Boston Legal

Season 4 Episode 19

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 14, 2008 on ABC
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The Gods Must Be Crazy
A group of high ranking politicos ask Denny Crane to run for President of the United States. Jerry Espenson's ex-girlfriend, Dana, asks that he defend her after she's arrested for prostitution. Carl Sack and Shirley Schmidt represent a woman who is suing the Archdiocese for not permitting her to become a priest.moreless

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  • Simply sad

    This episode really tore me. On the lighter side, I love the fact that Denny was able to outsmart his friends and turn the joke on them. The usually preachy political opinions are expressed and discussed in a very respectful and passive way. Allen doesn't appear to lean one way or the other, but just offers simple commentary, with Denny there to add some humor. That's the part of the episode that I absolutely loved. In contrast, however, I am appalled by the idea that they had the audacity to advocate such an egregious violation of our civil liberties. The idea that the state may not only interfere with the church, but actually dictate doctrine is frightening to me. This show has gotten on its soapbox so many times preaching about the abuse of civil liberties, specifically taking aim at the Bush administration. To then turn around and celebrate not only the separation of church and state, but state dictated church doctrine angers me. This show, in all its brilliance, has a glaring weakness; the overt political agenda it constantly professes. Many may enjoy this episode and take it as an act of fantasy. I am, however, someone who does not believe that the desecration of civil liberties should be glorified, in any form.moreless
  • Till now, this I believe is the strongest episode for Boston Legal, it has a strong political issues, and at the same time, some very entertaining moments, Allen and Shmidt attacks the democratic party, Denny propose AGAIN!moreless

    Till now, this I believe is the strongest episode for Boston Legal, it has a strong political issues, and at the same time, some very entertaining moments, Allen and Shmidt attacks the democratic party, Denny propose AGAIN!

    Denny and Carl raise a case against food and medicine that is made from cloned animals and of course Denny fall in love from the first with the plaintive, and because she is the one AGAIN, he pops up the question! Allen and Shmidt on the other hand had their hands full trying to stop Shmidt niece to vote to Obama instead of Hillary, Thus they sue the democratic party, and with in the process, and of the presidential candidates was immune from Allen criticism.

    A great episode and a very recommended one.moreless
  • There is no doubt that Boston Legal is the voice of reason! This episode certainly proved that to be the case!

    Another wonderful episode that had you shouting for them to win ... the main issues showed the judicial system up for what it really is ... run by senile old men who haven't a clue what the face of reality looks like ... not unlike the British Court system! However, it was done with such humour that you automatically warm to the judges ... the two main judges are such amazing characters ... hilarious! Typical ending with the judge who couldn't make up his mind who had actually won!

    The storyline about the delegates voting against the voice of the voters was brilliant ... about time someone showed how the votes are rigged! Alan Shore's speech was phenomenally poignant and funny! He should have won ... because the primaries are so ridiculous if they do not reflect the voters ... what's the point??

    Another great story was about the cloned meat ... something we should all be thinking about ... the fact that they do not label it in the shops is way out of line and against our freedom of choice! Denny falling in love ... again ... was sweet ... and for a moment ... a fleeting moment ... I actually thought it could work ... but the fact that he loves Alan more was beautifully done.

    The beginning was funny too ... referencing the move to Wednesdays ... very clever! But we are not seeing enough of Clarence or the two English actresses ... Katie and Saffron [what happened to her relationship with Alan?] and we did not see quirky Jerry.

    We are heading towards finale time ... the series has gone too quickly ... I am going to miss it very much!moreless
  • Denny for President. A better choice than the ones we have.

    The more outrageous the premise, the funnier the show. Denny for President, how crazy is that. I love the way he and Spader talk about what he would do as Commander in Chief. The world would be a different place by dinner time and he could resign and be back in Boston for a cigar with his friend.

    Taking on the Catholic church is an odd twist, but well done. I especially liked when the woman who wants to be a priest wants to also abolish the celibacy rule. I liked the way in court the way the church has changed their policies over the centuries because of public opinion, and I think the church should join the 21st century.

    As for the case of Jerry's girlfriend, she played her role well, I believe her when she said she wanted to get back with him. A great episode, well done, and really funny.moreless
  • Denny is offered the chance to run for President. Shirley and Carl take the a case of a woman who wants to become a Priest. Jerry's ex-girlfriend is arrested for Prostitution and s offered a deal if she were to reveal her boss' identity.moreless

    There was a lot of hype associated with this episode, mainly being due to the possibility ff Denny running for president of the United States. The rest of the plotlines were interesting though even though they got very little hype.

    Even though there was a lot of cast involvement in this episode, there were the noted absences of Gary Anthony Williams and Taraji P. Henson.

    The episode was served by the scenes keeping within the established bounds and quirks of the characters. Denny's initial reaction to being offered the chance to run for President was spot on, writing and performance wise. Alan's skepticism and critical reaction to the proposition was very good and made a lot of his scenes with Denny work very well. Jerry's reaction to his Dana's return and wanting his help created good drama and his arguments in court were priceless.

    Denny Crane had some very great scenes in this episode, the initial reaction, being vetted by the committee, arguing with Alan over Balcony time, and it resolved very well. Having it turn out to be a practical joke run by adversaries was a very good way to end that story. It was far more inventive than simply having Denny decide because of age or timing or some other reason to give up and not try. The turning of the tables was also very well executed.

    The case with Shirley and Carl to assist a woman to become a priest was interesting, though a little off balance. Shirley starts and then Carl takes over and runs the rest of the case completely. Both of them delivered strong performances the switch off just seemed unusual for this pair.

    Jerry and Katie trying to overturn the law against Prostitution was a Hail Mary play to be sure, but at least it was well established and supported. The internal conflict between Jerry, Katie and Lorraine was strong. The ending of that arc was also well put together, leaving us with the question as to whether or not Lorraine had something to do with Dana's disappearance. Hopefully this will be revisited in the season finale.

    This episode had a very interesting twist, 2 major arguments and Alan made neither of them.

    Carl was very effective in making his case, while Jerry's arguments were a little diminished by his "Talking in circles" While I am sure many have strong feelings about the arguments made, I thought they were at least well presented and reasoned. In the end, Denny may not have won the chance to be President but he still won the day.moreless
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Missi Pyle

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Rachelle LeFevre

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    • Jerry mentions that prostitution is legal in Argentina. This is not exactly correct. As far as I know it is not considered illegal, which is not the same as "legal". This is, prostitution is tolerated and not criminalized but still lacks a law to regulate it. So, if you are a hooker you can work the streets without the police bothering you much but pimps, white slavery, prostibules, child prostitution, etc., are still illegal.

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