Boston Legal

Season 4 Episode 15

Tabloid Nation

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2008 on ABC

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  • The two main cases are: Alan goes head to head with the annoying Malvin Palmer. Shirley defends an old boyfriend, ex-vet for killing seals.

    Spoilers herein: Alan struggles at first against the very annoying, overly happy Malvin Palmer. The father of a daughter murdered by her ex-boyfriend is suing a TV talk show. The ex-boyfriend, with already violent behaviour, proposed to the girl on TV, and she turned him down. He subsequently murdered her, so the father sued the TV talk show. Alan is surprised at how much Malvin Palmer irritates him, sparking regressed child-like tendencies. He talks to Lorraine about how he killed off toys, and hated a Bobo doll – the way it kept bouncing back, happy. Lorraine leaves an inflated Bobo doll in Alan's office. He's not happy with it, and Denny comes in and shoots it. As the jury walks back into the court room with their verdict Palmer offers the father $750,000, take it now, or miss out. Alan advises the father to decline, which he does. The jury returns in favor of the father, and awards him 4.3 million dollars. Alan has won. Palmer is still all happy though.

    Shirley defends an old boyfriend who is an ex-vet. He has been arrested for killing seals. Shirley feels he needs help for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is poor with no income, and says he has to fish to eat, and seals are watch he catches. The judge rules in his favor – he won't be going to jail.

    A very funny scene in this episode is when Denny and Shirley go out for dinner. Denny thinks it's to rekindle old sparks, but for Shirley it is dinner as friends. Denny has a tear gadget attached to his face, so that he can shed some tears to remind Shirley of the old days when they used to date. The machine malfunctions though, and too many tears come out. Tears end up squirting across the table and wetting Shirley.