Boston Legal

Season 2 Episode 26

Spring Fever

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 16, 2006 on ABC

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  • It\'s about time to get rid of the Marlene Stanger character.

    Not *worst* episode so far, but it\'s getting pretty close. Denny and Alan continue to delight with their quirky relationship, but beyond that, yet another episode of CP&S\'s family or friend being in trouble. Don\'t they represent anyone outside of their circle anymore?

    I am glad that they had Howard Hessman back as Judge again. With all the big names starring and guest-starring in this series, I was hoping for something with a little more \"oomph\" I guess, but I was mistaken.

    Bring back Betty White! Love seeing Jeri Ryan on the show. More, please!

    Overall, a fairly good episode, but I still wish they would do something MORE with these amazing characters.
  • Finale- Part one.

    Again, this episode had many good points, but it wasn't as perfect as much as the earlier episodes of the Season.

    It was amusing, however- Alan and Marlene simply sizzled, and it was funny seeing him torment her, considering how unlikeable a character she is.

    Marlene helping out Shirley with Prof Cabot was funny, although I still don't like the high-school like tension between her and Denise. It was, however, hilarious to see her and Marlene compete to run to get to the elevator first! A brilliant scene.

    The Brad and Denise scene was also hilariously funny! Brad, meanwhile, has to defend his niece after a "pharm" party- it was interesting to see more of Brad's back story, and it leaves us wondering where it will go.

    Denny and Alan travel to Los Angeles, where Denny wants him to sign a contract saying he will kill him when his alzeimers gets to him. (sorry- mad cow). Alan is miffed at this, and the two make it up- briefly! I do love seeing them travel, however. The ending on a cliffhanger with Courtney Reese was good, although I did miss the balcony scene.

    Overall, a good episode, if not quite up to the same standard as most of Season 2.
  • Funny

    This friendship between Denny and Alan is so hilarious. I wonder why Alan doesn't want Denny in his living will.
    Well, I guess he was also kinda offended because Denny seems to have sort of a second Alan over there in L.A. - at least that's how I felt.
    Anyway, that weird professor was really funny again, but the storyline with Brad's niece was rather burdening. I thought he was really great in this situation though. Oh, and did I mention I really like him with Denise? Ever since they first kissed (which was so funny) they've been pretty cute together!
  • Great episode.

    So Alan and Denny decide to flee to Los Angeles to have a break. But first Alan chats up the new lady. Denise continues to rival the new girl. And Shirley is forced to defend an old client when he is caught in the act with a hooker. And finally Brad's teenage niece gets charged with murder when someone ends up dead at a party. But as the case goes on Brad realises that his niece may not be innocent at all. Overall another great episode, only one more to the season final and i have to say i am totally hooked on this show.
  • I love Alan Shore.

    Alan Shore, James Spader, is the greatest star to hit television since Jack Klugman. I also like Hugh Laurie but doesn't come close to James Spader's acting style. All the silly things they add to the show to attract the young viewer I just ignore. The whole picture is what counts. I wish Alan Shore were my lawyer (if he really just existed).
  • "Pharm Parties," soliciting, and a war to make partner. Hour one of a two-hour season finale.

    I love this show, I really do, but the pressure to do bigger and better is not always better. In this case, less would have been more. The teenager charged with murder because she gave her classmate was pretty contrived. My father had a law practice, and I guarantee you, had I been on trial somewhere, he would NOT have defended me! Same thing with doctors not treating their own family members. OK, the guy was an uncle, not a father, but a family member nonetheless. Shirley Schmidt having to strong-arm the judge because of his late daughter's past drug history was also pretty dicey. The smile factor was brought by Ed Begley as the professor doing his sexual "research." This actor is always good for a laugh, even when he's trying to be serious, and there was tongue-in-cheek quality to his case that made me smile. Adding Wes Craven (very convincing!) was a stroke of genius. I didn't much like this episode, per se, but parts of it were amusing. Better luck next season.
  • This episode marked a low point for Boston Legal.

    In a series that is founded on freshness and pizazz, this two-hour episode fell completely flat.

    As much as I would love to shoot some of those bastards in the paparazzi, their part of the episode was very dull. Even Jeri Ryan couldn't spice it up. The opportunity of really using LA to inject something new and insightful was completely missed.

    Even worse, the "pharm party" death case had me pulling my hair out. Now I'm no legal expert, as I suspect most of the audience is not, but I found the murder charge completely implausible, stretched thin and ignoring a major point of logic in order to reach the overzealous judge. Now I've seen this show brush over some finer points of common sense, but I never thought they would stoop that low. I'm not talking about the subject matter, which is quite serious, but about the fact that the young woman was accused of murder when all she did was give a boy of her own age a single dose of her medication for the same symptoms she was experiencing. Yet after this fact was revealed they continued with the same plotline and defense as if she had somehow purposefully given him a toxic mix of unknown pharmaceuticals. It was completely unbelievable that they would continue to pursue that plotline without any reference to other chemicals he had in his system at the time or other witnesses claiming she had done something egregious.

    And to add insult to injury, it appears that yet another attractive young actress is leaving the show.

    It made me very sad to see such an incredible season come to such a pathetic close.
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