Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 18

Son of the Defender

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2007 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • Bethany: I suffered a severe trauma. In fact, the doctors are convinced it's why I stopped growing. After twenty-nine years of therapy, three months ago I finally started to grow again. What you are doing here is going to stunt my growth all over again. I'm going to be a little dwarf forever.

    • Judge: What have we learned today?
      Alan: Well, from where I'm standing, I've learned that you smell like cheese.
      Judge: Back to jail with them.

    • Denny: He disowned me....
      Alan: What?
      Denny: My father. He disowned me.
      Alan: Well, screw fathers.
      Denny: Amen to that.
      Alan: I'm proud of you, Denny.
      Denny: How come?
      Alan: I don't know. I just am. I'm always proud of you.
      Denny: When you come over tonight, bring the marshmallows, will you?
      Alan: Consider it done.

    • Brad: Shirley, I'm practically a Navy Seal.
      Shirley: Shouldn't seals be in water?

  • Notes

    • William Shatner submitted this episode for Emmy consideration. He was nominated in the category for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, in July of 2007. He lost to Terry O'Quinn of Lost.

    • The Defender episode was the pilot for the series The Defenders which would star Robert Reed and E.G. Marshall in the roles played by William Shatner and Ralph Bellamy.

    • Soundtrack: Billy Joel's "And So It Goes"

    • Scenes from a 1957 episode of the superb anthology series Studio One featuring a young William Shatner (Denny Crane) are incorporated into the episode. The episode was called "The Defender" and featured Ralph Bellamy as the father.

  • Allusions

    • Shirley: (to Brad) I knew you'd go Die Hard first chance you got.
      In the Die Hard trilogy, an ordinary police officer finds himself thrust into the role of defusing impossible hostage and terrorist situations.