poor acting or reality shows. That's why Boston Legal is so refreshing. The show is quirky and contains tremendous acting from James Spader, Candice Bergen, and William Shatner. The show is fast paced and hilarious to watch. This is the only truly great show on television and it is a tragedy that more people haven't given this show a chance. It is truly a cut above the garbage we now call television.
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