Boston Legal

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 14, 2006 on ABC
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Alan's friendly demeanor quickly turns into anger when a prestigious private school turns away a child prodigy because she lacks the face muscles to smile. Meanwhile, Shirley and Denise take on a hospital that refused to administer emergency birth control to a rape victim due to religious beliefs, and Brad is put on special assignment by Denny.moreless

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  • The Art of Being Purple

    Back to its best after the slight dip in form on the previous episode.

    Alan case with the girl that cannot smile was very touching. His scenes with her just so subtle but brilliant, and I loved how he convinced the school to let her in (with a little advice from Denny).

    Shirley and Denise's case was also thought provoking and dramatic- excellent from the writers, providing decent background story for the lesser characters. The case was touching and moving- a doctor should never allow his religious beliefs affect his professional responsibility.

    And only Boston Legal could make a plot about a dying cat vaguelly interesting! It amused me greatly, especially Brad's line "its like friggin Shakespeare around here".

    The best scene for me, however, was Alan talking about the greek philospher Epicetus with Marissa, and Marissa saying "sometimes being purple is kind of a pain", and Alan self reflectingly realising it is a little bit of a pain being him too. Wonderfully done.

    Overall, Boston Legal continued to shine where so many other shows fail- balancing humour and drama.moreless
  • She Attornies partaking in the friendly sip.

    This episode is marked in my book as one that made the top ten. The part I enjoyed the most is where Alan dug deep down in his heart to attempt to put some cheer in the heart of this little girl who couldn't smile.

    * The end of the episode there was a scene where it shows Denise and Shirley drinking beverages from bottles. This BL fan is curious to what the name of this beverage is called or should I assume it was just meant to be beer and call it done? Any answers will be gladly accepted and appreciated. Thanks.moreless
  • An enjoyable episode.

    This episode was pretty good. Denise and Shirley go to trial against a hospital when the patient is refused the pill, because it is Catholic. As a result the girl becomes pregnant and she feels that somwone needs to pay for what has happened to her. They win the case and get 2.6 million settlement, nice sum. Meanwhile Alan tries to get an old friends daughter into a slective college. The only problem is the girl has a disablity because she cannor simile. Finally Brad tries to keep Denny's girlfriends cat alive when the doctors threaten to turn off the life support. Overall this was a good episode which a enjoyed.moreless
  • Boston Legal is very creative and exposes great ends to some controversal issues. \"Smile\" is one such episode that covers ignorance, rights and resolution.

    I never really thought about the laws regarding contraceptives in a religious setting. This episode was an eye opener. I loved the outcome.

    The cat thing was ridiculous but Bev was well represented by the firm. I wonder what would have happened had there been no Denny Crane.

    Too bad Alan had to use such underhanded methods to get his client accepted into a school she should have been welcomed in with open arms however, you know what they say, \"all\'s well that ends well\".moreless
  • A little slow

    I think this episode was a little slower than most of the series have been. I always love to see Alan do his manipulations on people, and he does a superb one on the headmaster of the private school. I love that he didn't give that little girl a lot of guff when she didn't smile at him to begin with, simply gave her the benefit of the doubt, which of course Denny crane didn't do. :)

    While the episode was slow, the writing was still good and the actors exemplary. I think it was well written ... even if it wasn't the most quickly paced.

    Well Done.moreless
Don McManus

Don McManus

Attorney John Lennox

Guest Star

Andy Umberger

Andy Umberger

Attorney Morrison

Guest Star

Kenneth Kimmins

Kenneth Kimmins

Dr. James Tusten

Guest Star

Ron Canada

Ron Canada

Judge Willard Reese

Recurring Role

Joanna Cassidy

Joanna Cassidy

Beverly Bridge

Recurring Role

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    • Denny: Alan, I've been thinking about something.
      Alan: What's that?
      Denny: I want you to kill me.
      Alan: The scotch and cigars and nightly consumption or red meat have that well in hand.
      Denny: No, no, no. Seriously. I don't fear death. I never have. But I am afraid of being hooked up to a machine. All those tubes, brain, mush. Would you like to live like that?
      Alan: No. If it came to that, my friend, I would pull your plug.
      Denny: Pull a plug? What kind of death is that? I want you to shoot me.
      Alan: Shoot you?
      Denny: Denny Crane is not gonna be turned off like a hair dryer. Live by the gun, die by the gun.
      Alan: I'm not gonna shoot you.
      Denny: Why not? I'd shoot you!
      Alan: Denny, you've been a lawyer in this town for forty years. I'm sure there are plenty of people who'd willingly shoot you.
      Denny: Well, I don't wanna be shot by a stranger. I wanna be shot by someone who, who cares for me.
      Alan: The answer is, "No".
      Denny: Bah! You b... Democrat!

    • Bev: Hello, Brad.
      Brad: Barry's feeling better? I mean, he doesn't walk or move or anything, but he's breathing on his own. I didn't exactly win the case, but "All's well, that end's well". So we're square.
      Bev: I'll tell you when we're square, Brad...

