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  • Summary: 10/10 A must see show! Below are reasons why and why not this show should be watched.

    Premise: The show is about a group of unconventinal lawyers working for a law firm called Crane, Poole and Schmidt who take up cases and fight it out.

    Reasons to Watch Boston Legal: 1. Great Mix of Comedy and Drama – I initially used to think comedy and drama didn't go very well together. But Boston Legal proved me wrong! The writing is brilliant with the right mix of drama and comedy at the right time. You will get moments of laughter and thought provoking within a gap of few minutes and only this show can pull it off without being akward. Thus this makes this show unique and a reason to watch.

    2. Great Characters and Breaking off it: All the characters on Boston Legal are funny, entertaining, smart and just a treat to watch. Starting with the perfection of the 2 male leads Alan Shore played by James Spader and Denny Crane played by William Shatner. It is extremly exciting to see what these two do everyday, how they fight their cases, their beliefs and opinions and their ravenous sexual appetite. Along with other characters like Shirley Schimdt, Jerry Espenson etc it becomes a reason of its own to watch it. Also it is one of the very few shows were the characters break character and become aware they are on a television show. Examples can be found on Wikipedia. I find this extremly hilarious.

    3. Relevant Issues which are interesting: The cases on Boston Legal are always entertaining ,interesting and throught provoking. Many of the cases deal with current real life issues like terrorism, torture, murder, illegal migration etc. Reason not to watch Boston Legal:
    1. Provocative: If you are a feminist you may not like this show because some comments made by Alan Shore and Denny Crane towards women may be taken as provocative. I however find this extremely funny. This is the only reason not to watch it.

    Overall: Clearly, the reasons to watch heavily outweights the reasons not to. Hence it is a "Must-See" show. If you don't watch it you really missing out on something!
  • David E. Kelley has done it again. Actually he outdid himself in these 100 episodes about the Boston Law Firm of Crane, Poole and Schmidt. With the show all wrapped up, it's time for a review.

    My Top Ten Favorite Elements of Boston Legal

    # 10 - The Downsizing When Boston Legal started it was cluttered with a bevy of lawyers, clerks and other assorted office help. Every episode looked like The West Wing. But by this final 5th season they got it right. Six key individuals, actually 3 pairs; Denny and Alan, Shirley and Carl, Jerry and Katie. This allowed the writers to develop and bring to a neat conclusion the personal stories of each principle and even more to the point, hone these three relationships so that by the end we cared for each one.

    # 9 - The Judges

    Sometimes they were just as crazy as the lawyers and defendants. After all this is a David E. Kelley trademark. Henry Gibson was my particular favorite and I'm glad he appeared in so many episodes. # 8 -The Issues

    Usually slanted toward the hard Left, we were nevertheless informed about the hard hitting problems of our day. When was the first time you were really made aware of the sub-prime lending fiasco? For me it was last year when Clarence's home was foreclosed on Boston Legal. Then we had abortion euthanasia, capital punishment and a hundred other serious as well as bizarre issues. # 7 - Quirky characters

    Bernard was my personal favorite (played to perfection by Leslie Jordan) but there was also that nut job Lincoln (David Dean Bottrell) who kidnapped Shirley and serenaded her with his ukulele (that Chipmunk Christmas tune as I recall) as a harpoon gun was aimed at her. Melvin Palmer (Christopher Rich) was a nice foil for Alan (You're a hoot, that's what you are) and Clarence/Clarice was simply delightful as well. So many more could be mentioned. # 6 - John Larroquette

    There were so many over-the-top actors on this show they needed someone kind of serious for balance. Enter John Larroquette, the bombastic lawyer from Night Court. But in Boston John played Carl Sack, not Dan Fielding. And much to my surprise it paid off. Carl even ended up wedded to Shirley Schmidt which was just lovely.

