Boston Legal

ABC (ended 2008)





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  • This television favorite is too endearing to go away. The diversified topics of law practice, the political postures of both Denny and Alan as well as the office politics and the interesting characters added up to a 10 for me. Bring it back!!

    How sad to see a television series that ranks high on my must see list every week. The humor, the up to date political posture, the charismatic characters were an absolute delight to see. It felt refreshing to view a place of work where so many different personalities and 'way out there' personalities existed with the usual office politics, but with the ability to accept, revamp a little and move on. The comradely between Alan Denny was endearing. Too people that shared such different views and such a wide span in age were able to care for each other on all levels. I looked forward to the two of them sitting together at the end of the show, summarizing their day and what they had learned as well as expressing to each other the depth of their friendship. Boston Legal….you did America a service. Come back!