Boston Legal

Season 1 Episode 2

Still Crazy After All These Years

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2004 on ABC
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Still Crazy After All These Years
Alan helps his ex-lover who tried to kill him get out of a psychiatric hospital. Brad and Denny take a case where a wife is suing the hospital for causing her emotional distress when her husband died during an angioplasty. Denny learns this new case will help the other partners decide if he is a liability to the firm. Lori tries to steer Sally away from Alan.moreless

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  • Superb

    The second episode of Boston Legal kept to the same pace and brilliance of the first. The storylines were slick and intermitant with one another, and we saw some more growth in the characters.

    Alan's main storyline with his ex-girlfriend who tried to kill him was brilliantly acted and written- I didn't see the beginning sequence coming when I first saw this episode! How it affected his relationship with Sally was also entertaining, although she seems to immature to be a lawyer (at least in some ways).

    I also loved Denny's storyline, and evidence that he can still hold his own in court- I loved how it affected his relationship with Brad, although I do prefer Alan and Denny as a pairing (maybe because I saw the second Season first, so am biased).

    The storyline ended on a cliffhanger, which shoes that, after the Pilot, the writers and moving into a more sophisticated style of story telling.

    Overall, a brilliant second episode, full of drama and suspense and crazy humour.moreless
  • Review

    This is not a bad episode of Boston Legal the stories in the episode are fine none of them are boring. The episode is funny when it needs to be and serious when it has to be and makes a perfect balance between the stories of the episode my favorite story was the Lori vs. Sally over Alan that story was price less and made for good TV over all a great funny nice episode of Boston Legal my over all rating for this episode of the 2nd season of Boston Legal is the rating of 9.7 overall the end.moreless
  • Way too cool!!, A good example of whats to come soon in this show.

    Totally great. Without a doubt one of the best episodes of this first season so far. It was intriguing, funny, dramatic and savvy. Just perfect. I loved the way the characters used their eyes to express what they couldnt with their words. The way Alan and Lori clinged in that \"feet scene\" they had toguether, the way Sally looked at Alan when he went to talk with his \"old friend\", the way Alan continued mocking his \"push ups parthner\" and Denny:

    \"Just delightful\". Hilarious...

    A really good example of whats to come, because they are still crazy, after all these years.........

Andy Milder

Andy Milder

Dr. Gill

Guest Star

Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson

Walter Seymore

Guest Star

Ms. P. Reney

Ms. P. Reney

Psyche Nurse

Guest Star

Rene Auberjonois

Rene Auberjonois

Paul Lewiston

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the scene where Denny is smoking a cigar and talking to Brad, his cigar starts out as a little less than half smoked. When he stands up, the cigar is smoked to the end. However, when Denny sits back down, the cigar is back to its original half smoked status.

    • Paul Lewiston recalls to Denny Crane about the time they saw Muhammad Ali's last fight and the beating that he received from Larry Holmes. Ali's last fight was against Trevor Berbick, not Holmes

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Alan (to Lori): You disapprove of me. That warms my cockles.

    • Brad: Do you know why I was brought here? The firm thinks that you are becoming a liability. They wanted me to control you.
      Denny: Who thinks I'm a liability?
      Brad: It doesn't matter.
      Denny: Who?
      Brad: Denny, you were once something to aspire to. You're now becoming something to parody. You walk around saying "Denny Crane, Denny Crane" like it's supposed to intimidate or conjure up awe. You're a complete joke. If that gets me fired, so be it. I'm saying it just the same. You know why? Because I love you. I adore you. But it hurts to see you deteriorating into a...
      Denny: Get the hell out of my office.

    • Sally: (angrily)You're her guardian and she slept in your hotel room last night.
      Alan: See, you get upset when I don't tell you these things but then when I do…

    • Lori: A woman tries to kill you; you go to represent her. You don't think there's a pathology at play here?
      (Alan says nothing)
      Lori: I refer to yours.
      Alan: I got the reference, thank you. Speaking as an enormously unlikable person, I find it difficult to maintain grudges against all those who wanna kill me, don't you?
      (Lori smiles and walks away)
      Alan: Yes, you'll perhaps find that witty comeback in your office.

    • Sally: I'm not gonna even discuss the absurdity of representing an ex-lover who tried to kill you but how do you not at least tell me? That isn't something that I should know?
      Alan: I wanted to surprise you with it.

    • Lori: Wait a second. She tried to kill you?
      Alan: She did.
      Lori: And now she wants out?
      Alan: She does.
      Lori: And you're trying to help her get out?
      Alan: I am.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Episode Title: Still Crazy After All These Years
      This episode's title comes from the Paul Simon song and album of the same name, released in 1975.