    # 5 - Breaking the 4th wall and insider humor

    Numerous references to their own show were scattered throughout the series but especially in the last couple of episodes. They even devoted a third of the show a couple weeks ago to berating the networks for not providing better programming for viewers over 50 years of age. That particular episode showcased Betty White and John Larroquette. There is now a gaping hole that hundreds of hours of inane fare targeted toward youth cannot fill. # 4 - Redemption and growth of Jerry Espenson

    A couple seasons ago, the Aspergers inflicted oddball threatened to slit the throat of Shirley Schmidt with her own birthday cake knife. This season he was named a senior partner in the firm of Crane, Poole and Schmidt. Jerry was portrayed by the talented Christian Clemenson who won an Emmy in 2006 as a guest actor. Clemenson was then added to the cast as a regular. One of my favorite 'Jerry' moments came when he sang the opening theme song in his own inimitable way. Some of the most poignant scenes not related to Denny's Mad Cow disease (his euphemism for Alzheimer's) belonged to Jerry as he discussed his struggle to fit into society. # 3 - Alan Shore's Summations

    An episode was never really complete until we heard Alan (James Spader) enthusiastically pontificate before judge or jury on behalf of his client. As much as Spader deserves credit for these, the writers are worthy of acclaim as Emmys could easily have been awarded each season based on these scenes alone. My favorite was when Alan defended Shirley's plea to mercifully increase the pain medication for her father in "The Mighty Rogues,' a moment that is captured in AprilFox's review of the episode and an episode I have yet to delete from my dvr archives.

    # 2 - The balcony scenes

    At times these were the only scenes worth watching. The balcony overlooking Boston was a haven, a sanctuary where Denny and Alan could reflect upon their day, their lives and their friendship. With a big stogie in one hand and a tumbler of scotch in the other, these men explored their vulnerabilities, their dreams and their failings as men. Which naturally leads us right into.......

    # 1 - The relationship between Denny and Alan

    These two overtly heterosexual men loved each other deeply. They shared their innermost secrets, fears and passions; nothing was off-limits. They helped one another through a number of personal crisis. They differed on some key political views but they never allowed those differences to come between them. In the end they always remained better than friends, better than brothers, better than lovers. On the final episode they were actually married by Supreme Court Justice Scalia in a real "jump the shark" moment which they referred to themselves (see # 6 above). I don't know if there is another bonding between two men in the history of televison, gay or straight, that runs this deep, this powerful. I know I don't have that kind of a person in my life. I know of few that can testify that they do.
  • I think Boston Legal is one of the best shows with the best actors for it;s genre.

    I am so sad to see this show leaving the airwaves. I have enjoyed each and every one of the storylines. Here in Canada it's on Mondays at 7:00 PM so I have it on memory for that night. I love Denny and his fear of dying of mad cow(alzheimers?) and Alan with his wonderful wit and oh, what can I say abot his closings in court but, inspiring.I love Jerry with his cute smile and all his qirks. He has overcome his disability and doesn't care if others hear him purr, stomp his foot or any of his other wonderful flaws. Carl is so funny because he's the new guy and hasn't quite figured out how all these people with their flaws work so great together.Shirley{Candace Bergan)is the sane one who tries to keep everyone else in line which usually she fails at.I believe the entire cast is made up of great actors who know how to keep us watching so I just hope there will be a spinoff coming real soon. I'll be waiting and watching.
    I'll miss all of you,
    Your greatest fan.
  • If you've not seen're missing one of the most electric shows on TV...and yet, it seems to be slipping into madness.

    The new Practice spin-off is the best to come out of David Kelly for a long time. Yes, many say it's just the same old thing...and I used to disagree, until recently. The format is familiar, a law firm with neurotically genius characters that drive this program...but the show may be spinning out of control.

    William Shatner is brilliant, and James Spader has really made this show a stand out favorite. Though it has been unjustly moved down the totem pole by House, this drama has a great Emmy potential. But the characters seem to be crazier as each episode unfolds.

    The addition of Candice Burgan was a risky move (being associated with Murphy Brown and Miss Congenitally) but it paid off in the first episode. Now she steals every scene and gives William a run for his money. Her "less crazy" character is a welcomed change compared to the Spader and Shatner rolls.

    When this show returned in Fall of 2005 I wanted to see the ratings sore through the roof...but it didn't, mostly because the formula has skewed to the insane, rather than the entertaining.

    If you are not already hooked on Boston Legal, take the chance and make the plunge, but be warned. The comedy is fresh and topical, the ensemble is a well-oiled machine, and some of the characters belong in an insane asylum. Give this one a chance and you won't be sorry.
  • My opinion on the cancellation of Boston Legal. A terrible blunder that can be corrected!

