Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 18

Son of the Defender

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2007 on ABC
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Son of the Defender
Denny's first client shows up with the son of a woman that was allegedly killed by Denny's client. Furious with a verdict that allowed the alleged killer to go free many years ago, he takes the firm hostage and forces them to recreate the trial. During the experience, Denny remembers the case and his own father.
Meanwhile, Alan is repeatedly thrown into jail for contempt of court while defending his neighbor for prostitution.moreless

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  • Among the best of the Boston Legal's series!

    One of the best episodes of the whole series! A Denny Crane episode of course! Bravo to the black and white technique! The featured parts of another Shatner's appearance on screen (The Defender) were absolutely perfect! I over-enjoyed it! Shatner was just brilliant here! He could have walked away with the EMMY statue. It’s a shame that Lost’s Locke managed to grab it (nevertheless he also deserved it)… And the writers rose once again above the expectations! They managed to combine the agony of such an old case (the first of the young Denny) and the life threat of the opposed. I wish Boston Legal never ended…moreless
  • "I'm proud of you Denny." "Why?" "I just am, I always am".

    This is definately one of my favourite episodes, which is strange as Alan barely features. The performance by Shatner is just pitch perfect here.

    The concept of the great Denny Crane's first case is just a brilliant idea, and the flashback scenes (real footage with Shatner) was just ingeniously incorporated. The case itself was quite moving and emotional, particulary as Denny had flashbacks to him and his father.

    The rest of the cast was used to good use, Brad proving good humour, Paul and Denise good as the "jurors" whilst Shirley acting on the outside.

    Alan's b-story proving some good laughs as well, especially in the short scenes with the judge. It was quite a nice little story that didn't take too much away from the main plot.

    The balcony scene has to be one of my favourites, especially when Alan tell's Denny he's proud of him. A really touching moments.

    Overall- perfection, even for a series that makes perfection easy.moreless
  • Denny is reunited with his first client who had been charged with murder. Denny had won this case, but had no idea how it would come back to haunt him. The son of the victim shows up at the firm and holds Denny and several others hostage.moreless

    This is why I watch television!!! William Shatner deserves credit for his performance in this episode. This proves that the man really can act when given the chance. This is probably the most serious episode of the series, but definitely the best.

    This is the first time in the series where we have been given the chance to see What made Denny become a lawyer in the first place. Also, this is the first time that Alan hasn't been around to save Denny. He is busy with a different trial.

    The highlights of the episode are the flashbacks that Denny has to the first trial where he was co-counsel with his father. A true masterpiece of television!moreless
  • special episode. Denny Crane!

    Its always a special episode when Denny Crane has some camera time. Loved what they did with that old footage of him when he was young. Very touching episode that only confirms the powerful talent of a great actor and probably a great man! =) I cheer u Commander! =) Its not so good that Alan didn't show up, but no arm done, when he shows, he leaves his mark! =) Keep up the good work, a great series with damn good actors, lots of comedy, lots of sex! =) always good material do keep us interest. Take Care and Congratulations. ViVimoreless
  • Denny revisits his very first case.

    This is such a fantastic episode. Aside from the unique setting which creates for good theater, the infusion of the old clips creates a terrific episode. This episode shows Denny revisiting his very first case which subsequently led to the demise of his relationship with his father. Nostalgia aside, the episode also allows for Denny to survive a case on his own, as Allen is in and out of jail for contempt of court. A convenient plot devise that ensures Denny fight this battle on his own. With the hint of Billie Joel's And So It Goes makes for a truly touching episode.moreless
Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee

Aaron Sears

Guest Star

Mark L. Taylor

Mark L. Taylor

Attorney Adam Jovanka

Guest Star

Lawrence Pressman

Lawrence Pressman

Judge Floyd Hurwitz

Guest Star

Meredith Eaton

Meredith Eaton

Bethany Horowitz

Recurring Role

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    • Bethany: I suffered a severe trauma. In fact, the doctors are convinced it's why I stopped growing. After twenty-nine years of therapy, three months ago I finally started to grow again. What you are doing here is going to stunt my growth all over again. I'm going to be a little dwarf forever.

    • Judge: What have we learned today?
      Alan: Well, from where I'm standing, I've learned that you smell like cheese.
      Judge: Back to jail with them.

    • Denny: He disowned me....
      Alan: What?
      Denny: My father. He disowned me.
      Alan: Well, screw fathers.
      Denny: Amen to that.
      Alan: I'm proud of you, Denny.
      Denny: How come?
      Alan: I don't know. I just am. I'm always proud of you.
      Denny: When you come over tonight, bring the marshmallows, will you?
      Alan: Consider it done.

    • Brad: Shirley, I'm practically a Navy Seal.
      Shirley: Shouldn't seals be in water?

  • NOTES (4)

    • William Shatner submitted this episode for Emmy consideration. He was nominated in the category for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, in July of 2007. He lost to Terry O'Quinn of Lost.

    • The Defender episode was the pilot for the series The Defenders which would star Robert Reed and E.G. Marshall in the roles played by William Shatner and Ralph Bellamy.

    • Soundtrack: Billy Joel's "And So It Goes"

    • Scenes from a 1957 episode of the superb anthology series Studio One featuring a young William Shatner (Denny Crane) are incorporated into the episode. The episode was called "The Defender" and featured Ralph Bellamy as the father.


    • Shirley: (to Brad) I knew you'd go Die Hard first chance you got.
      In the Die Hard trilogy, an ordinary police officer finds himself thrust into the role of defusing impossible hostage and terrorist situations.