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  • 'Boston Legal' follows the lawyers of a firm named 'Crane, Poole & Schmidt'. The characters are eccentric and bold, while the storylines evoke thought in the viewer. There's a large dose of humor to give the show a style that is rare in most legal dramas.

    'Boston Legal' is a GREAT show. First of all, the acting is top-notch. Most notable for their roles are James Spader, who plays vigilante lawyer extraordinaire 'Alan Shore', and William Shatner, who plays the perverted, hilarious lawyer 'Denny Krane' -- a man who happens to suffer from Mad Cow. Both men add tremendous amounts of emotion to their scenes. Other actors are great as well, including Candice Bergen as Queen Bee 'Shirley Schmidt', a smart, beautiful lawyer who entices a lot of her male co-workers... Christian Clemenson, who plays 'Jerry Espenson', a gifted lawyer who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome... Mark Valley, who plays alpha male 'Brad Chase'... Overall, the acting probably could not be better.

    The writing has its great moments. The bonds between characters feel real and unforced, and their personal demons are handled with grace and believability. Some of the sexual moments of the show make you laugh -- especially when it concerns notorious lecher Denny Krane -- while other moments are tender and romantic. The only low point, I think, in the writing happens to also be its strongest point: Alan Shore's closings are packed with emotion, but sometimes go on for a bit too long. The characters actually mention this themselves in the show lol! (And 9.9 times out of 10, the protagonists always win their cases... but that's to be expected in most legal shows) But still, his closings are usually powerful statements about the world around him, and kind of summarize the message of each episode.

    One of the bad parts of the show is the high cast turnover. Some regular characters simply disappear in between seasons with no proper write outs, and it can be frustrating to a viewer who has grown attached to these characters.

    But over all, this show has a lot of great elements. It's hilarious, well acted, well written, and thought evoking. It's certainly a show I would recommend people watch!