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ABC (ended 2008)





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  • My opinion on the cancellation of Boston Legal. A terrible blunder that can be corrected!

    I know at times the dialogue could get a bit raunchy...but, it was always funny. From Alan and Denny's sleep overs to all the love affairs going on and quite frankly I loved the way the show would always hit on some topical political issues...bringing humor? Yes, all of the time....Educating some? Absolutely! I loved the show and watch even the reruns all of the on Tuesday and Wednesday it runs 3 in a row.. My husband loved the show and he hates television and hates me too sometimes..Just today, I was informed that the show is cancelled. Wow! I almost cried...and my husband will probably cancel the tv altogether. Damn..first my favorite lipstick shade was removed after 5 years..the only shade I liked..and now Boston Legal...Cancelled!! That cannot be! Where can I picket...All has been ruined for me with the knowledge I will never hear Shirley whisper in Denny's ear...."Denny Craaaaaane"..Phooey