    I know at times the dialogue could get a bit raunchy...but, it was always funny. From Alan and Denny's sleep overs to all the love affairs going on and quite frankly I loved the way the show would always hit on some topical political issues...bringing humor? Yes, all of the time....Educating some? Absolutely! I loved the show and watch even the reruns all of the on Tuesday and Wednesday it runs 3 in a row.. My husband loved the show and he hates television and hates me too sometimes..Just today, I was informed that the show is cancelled. Wow! I almost cried...and my husband will probably cancel the tv altogether. Damn..first my favorite lipstick shade was removed after 5 years..the only shade I liked..and now Boston Legal...Cancelled!! That cannot be! Where can I picket...All has been ruined for me with the knowledge I will never hear Shirley whisper in Denny's ear...."Denny Craaaaaane"..Phooey
  • One of the greatest of all time.

    Boston Legal shows off his art in every way, shape and form possible. The show literally shines with polish; it's sleek, beautiful, well edited, has blistering pacing, a punchy dialog to match, superb sets and a truely awesome and catchy theme song. A show that doesn't take itself too seriously (it almost breaks the fourth wall on several occasions.) But all of this slick, polish and shine is simply the backdrop to some star performances. While Alan and Denny are, at least on the surface two very different men. Underneath it they share a great closeness, they understand and accept each other with a degree of closeness that is at times touching. Boston Legal can appear to be a show about trials and lawyers on the surface, but underneath that it's a show about friendship and loyalty. It's this aspect that keeps me coming back, like Scrubs this show can be alternately funny and touching within the space of a single scene. Shows like that are gold. I'm vey sad to see them go...
  • A lawer show of a whole different caliber then the rest! With great caracters :-)

    I love love love this show! its so funny, interesting and genius!! I never would have thought a show like this would capture me, but it really has! never never stop making it!! the caracteres are brilliant, and the script are amasing!! I have never laughed so hard at any show before! Its humor with intelligence! So if you arent watching it, start now!! The argument they bring to the courtroom are both valid and amusing :-) And the actors they do it so well, it is so refresing to watch a show that isent dominated by young 20 something, falling in and out of love! Its real, my emotions fly high when I watch it! Love love love it!
  • This is an A-Class show all the way....

    Why is this show getting axed, or going away whatever the case may be...James Spader and William Shatner should be getting their OWN spinoff because they are magical together and fun to watch...The rest of the cast are good too and the show's stars both have won emmys for these roles, so why is ABC dismissing this goldmine? I vote for a Alan/Denny spinoff...Who's with me? Boston Legal is the best show I have ever watched and I'm very saddened to see it go...For those of you who have not had the pleasure of watching this gem, you really should give it a try...If you like to laugh, Alan and Denny will surely make you do just that:)
  • "Ally McPractice", as I like to call it, will most likely die a slow, horrible death thanks to ABC.

    It's really sad that this show will probably be doomed not by content or ratings, but its treatment. It's already been moved a couple times, put on hiatus, and is in the process of being overhauled with yet another cast change. I've never seen this before. Shows like Friends have the same cast for 10 years and do great, some shows falter and get moved, but it seems like they want to center this show around Spader and Shatner, and damn anyone else who doesn't work out just right. I am excited to see Julie Bowen join the cast, but I hope she isn't just the next new face to get the axe. I like this show a lot, but my hopes aren\'t high that it will last much longer.
  • Incredible & unique this show steals the imagination & the heart if you just let it. Showing no fear, the writers & creators & actors, all the staff have created a truly adult drama with great humor! Well done

    In each character we see truly different people, in each episode we deal with new & interesting topics. We've watched discussions on politics & religion, human rights, corporate rights, right to speak, right to die, we've seen it all.

    Each episode we grow to love or hate the characters that are presented before us, the actores are truly brilliant and pull of their character wonderfully well.

    The only bad thing I can say about this series is that is has been cancelled. Perhaps some time in the future we will see our characters again though not in reruns. :-)

    To the amazing crew and cast, you did yourselves proud in the final season, more so in the final episodes. You went down fighting and you won many life long fans & hearts. Well done to you all.
  • The best serie ever...

    Bring them back Alan and Danny can't be gone forever...
    They were and are the best... There were never one dull episode. They were always great! Their fights there political arguments... Even at the end their constant struggle with the network... You were king's among men... May god have mercy on your souls Alan Shore and Danny Crane... This wish extends to the rest of the crew... The were brilliant backing this two up. I have nothing else to say except that I think that ABC made a huge mistake to put them off the air... This series truly were gods among insects!
  • What a GREAT Thanksgiving show!

