Boston Legal

Season 5 Episode 1

Smoke Signals

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on ABC
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Alan takes on one his biggest adversaries when Bethany returns with a years-old case against the tobacco industry. But when opposing council turns out to be an old girlfriend, he finds himself once again distracted in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, Denny struggles with his deteriorating health condition when his performance in the bedroom isn't up to par.moreless

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  • Alley Walker cannot act

    The season opener was terrible in its story lines too of course. The crude and stupid erection plot line was dull and boring. However, the twitchy acting of Alley Walker as Phoebe makes the entire episode painful to watch. The ending chat also became a bit stupid and was very obvious without the usual insightful overlook of the entire episode. Don't let any of this put you off watching the next episode with Alley Walker though because it seems someone cut off her coffee supply and she barely twitches at all. All in all, an unequivocally disappointing start to the season.moreless
  • Alan is asked some help to sue Big Tobacco by Bethany and he is facing an un-exciting ex: guess what? He wins, and they don't get back together. The end. Oh, and Danny can't get an erection till Shirley gives him her cheerleader costume... the end, for remoreless

    What happened to this show? It was my favorite ever.

    The plot is totally un-interesting. It used to be exciting, well written, touching on explosive topics. Now?

    Danny not having an erection? Alan finding an old love? and what about the Coast Guard? It was a nice once, but ONCE, not every other episodes. Now it is getting behond ridicules, it is painful.

    Can't we please please PLEASE come back to the basic? Exciting storyline, maybe a couple of trials/story, something against the establishment, something that is in front of our eyes and nobody talks about. Something inspiring, that makes you think! No? Why?

    The only thing it is still saving this show is that timely Alan delivers a passionate closing. Really, that is something I envy: I wish I could be so moving. Besides that... the void! Please somebody does something!moreless
  • Alan is asked by Bethany to join her in a suit against Big Tobacco. The firm does not support him but gives him Denny and two additional attorneys to try the case. The opposing counsel is Phoebe one of Alan's former lovers who he is still in love with.moreless

    I just picked up the 5th season of Boston Legal as I missed a great deal of the season because of the time the show was presented. I am looking forward to visiting again with Alan and Denny for a while.

    Pretty standard Boston Legal stuff with another excellent final speech by Alan to finish off the episode. Shore does looked a little tired in this episode almost as if doing this work is getting old. He does seem to be energized by his relationship with Denny and the case against the large corporation.

    Denny and he join the Coast Guard and have a funny little encounter with a ship full of beauties at the beginning of the episode. It was sort of cute.

    Denny is continuing to degenerate. This time it's his "junk" that is not functioning. He is continuing to sleep through meetings and disrupting court with inappropriate behavior. This use to bother me but now I believe it is integral to his characters need for attention. "MAD COW!"

    I actually could have done without the bit in the end with Shirley's cheer leading costume, but some things you just get use to expecting with these two. It is wonderful to see two friends so close in today's phobic society.

    Thanks for reading...moreless
William Daniels

William Daniels

Judge Milton Brody

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Wendy Gazelle

Wendy Gazelle

Maureen Rhodes

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Paul Collins

Paul Collins

Lance Buttram

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Meredith Eaton

Meredith Eaton

Bethany Horowitz

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