Boston Legal

Season 4 Episode 3

The Chicken and the Leg

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2007 on ABC

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  • HIV, suicide and cock fighting provide are the diverse topics litigated this episode.

    Denny and Carl defend a man accused of cock fighting with a side bet that has more to do with Shirley than the case. Jerry and Katie litigate a civil suit against a psychologist who treated a man who committed suicide. Alan, with Lorraine's distractive help, represents a fifteen-year-old girl who sues her school for their policy of only teaching abstinence, which left her defenseless against STD's.
    Typically Boston Legal presents quirky, irreverent and politically incorrect story line with dubious legal theory legal theory and courtroom behavior on the part of both lawyers and jurists. This episode was not an exception.
    Occasionally David Kelly's scripts tackle a topic that is timely and necessary, in this case the teaching of sex education in the public schools. Whichever side you take on this topic the fate of a high school sophomore with HIV should tug at your heart. Of course those who promote "abstinence only" take the position that the whore got what she deserved. Those sentiments aside, the topic was approached in a manner that left the audience wondering which side the court would favor and the dramatic conclusion was far from predictable. It made for good drama.
    The other story lines were equally entertaining. Denny and Carl's jostling over Shirley's affections make for an interesting counterpoint to the Denny/Alan repartee and it is good to see John Larroquette back on the airwaves.
    The third case provided interesting information (if it is accurate) on the subject of talk therapy. I also found Jerry's unrequited attraction affections for Katie sadly touching and a nice way of further rounding out his character.
    Like it or not this series typically tackles politically charged topics. This episode was one of their better attempts at relevance.
    On the down side, the usual sexual hi-jinks were tame by comparison to past episodes and as much as I like Saffron Burrows her pairing with James Spader seems to lack that spark usually associated Alan Shore.
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