    Thank you to the cast and crew for putting on such a memorable, lovable show! You started the show making me laugh out loud. The conflicts during the holidays made me "remember when". Denny's "confusion" reminded me of my mother with Alzheimer's. The foster child brings memories of foster children I've had as a foster parent. I love how you add present-day events. I've read reviews that don't like your "opinions". Well, it seems to me those opinions are what makes this the "land of the free"...and I, for one, am proud of you for being bold enough to air them! If there's any way I can tape this episode to show at my Thanksgiving celebration, please let me know! Will it be airing again before Thursday? Thank you for the entertainment!!!
  • Boston Legal brings the comedic side of William Shatner, James SPader's role suits him. The fantastic cast, stories and cases are the imagination of Daid E. Kelly and the cast and directors, crew & guests make the show great. Top 10 list in TV today.

    Boston Legal is a show that has had me ever since the first episode that I've watched. Frankly it is comedic, it has drama that plays out wonderfully in every episode. The chemistry between the actors never surprises me. There is a definite political view that is not up to me to judge, but the ultimate goal of the political view is not rather for one political side but rather for the final betterment of the nation's political views and actions. There is something that is quite wrong with the show, which is why I did not give this show a perfect -- I should also mention that I rate shows in between 8-10 only -- and that is that the cast is not as diverse as it was previously. Also, as open minded as the writing and everything else is on the show I cannot beleive that this is actually soething that is currently being done in this show. Therefore, the continuation of this show needs a bit more colorful cast. Other than that, the showis really good.
  • Shatner and Spader lead a colorful cast of characters in the highly superior successor to The Practice.

    Boston Legal is a lawyer show unlike any other. Its strength lies in its ability to go from hilarious moments to touching melodrama as fast as you can say two words... Denny Crane.

    Spader is brilliant as his classic slimeball character, only this time he plays it with a heart and good intentions. Bill Shatner is phenomonal as Denny Crane, the legendary lawyer who is entrenched in a not so secret battle with his own dementia. The rest of the cast works very well and the chemistry between everyone is a breath of fresh air. The dialogue is full of wit and the characters are all so amazingly three dimensional that the show succeeds in its intended goal with flying colors... which is to entertain.
  • I am denny crane or am I alan shore.

    Love the undertones of the show, the little stabs at society and its political satire is second to none. I laugh so hard it gives me hiccups. The Shat is king. Allen Shore is king. The casting is superb. The show is well written and has got lots and lots of levels. The writers are either complete mad men or just pure geniuses can never make up my mind. The cases that are showcased on the show, although extreme, make me think that they could be true, many an hour I have found myself surfing looking for the evidence that this kind of case has already occurred. The only downside is the fast rotation of the rest of the cast. People who you grow to love disappear very quickly. Have faith and believe. It will be a sad day when the show ends.
  • Basically a story of two professional attorneys and the firm they work for. Weekly episodes are serialized and characters generally see how much trouble they can get into and out of.

    Great follow up to another court room drama. Entertaining mix of very heavy subjects and light comedy make this a fun hour.

    From what I understand it was way to expensive to keep on TV longer than the five years. Watching from season to season you would see major changes in the cast lineup. It seemed they were trying to keep the overall cost down by not signing anyone other than Spader, Shatner, and Bergen to long term contracts. Unfortunately I don't think the overall ratings were enough to keep it going, but the classic Spader and Shatner scenes especially the balcony ones are worth the price of the season DVD's alone. This is a show you can go back and watch again and again.
  • From David E. Kelley's imagination to the screen, Boston Legal is definitely one of his best. The hilarious and sometimes serious stories and intelligent script writing come together and create a brilliant show - Boston Legal.

    From David E. Kelley's imagination to the screen, Boston Legal is definitely one of his best. The hilarious and sometimes serious stories and intelligent script writing come together and create a brilliant show - Boston Legal. The verdict is in - it's a great show.

    It is sad that the show ended, but at least it ended on good terms. The two hour series finale was fantastic, tying up all the loose ends.

    Intelligent and witty lawyers fight for their clients in court, all the while trying to keep themselves from trouble and personal problems. Everything seems to come together. It's brilliant!
  • Boston Legal is ABC's new hit show that stars many old favorites that are as good as ever. Including Bergen, Shatner, Spader, and Betty White.

