Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 10

The Nutcrackers

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • Simply Brilliant

    It was such an enjoyable episode this one.

    Alan always makes me laugh anyway, but his case with the white supremist singers was very good, and also very well handled, showing Alan against his liberal beliefs, and trying to keep the family together.

    Denny's case with the anorexic child and her mother was also poignant, sensitive but also amusing. Denny clearly isn't the lawyer he once was, and has to rely on Alan to help him out at the end, in the way only Alan can do.

    The whole party thing was brilliant, Alan trying to get Shirley to dress up as a playboy bunny was hilarious! I loved how she tricked him at the end.

    Brad, Denise and Coho all take the case of a woman trying to sue God, which was entertaining and well handled- its fun seeing Brad and Coho's rivalary, and its also brilliant seeing Clarence come out of his shell more, especially around Claire- excellent writing for the supporting cast their.

    Overall, what else can I say? Just perfection.
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