Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 10

The Nutcrackers

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • Simply Brilliant

    It was such an enjoyable episode this one.

    Alan always makes me laugh anyway, but his case with the white supremist singers was very good, and also very well handled, showing Alan against his liberal beliefs, and trying to keep the family together.

    Denny's case with the anorexic child and her mother was also poignant, sensitive but also amusing. Denny clearly isn't the lawyer he once was, and has to rely on Alan to help him out at the end, in the way only Alan can do.

    The whole party thing was brilliant, Alan trying to get Shirley to dress up as a playboy bunny was hilarious! I loved how she tricked him at the end.

    Brad, Denise and Coho all take the case of a woman trying to sue God, which was entertaining and well handled- its fun seeing Brad and Coho's rivalary, and its also brilliant seeing Clarence come out of his shell more, especially around Claire- excellent writing for the supporting cast their.

    Overall, what else can I say? Just perfection.
  • Some great character cases that tackle big issues with a fun bent equal a good holiday episode.

    I admit I was bothered at the whole "suing God" thing as Kelly did that plot years back on Ally McBeal. However, having them go after the phone company was unexpected. I liked Denise's reaction to Brad and Jeffrey, especially when they kept stepping on each other making their case to the cell phone lawyers. That led to another fun fight between them and the bit of them making up at the party was a nice light touch.

    I enjoyed Alan's case as he once again makes good points about how, their morality and beliefs aside, you can't really split children from otherwise good parents. My favorite part was another "breaking the fourth wall" comment when Alan tells Shirley "We haven't even gotten to the part with my politically biased but compelling closing." The bet added to the silliness but then it does seem to be turning into a tradition for the show so so be it.

    The anexoria case was interesting too. I laughed at Denny's "Exactly!" statement when told homosexuality was once classified as a mental illness, showing again the unique way his mind worked. The way Alan tried to help him while Denny argued he could still win was also intriguing. I really like the deep way their friendship goes. I'm also glad they kept Jerry's cameo to just a short bit with that funny painting of "Mona Allan." A nice surprise was the return of Lawrence as Clare tries to help him get over his shyness problems and work in the office. I look forward to how he goes, just as I look forward to what the new year has in store for a series regaining its stride.
  • Don't ya just love Denny and Alan? I certainly do.

    This episode finds Denise saddled with a case against God for a woman whose husband got struck by lightning while he was out on a golf course on the cell phone. Her biggest obstacle isn't the case or the fact that it is against God, it's that Jeffrey Coho and Brad have both been assigned to the case with her. Every oportune time they can find they are fighting and slugging it out but all is well that ends well. Denny takes a case for a mother whose daughter wants emancipated because she wants to live her life as anorexic and her mother just doesn't want her to die from the anorexia's damage. Alan makes a bet with Shirley about wearing a playboy bunny outfit to the Xmas party, if he wins she wears it, if he doesn't win she wears it, however the case is about an aunt suing for custody of her neices who sing biggoted country songs because her parents are white supremecists. Well we know Alan knows how to handle this as always. Denny seemed lackluster and thinks Alan doubts him and his ability as a lawyer. There were great one-liners and alot to snicker at, one show that makes you think while it is throwing jokes at ya right and left. Long Live Boston Legal and Denny Crane!
  • Boston Legal returns to the little things that make this show unique, and this was one of the best episodes of this season.

    I have had a lot of concerns about this season. Quite a few episodes, especially ones featuring Jeffrey Coho have left a bad taste in my mouth. Last season, Boston Legal was my favorite show; this season, it fell several spots.

    But, Nutcrackers was a return to a lot of what I loved about Boston Legal. We got some unique cases like a woman wanting to sue God because her husband was killed by lightning, and Alan and Shirley betting on the results of a custody case featuring twin, teenage white supremist singers. The stakes? The loser has to show up in a Playboy bunny outfit for the Christmas party to boost morale.

    This episode also continued one of the more compelling plot threads of the season: Claire's friendship with a shy man who feels much more comfortable pretending to be a woman. I loved the tension in this episode between Denny and Alan, and it was fun to see Jeffrey and Brad have to work together. They actually made a great team when they weren't trying to kill each other. This episode also cut down a lot of the distractions from this season. Delta Burke's role was much more subdued, and it was nice to see Jerry Epstein in more of a supporting role again. So far, my two favorite episodes this season were the Halloween and Christmas episode. Hopefully, we will get a few more good episodes before Easter.