    This show is one of those sows that starts out great, but also keeps getting better and better. The acting is great (well there is no surprise in that, look at the actors). How could you ever go wrong with Candice Bergen, William Shatner, James Spader, and even a hint of betty White in the recipe for a show. One thing I could say without regrets is that the outcome is a show that tastes great!
  • 'Boston Legal' follows the lawyers of a firm named 'Crane, Poole & Schmidt'. The characters are eccentric and bold, while the storylines evoke thought in the viewer. There's a large dose of humor to give the show a style that is rare in most legal dramas.

    'Boston Legal' is a GREAT show. First of all, the acting is top-notch. Most notable for their roles are James Spader, who plays vigilante lawyer extraordinaire 'Alan Shore', and William Shatner, who plays the perverted, hilarious lawyer 'Denny Krane' -- a man who happens to suffer from Mad Cow. Both men add tremendous amounts of emotion to their scenes. Other actors are great as well, including Candice Bergen as Queen Bee 'Shirley Schmidt', a smart, beautiful lawyer who entices a lot of her male co-workers... Christian Clemenson, who plays 'Jerry Espenson', a gifted lawyer who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome... Mark Valley, who plays alpha male 'Brad Chase'... Overall, the acting probably could not be better.

    The writing has its great moments. The bonds between characters feel real and unforced, and their personal demons are handled with grace and believability. Some of the sexual moments of the show make you laugh -- especially when it concerns notorious lecher Denny Krane -- while other moments are tender and romantic. The only low point, I think, in the writing happens to also be its strongest point: Alan Shore's closings are packed with emotion, but sometimes go on for a bit too long. The characters actually mention this themselves in the show lol! (And 9.9 times out of 10, the protagonists always win their cases... but that's to be expected in most legal shows) But still, his closings are usually powerful statements about the world around him, and kind of summarize the message of each episode.

    One of the bad parts of the show is the high cast turnover. Some regular characters simply disappear in between seasons with no proper write outs, and it can be frustrating to a viewer who has grown attached to these characters.

    But over all, this show has a lot of great elements. It's hilarious, well acted, well written, and thought evoking. It's certainly a show I would recommend people watch!
  • best show ever

    my personal favorite of all time. funniest and most sarcastic show ever. denny crane and allan shore are the best (married) couple ever in a series (even better than couples in any movie). and they didnt make the same mistake like other shows and made it in 5 seasons. it was short but all of them were great.
  • One of the best shows ever!

    Boston Legal started with the hard job of improving The Practice's slow plot... and it certainly delivered! Since the very first episodes one could see that this show would mean a turning point for law-centered dramas. Both James Spader, as Alan Shore, and William Shatner, as the infamous Denny Crane, rocked the series! All the episodes mixed drama and comedy in the most perfet way. Also, as the series moved on, the inclusion of new, excentric and hilarious characters made this show a must-see! I mean, how about Christian Clemenson in his role as Jerry Espenson? How funny was he?! Also, recurring character Catherine Piper by Betty White with her constant troubles and hilarious lines! On the more dramatic side of the show, I have to say I was never let down. All the cases were extremly interesting and amazingly handled by this group of unconvential lawyers!
  • One of the Best Court Dramas Made!

    To me, this is one of the best shows ever made by the ABC corporation, one of the best shows that involve court drama, and one of the best shows of my lifetime.

    I really seem to love this show because it mixes serious civil law drama with random senseless comedy, which is two things I really love in any TV show. I got so involved when Denny and Alan fought about Alzheimer's Disease, and I laughed so hard when Denny Crane, while talking to a courtroom about Alan being "The Bull's Eye of Crime", he removed his pants and showed the large bull's eye on the back of his underwear!

    Alas, all things must come to an end, and Boston Legal ended too early, only with four years. I loved this show so much, and I will tell ABC to bring this show back. And if not, I'll shoot them with paintball guns and call them communists as what Denny Crane did to the Chinese.
  • This television favorite is too endearing to go away. The diversified topics of law practice, the political postures of both Denny and Alan as well as the office politics and the interesting characters added up to a 10 for me. Bring it back!!

