Boston Legal

Season 2 Episode 26

Spring Fever

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 16, 2006 on ABC
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Spring Fever
Shirley once again helps Professor Cabot, whose research into human sexual behavior gets him into trouble when he's caught with a prostitute. Marlene and Denise continue their fight for the spot to become partner by trying to assist. Meanwhile, Denny takes Alan to LA when he pays a visit to the West Coast branch of Crane, Poole & Schmidt, but his motives become clear once Alan meets Barry Goal. And Brad is shocked to discover his niece is arrested for participating in a drug "pharming" party.moreless

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  • It\'s about time to get rid of the Marlene Stanger character.

    Not *worst* episode so far, but it\'s getting pretty close. Denny and Alan continue to delight with their quirky relationship, but beyond that, yet another episode of CP&S\'s family or friend being in trouble. Don\'t they represent anyone outside of their circle anymore?

    I am glad that they had Howard Hessman back as Judge again. With all the big names starring and guest-starring in this series, I was hoping for something with a little more \"oomph\" I guess, but I was mistaken.

    Bring back Betty White! Love seeing Jeri Ryan on the show. More, please!

    Overall, a fairly good episode, but I still wish they would do something MORE with these amazing characters.moreless
  • Finale- Part one.

    Again, this episode had many good points, but it wasn't as perfect as much as the earlier episodes of the Season.

    It was amusing, however- Alan and Marlene simply sizzled, and it was funny seeing him torment her, considering how unlikeable a character she is.

    Marlene helping out Shirley with Prof Cabot was funny, although I still don't like the high-school like tension between her and Denise. It was, however, hilarious to see her and Marlene compete to run to get to the elevator first! A brilliant scene.

    The Brad and Denise scene was also hilariously funny! Brad, meanwhile, has to defend his niece after a "pharm" party- it was interesting to see more of Brad's back story, and it leaves us wondering where it will go.

    Denny and Alan travel to Los Angeles, where Denny wants him to sign a contract saying he will kill him when his alzeimers gets to him. (sorry- mad cow). Alan is miffed at this, and the two make it up- briefly! I do love seeing them travel, however. The ending on a cliffhanger with Courtney Reese was good, although I did miss the balcony scene.

    Overall, a good episode, if not quite up to the same standard as most of Season 2.moreless
  • Funny

    This friendship between Denny and Alan is so hilarious. I wonder why Alan doesn't want Denny in his living will.

    Well, I guess he was also kinda offended because Denny seems to have sort of a second Alan over there in L.A. - at least that's how I felt.

    Anyway, that weird professor was really funny again, but the storyline with Brad's niece was rather burdening. I thought he was really great in this situation though. Oh, and did I mention I really like him with Denise? Ever since they first kissed (which was so funny) they've been pretty cute together!moreless
  • Great episode.

    So Alan and Denny decide to flee to Los Angeles to have a break. But first Alan chats up the new lady. Denise continues to rival the new girl. And Shirley is forced to defend an old client when he is caught in the act with a hooker. And finally Brad's teenage niece gets charged with murder when someone ends up dead at a party. But as the case goes on Brad realises that his niece may not be innocent at all. Overall another great episode, only one more to the season final and i have to say i am totally hooked on this show.moreless
  • I love Alan Shore.

    Alan Shore, James Spader, is the greatest star to hit television since Jack Klugman. I also like Hugh Laurie but doesn't come close to James Spader's acting style. All the silly things they add to the show to attract the young viewer I just ignore. The whole picture is what counts. I wish Alan Shore were my lawyer (if he really just existed).
Robert Wagner

Robert Wagner

Barry Goal

Guest Star

Jeri Ryan

Jeri Ryan

Courtney Reese

Guest Star

Parker Posey

Parker Posey

Marlene Stanger

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Jeri Ryan has acted in another David E. Kelley show. She was Ronnie Cooke in Boston Public.

    • The restaurant scenes were filmed in guest star Jeri Ryan's Los Angeles restaurant Ortolan.

    • While not forbidden or unethical, it is not a good idea for a lawyer to defend a family member, as a doctor does not treat his/her family. Brad would likely have played second chair or consulted, but would have had another lawyer defend his niece.

    • With Jeri Ryan as a guest star, this episode features three diferent primary Star Trek characters from three different Trek series all in the same program. (William Shatner: Kirk from Star Trek, Rene Auberjonois: Odo from Deep Space Nine and Jeri Ryan: Seven of Nine from Voyager)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Denny: Ms. Reese. Denny Crane.
      Courtney Reese: Hello.
      Denny: I'm sorry. THE Denny Crane. Crane, Poole and Sperm. Schmidt!

    • Denny: All right, why are you still miffed at me?
      Alan: I'm not miffed, Denny.
      Denny: You're miffed enough to ruin my meal. I thought being my plug-puller would be an honor.
      Alan: It is. And I'm not saying I don't want to be the one to pull your plug. I just felt the way the whole package was presented to me was wrong.
      Denny: I just told you to sign my document.
      Alan. Exactly. With something as monumental as that, you don't just push a piece of paper in one's face. You discuss it first.
      Denny: We've discussed it plenty of times. You said you would shoot me.
      Alan: There's a difference between talking about it and signing a legal document.
      Denny: You're a fricking lawyer for God's sake. That's what you do!
      Alan: With others, yes. When it comes to my personal life, I don't actually sign contracts at the drop of a hat. When I say I'll do something, I do it, regardless of a piece of paper. And I expect people to hold me to my word.
      Denny: What's the matter with you? People don't do that anymore. And you certainly can't expect the hospital to acknowledge your word.
      Alan: In this case, I can see that.
      Denny: Well, are you gonna sign the damn thing or not? Ok... I apologize. How about I ask you properly?
      Alan: Ok.
      Denny: Would you do me the honor of killing me?

    • Shirley: (about the wetsuit) How did you get into that thing, anyway?
      Denny: A lot of vaseline and Chuck in word processing helped.
      Shirley: Poor Chuck...

    • Denny: (wearing a wetsuit) Does this make me look fat?
      Shirley: Yes. Wear heels.

    • Alan: It's spring...I'm in heat.

  • NOTES (3)