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  • BRING IT BACK or launch a spin off series.

    I agree, BRING IT BACK!

    I have recently re-watched all five seasons of Boston Legal and as Denny would say "Lock and Load". I will miss the weekly court battles, righting the world of all it's injustices, how ever ridiculous they may have been. It's going to be a poorer World without hearing the infamous and God like statement, which is the answer to all questions, "Denny Crane"! I will miss the brilliantly crisp and eloquent dialogue Danny and Alan had at the end of every episode on their balcony. The conclusion of every episode was superb, rounding up in their eyes what we should take away from that weeks show. Alan Shore's courtroom battles were legendary. You always knew that Alan would wipe the board with who ever he was locked horn's with, but I never tired of the long closings. I particularly enjoyed the ones where he had just presented a heart felt, chill down the back of the spine, emotional closing and then just sat down silently and looked forward. Cool or what! The writers of the show were clever in the way they showed us the characters chinks in their armour. The most obvious being Denny's Mad Cow. But they also showed Alan's, Brad's, Clarence's and of cause Jerry's. I think that's why the show was so good. The writer's showed us all sides to the characters giving them depth and substance. In short you learnt to care about them, which is the 'be all and end all' of a shows success. Lets face it if you don't care what happens to characters your not going to tune in week after week. I feel ABC might have something up their sleeves when it comes to the demise of Boston Legal. Denny and Alan on their final balcony scene hinted about a new show featuring the pair of them starting a new Law firm! It's not the first time William Shatner has added a comment at the end of a season on their balcony scene. I'm not sure if William Shatner adlibbed and the editors just left it in. We will just have to wait and see. In conclusion, ABC should seriously re-think the demise of Boston Legal and either bring it back or launch a spin off with Denny and Alan. I hope they do the latter.