Boston Legal

Season 2 Episode 25

Squid Pro Quo

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 09, 2006 on ABC
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Squid Pro Quo
Denny once again goes head-to-head with his non-son, Donny, when he shows up in his new role as a Lawyers Without Borders representative. But Alan finds it difficult to support Denny's defense when Denny makes light of the case. Meanwhile, Marlene Stanger, known as "The Squid", is hired at the firm, and immediately attracts Alan and repels Denise.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Dennyfaces his fake son Donny in court and Marlene "The Squid" joins he firm and presents herself as a problem for denise and a challenge for Alan.

    I’ve been so looking forward to this storyline, Parker Posey is one of my favorite actresses and I knew she would fit in perfectly with his show and this cast. The name Marlene is a pretty bad choice though it doesn’t suit fit her personality (personally I don’t like an name ending in –lene, but that’s neither here nor there). I love how equal Marlene is with Alan though; finally he gets a smart woman. And they give Marlene some of the best lines, like: “Things looked rosy”, I don’t think anyone can play bored sarcasm like Parker Posey, well maybe James Spader. But I have to say that I think the writers and crew on Boston Legal are going to use Parker Posey to her full potential.

    At first when we were introduced to Denny’s case it seemed like it was reaching pretty far to be relevant, but I just figured that the case wasn’t important and that they just wanted to pair up Denny and Donny. But at Alan’s closing, which surprised me that he was swilling to do it, I saw the real issues and I agree completely with what Alan says and for the same reasons too, I’m hardly sympathetic to America, and not at all patriotic (mostly because I’m a left wing Canadian) but everyone depends on US aid and intervention far too much. Yes the United States is full of Prosperous people but it’s now just pretending to be rich it’s a shiny apple rotting from the inside out. Anyways I could talk about this forever so I’ll get on with the review. Denny in this episode and whenever Donny is around is very strange he seems almost sympathetic to Donny, who he still considers a son, but I find that odd since he has a stronger relationship with Alan and he never seems to try to get on the same level with him, that come out verbally when he told Alan he didn’t need him. Clearly Denny is a lot more fragile than anyone knows, maybe Alan knows but as long as they keep at arms length from each other Denny will be in danger of falling apart constantly. This review got a lot more serious than I anticipated, I was expecting to want to talk about Parker Posey the whole time, Oh well. I’m with Denny I can’t wait until next week.

    Note: Alan has a painting on his wall that looks suspiciously like Garbage’s “Bleed Like Me” album cover.

    2nd Note: It looks like former Star Trek cast member Jeri Ryan is going to be on this show that’s 3 for Star Trek (I think), also she was a Boston Public cast member so that’s 2 for Boston Public.

  • The Squid

    I thought this episode was mainly brilliant. Denny's son Donny returns, which tied up some loose ends (although stangely we never see him again!). The acting of Donny is still just as good as in the first Season, which is a delight. Denny in trial was also good as well, and it was heart stopping to see him freeze as his "mad cow" got the better of him- you could see the look of concern on Donny's face as well. Alan helping out his friend was also a nice touch, especially seeing him close the way he did. It was a tense moment, however, when on the balcony Alan tells Denny "I am your friend, Denny, not your boy".

    The scenes with Denny and Donny in the restaurant were nice and touching as well, the dialogue brilliant between the pair of them.

    Marlene "the squid" is added to the cast, and I am not sure to this day whether I like her or not. Shes good in some ways, but as a developped character I do not know. I do love, however, Alan's interaction with her- it was so good seeing them lock eyes and Alan winning- hilarious. The Denise vs Marlene thing didn't interest me- it was all too much like high school for me, and wasn't a brilliant B-story.

    Nevertheless, the episode certainly doesn't dissapoint- Boston Legal, how I miss you!moreless
  • Donny... Craine

    So Denny's son Donny shows up in this episode once again to face him in court. Only thid time he tells his father that he wants to get to know him better. Meanwhile Denny feels he is loosing the case aginst Donny do he calls in Alan to give a great closing which helps him to win the case. Also a new woman joins the firm and Denise gets a little worried and Alan and her bond immidiatly. Overall this was another good episode. This season sure has made some great episodes. Only two episode left until the season 2 final.moreless
  • I wish I could have a glass of Oban and a Macanudo with Alan Shore every night!

    The closing argument made by Alan Shore was one of the best monologue I've ever heard in television or movies. What I find most endearing about the Alan Shore character is how he always rises above, despite the internal struggles he faces daily due in part to his conflicting personality traits. I'm reminded that no matter what difficulties I have in life at any given moment, there should never be any reason for me to stop being honest with myself and to others around me.moreless
Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie Prinze Jr.

Donny Crane

Guest Star

Parker Posey

Parker Posey

Marlene Stanger

Guest Star

Don McManus

Don McManus

Atty. John Lennox

Guest Star

Marisa Coughlan

Marisa Coughlan

Melissa Hughes

Recurring Role

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    • Denny: Objection! The witness isn't speaking English!
      Judge: We're aware of that, Mr. Crane, she's being translated.
      Denny: (Turns to Alan) Is that legal?
      Alan: (sarcastically) Shocking, isn't it?

    • Denny: Why won't you try this trial with me?
      Alan: Personal reasons.
      Denny:It's because you're red. That's the old red, not the new red, which is the opposite of blue. That's good. It's your red that's bad. And pink.

    • Denny: Still undefeated. I think my closing made all the difference.
      Alan: Denny, if I wrote it and delivered it, how did it become your closing?
      Denny: My case, I'm the lead attorney and, of course, I'm...
      Alan: Yes, you are.
      Denny: ...the United States of America.

    • Denny: You're looking thin. You should eat more.
      Donny: Some of us don't have fancy expense accounts to pay for our meals, hmm?
      Denny: You should get one. They're awesome.

    • Denny: Denny Crane for the United States of America, your honor.
      Donny: Donny Crane for the plaintiff Kavita Pokharel.
      Judge: I take it you two know each other.
      Donny: He's not my father!
      Denny: He's like a son.
      Judge: This will be a delight...

    • Denny: I, Denny Crane, am going to court to represent the United States of America.
      Paul: And what has our country done to deserve you?
      Denny: US attorney and the DOJ had to rescue themselves, so Alberto appointed me to carry the ball for team USA. The greatest lawyer in the world representing the greatest country in the world, a match made in heaven.

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    • Episode Title: Squid Pro Quo
      A play on the Latin phrase "quid pro quo", a term that refers to the equivalent exchange or substitution of goods or services.