Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 14

Selling Sickness

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2007 on ABC
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Selling Sickness
Judge Brown turns to Denny when he sues a company for not curing his "same-sex attraction disorder", but Denny's homophobia forces him to ask Alan to help.

Shirley takes on the case of a young girl who wants to take a pill to help her forget a traumatic molestation.

Meanwhile, Denise finds out she is pregnant, and asks both Brad and Jeffrey for paternity tests, and Clarence takes his relationship with Claire to the next level.moreless

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  • I have mixed feelings about this episode...

    Alan Shore and Denny Crane represent judge Brown, who suffers from SSAD, which means he's gay.The message the show tries to tell us is that "this is a silly case, because being gay is not curable". I don't agree with this because I think sexuality is a matter of choice, so I didn't enjoy that as much. However, I did like Alan's contempt (never gets old), Denny telling Alan exactly what he needs to win, and the whole interaction between Alan and the judge. I liked that they won because he paid to be cured, and the treatment didn't work.

    The other case I did not enjoy so much. Creepy Clifford Cabot comes back as the uncle of a 16 year old girl that was molested by a rabbi. The father wants to give her a forgetting pill, but the mother (Cabot's sister) doesn't want it. She has all this crazy ideas that pain is good and our experiences make us who we are. Why go through pain we can avoid? Why not let the girl decide what she wants (she wanted the pill, but like anyone cares what a kid wants...). This should have been her choice and only hers. This case actually made me mad and was my least favorite since Brad's niece last season.

    Then we have the love triangle Between Denise, Brad and the now underused Jeffrey Coho. Guess what? She's pregnant! That's right, a succesfull attorney that had an affair with two men apparently wasn't being careful enough. Anyway she orders a paternity test (wouldn't it be too soon yet? whatever) and Brad's the father, which saddens Coho because apparently he's biological clock is ticking. Brad wants to start planning his kid's education already but Denise drops a crap bomb: She's not sure if she wants it! Why didn't she decide that before testing for patternity? She has no right to play with Brad or anyone else like that. She even threatens to get a restraining order against Brad, who has every right to be upset. Whether you agree with abortion or not (I don't), Denise should be more mature and make up her mind before telling Brad he's a father. Way to assassinate her character here, writters, thumbs up!

    In other news Clarence is now Alan's asssintant. Let's hope that leads somewhere, but somewhere doesn't seem to be this show's direction...

    In conclussion, a not so enjoyable episode (mainly because Shirley's case and Denise's pregnancy and immaturity) but with some funny parts (Alan´s case).moreless
  • "Throw in a blender!"

    Smart, funny, sexy, dramatic- BL has all the right incredients.

    I loved this episode, and its one of my favourites to go back too. Judge Clark Brown is a brilliant guest as always, and his trial was so amusing! The very first scene had me in hysterics with Denny. I couldn't believe that case actually went to trial! How bizarre! I can't imagine that happening in this country. Alan's closing was pitch perfect in this episode- I love seeing him on one of his rants, though I have missed his more evil qualities.

    Denny always provides great moments, and this episode was no exception.

    Clare and Clarence's relationship progressing is quite lovely- both characters are very lovable.

    And the love triangle implodes and Denise is pregnant (didn't she see an aferschool special??)- I felt sorry for Coho though- I actually wanted him to be the father.

    Overall, a brilliant episode- continuing the stength of Season 3.moreless
  • Yet another great episode.

    this episode was really good. We finally get to find out who the father of Denise's baby is... Brad. Almost straight away brad is keen on the idea of having the baby. But Denise is considering abortion, how could she? Also in this episode Alan and Denny defend a judge who wants to sue a company who said they could cure his homosexuality. Meanwhile Shirely fights a case to stop a daughter taking a new wonder pill which can apparently erase painful and tramatic memories. So overall i thought this was a really great episode and next week also looks great. Boston Legal is doing so well.moreless
  • another great episode

    this is one of the tv shows ..which contains no bad episodes i literally like every episode i watched from season 1 till now .. this particular episode was another great one ..i love james spade allan shore seems like his performance gets better and better with every new episode he's truly amazing ..poor denise though with her pregnency and all ..brad is such an idiot ..i wish it was coho's that would of made their storylines alot more interesting i think .. and denny crane'd never think something clever would come out of him with his general behavior but i loved the bit where he was speaking to allan about the 2 america's speech ..pretty good ..moreless
  • Denise is pregnant, Shirley's case addresses the moral concerns of pharmaceutical brain-washing, and Alan and Denny's case is so sad, er, SSAD, rather.