    How sad to see a television series that ranks high on my must see list every week. The humor, the up to date political posture, the charismatic characters were an absolute delight to see. It felt refreshing to view a place of work where so many different personalities and 'way out there' personalities existed with the usual office politics, but with the ability to accept, revamp a little and move on. The comradely between Alan Denny was endearing. Too people that shared such different views and such a wide span in age were able to care for each other on all levels. I looked forward to the two of them sitting together at the end of the show, summarizing their day and what they had learned as well as expressing to each other the depth of their friendship. Boston Legal….you did America a service. Come back!
  • My favourite comedy law drama

    I love Boston Legal the moment I start watching Season 1 especially James Spader. I really really adore him in this show. Without him I think the show is not worth watching. I dont really like Danny but he is fun at times but most time irritating :P

    Besides James Spader I love watching Candice Bergen too. She was hilarious and wonderful.

    Sad to know this will be last season I do hope James Spader will appear in future dramas. He is one absolutely funny and great actor. I love Boston Legal. Hope someone can save this wonderful law drama, will be missing it.
  • Boston Legal should not be cut

    I am certainly sad that a show as good as Boston Legal is being cut. I hope that there will be a spin off. This show is up to date on current events and is funny as hell. I love the paint ball scenes and the constant arguing for the left and right of the political spectrum. I thought they went overboard in their promotion of Obama but that is what makes this show so great. Please let there be a spin off. If anybody important is reading this, please make William Shatners' phone ring again with the sound of Star Treks' beeper thing. That was funny as hell.
    Here's to a sequel
  • The real Boston Legal is back!

    With their last season on he way, Boston Legal is back with both the hillarity (of especially Denny Crane) and the cutting edge political actuality that I missed so much from the first three seasons. Alan Shore has also gained back his personal debth and quirks, Denny Crane is still Denny Crane (who is one the most awsome characters I've ever encountered on the TV). Not mention Carl Sack! Who has really grown on me, and proven to be quite the brilliant and funny guy. And of course Jerry Espenson, through which Christian Clemenson shows us all how brilliantly origial and hard, real acting really is. Shame its their last season, but if you gonna go, you might aswell go big :)
  • someone from RTL 4 if you read this: Please BRING It BACK!

    I'm from Holland and they've quit the show here, me and my neighbour are furious about it! We love theshow. It has great humor in it and it's well written, I don't get it why did they quit it:S I tried sending them a message but they just don't respond it's absolutely mental! So someone from RTL 4 if you read this: Please BRING It BACK!
    And the show has a great cast I love the character of Alan :) he is really funny and I really hope it come back to the Netherlands soon!
  • This show is a very good show but the later episodes have not been as good as the season before it.

    I love Boston legal I watch it every time a new episode comes on but lately I have not been to impressed with the episodes. Minus the very last one they have been kind of weak. I think that their cases have gotten a little over the top and the fact that they keep winning bogus cases is starting to annoy me. I really loved last seasons episodes and last year I would have said my favorite shows would have went The Office, Boston Legal and Heros. I gave this show a 9.5 because it used to be amazing so it still deserves credit.
  • Farewell Boston Legal. You just can't get to much of a good thing. Especially if there's a network executive in charge.

    Its that time again. Time to say goodbye to a show that was just too good to be appreicated by enough people to keep it going. I shouldn't complain 5 seasons isn't a bad run for a show the deals with pertinent social issues and can still leave you laughing.It would be nice if networks could use more than just ratings when gauging the viability of a show. Maybe consider the quality of the viewership not just the quantity. But advertisers won't buy that. They want shows that appeal to the lowest common denominator. Why, because people who can endlessly be force fed any mindless crap will buy the crap they're selling. And just for the record I like the mindless stuff to thanks to my DVR I don't have to choose between South Park and Grey's Anatomy.
  • I am a liberal democrat.The most entertaining thing is the neo-con bashing

    I admit that the critics may have been right that it had gotten stale with the same running gags but for me I can never get enough of the political humor that this show often presented . Candice has always been a personal favorite of mine since the days of her show and the Dan Quayle bashing on Murphy Brown .James Spader was aces in this show .His performances were a cut above the norm we see in mainstream TV acting .Even the oft maligned William Shatner was brilliant at times in this show .his portrayal of a right wing-nut neo-con was absolutely hilarious .I will be sorry that this show has ended because political comedies are such a rare breed .I am sure that some reality show will swoop in and take its place but at least I will have this series on dvd and when I am feeling nostalgic I will be watching it again .
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