Boston Legal

Season 4 Episode 6

The Object of My Affection

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2007 on ABC
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The Object of My Affection
Denny angers the senior partners when he fires an associate for being fat, consequently bringing a large lawsuit against the firm. Alan enlists the help of Whitney in the case of Patrice Kelly whose temporary insanity plea is not going over well with the jury in her murder trial. Meanwhile, Jerry helps a client who shares his affliction of Asperger's syndrome and begins to show some affection.moreless

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  • This show has lost focus on what made it great, balancing the weight of reality and absurdity. It now pulls heavily in one direction and is close to breaking the scale.moreless

    I have seen every episode of Boston Legal, and have been a huge advocate of keeping it on the air even though it has never received the ratings a show of its caliber deserves. However, a lady in love with a utility box, Jerry just happening to find a woman with aspergers that he didn't meet in some kind of support group, and oh gee Alan won again. This show used to ride the fence of brilliant and absurd. It is now just simply absurd and ridiculous. I think it's about time they actually lose a case, what's it been 3 seasons since that's happened. I used to be believe that some of these cases were winnable even though they were long shots, now the cases seem too over the top for even Alan Shore to win, but of course Crane Poole and Schmidt never seem to lose a case.moreless
  • Alan wins an impossible case again... a woman in love with a box... couldn't get any worse.

    What really disappointed me was the fact that Alan won that case even though it was impossible to. Yeah I know they want to show us that this Law Firm is one of the best in Boston, but lets face reality here. How on earth was that possible to win that case? oh, yeah, I remember why, Alan gave us one of his excellent closings and the Jury believed him once again.. so cliche!

    and some seasons back, I remember Alan Shore saying he doesn't represent murderers, when clearly, he knew this lady was one! He knew that even before she killed a man! The directors were trying to make it come out like she did a good thing. It really makes me sick to the stomach to watch this awful episode.

    I'm not really going to criticize the lady in love with the box because that was a little funny, but all I'm going to say is that they should have come up with a better story for her.moreless
  • The murder trial continues for the woman claiming temporary insanity, Denny lands in more hot water for firing a woman because she is fat, Jerry meets a kindred spirit.

    This episode was rather good, it wasn't one of the best, but it certainly had high points. Once again the direction and the cinematography were excellent. There was a quick shot of the 3 Monkeys "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" in the judge's chambers, which was pretty clever given the nature of the trial.

    Love him or hate him, Alan put on a great trial, and James Spader turned in another stellar performance. His closing pushed the boundaries and really put forth some interesting theories regarding morality. He raised a good but ultimately flawed argument, but good enough to win the day. Mare Winningham was phenomenal and should be nominated for her role. Denny...will he ever learn? I am dying to see what legal leg he has to stand on here. It should also be interesting to see what Alan will do with the trial.

    Jerry takes on a woman who is an objectophile-she loves a german storage box-as a client. They both have similar mannerisms and seem to be kindred spirits. This angle could play out very well in either the emotional or comedic domains.

    John Larroquette gets better each episode. Carl Sack is tough but fair, business minded but not totally heartless. He adds a new dynamic to the show and is a good fit.

    Good episode, sort of cookie-cutter, but solid.moreless
  • Patrice's trial gets underway and Jerry defends a woman suffering from Objectaphilia who instantly connects with him. Denny fires an associate for being fat.

    Even when not much is going on, the little moments are the funniest. Denny crosses the line when he fires an associate for being fat while at the same time finds amusement in a video game. Alan does the best he can with Patrice's insistance that God spoke to her and told her to kill the man who was acquitted of her daughter's murder. Alan proves that he has the gift of making the most unbelievable things sound believable.

    The most interesting moments where Carl trying to have a conversation with Denny. Finally someone sees that Denny is bored and much of what he says is to get attention. Now maybe Denny will be back in the courtroom where he belongs. My favorite part of the episode was Jerry making a connection with a woman who suffers from Ausperger's syndrome. When the object of her affection-a utility box-is distroyed, Jerry has a heartfelt talk about connecting with someone of the opposite sex-which benefitted them both. My only complaint about the episode was the balcony scene that was reminiscent of a recent House episode. Denny confessing his love for Alan was something Greg House confessed to James Wilson. The sentiment was meant as sincere but was taken as a joke, which was unfortunate. The friendship between Denny and Alan is genuine and strong. Perhaps words aren't needed to express it.moreless
Peter Onorati

Peter Onorati

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Mary Gross

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Pamela Adlon

Attorney Emma Path

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • As Whitney is about to give Patrice a cup of water, she initially uses her left hand but in the next shot, she uses her right hand.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Jerry: I'm representing a woman who is in love with an utility box.
      Carl: (To Katie) Something tells me you're involved.
      Katie: I'm not actually. Other than to encourage Jerry. I think it's brilliant.
      Jerry: Brilliant!
      Katie: I think the law that's noblest is used to protect the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society. The client here is an objectophile, a fragile one at that. Every other law firm summarily rejected her. How wonderful that this firm endeavors to prioritize compassion and humanity over profit. It positively warms the cockles of my heart. Jerry's off to meet his developer - perhaps you'd care to join. I'm sure your own cockles could use a jolly.

    • Carl: What's up?
      Denny: Ohh, just pretending to be busy, waiting for Alan to get back so I can smoke and drink and discuss my penis.

    • Judge Fudd: (to Alan) My concern is, if you think revenge murder is a moral good, maybe you're not seeing straight yourself.

  • NOTES (1)