    • Alan: You know, Marissa, not smiling has its benefits. You don't give your thoughts away so easily. It's a great advantage in card playing.
      Marissa: That's funny. But... I'd rather fit in.
      Alan: Have you ever heard of a Greek philosopher named Epictetus?
      Marissa: No.
      Alan: He was a funny man with a certain flare for life. Epictetus compared people who "fit in" to the white threads of a toga. Indistinguishable. He wanted to be the purple thread. "That small part which is bright, and makes all the rest appear graceful and beautiful. Why then...", he asked, "do you tell me to make myself like the many? And if I do, how shall I still be purple?"
      Marissa: Sometimes being purple is kind of a pain.

    • Alan: Trying to get a young girl into the Adams Academy.
      Denny: The one Miss Gloomy Gerta there?
      Alan: She's not gloomy.
      Denny: Oh, pulled a coin out of her ear, she didn't even laugh. There's something wrong with that girl.
      Alan: That is the acid test.
      Denny: You're a little Gloomy Gerta yourself, aren't you?
      Alan: I don't know how I'm gonna get her in. The entire legal system sits squarely on the other side.
      Denny: You are missing the whole point.
      Alan: Which is?
      Denny: The concept of private. Private doesn't operate by the law. Private operates above the law. Like, like Greek gods. Hovering above the earth on their own private mountain. Now Greek gods broke the rules and the laws, but the one thing they respect was power and influence. And Alan, if all else fails, and you think you've lost, pretend you've won! Works for our president.

    • Mr. Treemont: Mr. Shore, our school has been sued several times. Never successfully.
      Alan: You know what they say, Lester. You never forget your first time.

    • Alan: Mr. Treemont, Marissa has a disability, and you and your institution are discriminating against her.
      Mr. Treemont: Mr. Shore, that is not true. But even if it were true... as a private school we have every right to discriminate against a disabled student. As a private school, we aren't bound by the I.D.E.A. and neither parents nor students have any recourse to challenge denial of service.
      Alan: Oh my God. You're a lawyer!
      Mr. Treemont: Yes. Several of us are.
      Alan: Let me tell you two things about myself. I too am a lawyer. I can be painfully vindictive and I do not play fair.
      Mr. Treemont: That's three things.
      Alan: See? Not playing fair already.

    • Mr. Treemont: For whatever reasons, Marissa simply did not meet our standards. Perhaps she just needs a year of maturing...
      Alan: Maturing? She's ready for retirement.

    • Paul (about Bev): That woman's influence on this firm is increasing daily.
      Brad: Well, at least the case won't go to court. They've agreed to arbitration. Once the arbitrator sees the evidence, he'll rule to pull the plug and that'll be that.
      Paul: You'd better hope he doesn't.
      Brad: Come again?
      Paul: Brad, since your attempt to bribe Denny's fiance to leave him failed so miserably, we must now stay on her good side lest she tell Denny. You have to win the case quickly and quietly.
      Brad: It's like Friggin Shakespeare around here...

    • Brad: Denny? I'm a partner. It's a cat.
      Denny: You're exactly right, Brad. I wouldn't trust an associate with a case this important. This is Bev's cat. That guy in there? Bev's fourth husband. Mattress Majesty. Worth millions. Troubling thing about America. Anybody can grow up and be rich.
      Brad: Denny, still. It's a cat.
      Denny: Barry Manilow is not just a cat.
      Brad: What?
      Denny: Barry Manilow. Cat's full name.
      Brad: Even better.
      Denny: Barry Manilow is Bev's cat. And if it matters to Bev, then I, Denny Crane, have to pretend that it matters to me.

    • Bev: I will not allow you to destroy my Barry!
      Howard: The cat is dead. The animal is a vegetable.
      Brad: Guys...
      Howard: Nature has spoken. When it's your time, it's your time.
      Bev: Says the man with the pacemaker and the prosthetic balls.

    • Shirley: Denise, I understand you're going through some difficulties in your personal life.
      Denise: Uhm, yeah, it's hard, but I'll get through it.
      Shirley: From what I know about you, when things get tough you prefer to bury yourself in your work. Allow me to provide you with a shovel.

    • Phyllis: I'm trying to get her into the Adams Academy for a fresh start. The admissions director was so excited to meet her! Then he met her and she didn't smile. And that was that. And these private schools have become so competitive, they don't need to let anyone in who isn't "perfect".
      Alan: When I was in school the closest I ever came to that appellation was to be called a "perfect" bastard.

    • Phyllis: I need your help. You used to say that I could come to you for anything.
      Alan: I meant sexually.

    • Phyllis: I had a hard time trying to find you. I called Cruthers, Abbott...
      Alan: Oh, I was fired. Embezzlement.
      Phyllis: Then I tried Young, Frutt and Berultti...
      Alan: Oh, yes. That ended badly.
      Alan: And here you are at Crane, Poole and Schmidt.
      Alan: For now.

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