    It's been a while since we've gotten a good, classic Alan Shore court room performance like that, complete with antics and pointing and whatnot during his closing. It just reminds me of something more similar to last season, before the show got so entirely hokey. I like some of the hokey stuff sometimes, but only really when it is contrasted against a really good courtroom scene or something else of considerable substance, and this episode delivers.moreless
Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez

Attorney Ernesto Herrera

Guest Star

Hallee Hirsh

Hallee Hirsh

Michelle Cabot-Levinson

Guest Star

Erica Gimpel

Erica Gimpel

Attorney Samantha Fried

Guest Star

Henry Gibson

Henry Gibson

Judge Clark Brown

Recurring Role

Shelley Berman

Shelley Berman

Judge Robert Sanders

Recurring Role

Gail O'Grady

Gail O'Grady

Judge Gloria Weldon

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • We see in the first shot Judge Gloria Weldon slamming Alan against the wall knocking down a plaque. In the next close-up scene we see the same plaque still hanging, just swaying side to side.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Alan: You reminded me of that other America out there. Who teaches them their values?
      Denny: Well, for fidelity and family, uh, we have Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart. For heterosexuality and keeping with God's will, we have Ted Haggard. For gambling, we have Bill Bennett. And for guns, Dick Cheney.

    • Denny: I'm all for gay rights. But letting them marry? Do we really want them to have children together? I mean, two biologically gay parents? Imagine what kind of an army we would have, other than a happy one.

    • Alan: But to deny an entire class of people one of their basic, individual freedoms—
      Denny: Alan, you're talking about marriage, an institution with sacred vows, ones which we live up to almost 50% of the time. It's a sanctity.

    • Judge Clark Brown: I don't like the way the one on the left is looking at me.
      Denny: Your Honor, that's the one with angry bowel.

    • Alan: Shame on you! You could have at least offered a money-back guarantee and thrown in a blender.

    • Denny: We're making a mistake with this case.
      Alan: How so?
      Denny: There are at least two Americas, maybe more. There's your America: liberal, progressive, and open-minded about alternative lifestyles. Then there is the other America...that still thinks homosexuality is a disease. We need to try this case in that America.

    • Brad: What am I gonna do?
      Jeffrey: Brad, one of us is going to be a father.

    • Judge Gloria Weldon: You are suggesting something that could get us both disbarred.
      Alan: Yes. But on the upside, I could tell you how bad you're being. And as I recall, Your Honor, you like being a bad girl.

    • Denise: You have a smart response for every situation, don't you?
      Claire: Most of them.

    • Judge Gloria Weldon: You better respect this robe, Alan.
      Alan: Oh, I assure you, I've already placed it—and all its contents—atop the highest of pedestals.

    • Judge Clark Brown: I will not take this lying down!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Denny: Well, for fidelity and family, uh, we have Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart. For heterosexuality and keeping with God's will, we have Ted Haggard. For gambling, we have Bill Bennett. And for guns, Dick Cheney.
      Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart were both Christian televangelists. Jim Bakker was accused of rape by his secretary, and Jimmy Swaggart was twice found in the company of prostitutes.
      Ted Haggard was a preacher who railed against homosexuality, but later admitted his "sexual immorality" with male prostitutes.
      Bill (William John) Bennett headed Empower America, which opposed the extension of casino gambling, while he himself was a high-stakes gambler.
      Dick Cheney, while Vice President of the United States, accidentally shot and injured a 78-year-old Texas attorney with whom he was hunting.

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