Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 6

The Verdict

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2006 on ABC

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  • Very disappointing episode. Plot elements stolen right from the last season of The Practice, and Alan reduced to a crybaby. BL used to be one of my favorite shows, but it is quickly dropping down the list.

    WHAT HAPPENED?? Boston Legal's first two seasons were some of the most incredible shows I had ever seen on television. The first episode this season felt a little off, but I was willing to keep going. By the second episode, they added Jeffery Coho and Claire I-Can't-Even-Be-Bothered-To-Remember-Her-Last-Name to the show, two characters who seemed to add nothing to BL's once great ensemble cast, and just took screen time from the much more compelling characters, especially Paul and Brad, who have been lucky to get a line in per episode lately. This downward spiral has continued, and really peaked with The Verdict.

    David E. Kelly and company recycled the "create reasonable doubt by showing the client's mother was in love with him and might be the murderer instead." This would have been bad enough on it's own, but the worse crime is that in this episode, Alan is presented as being a complete crybaby. Instead of seeing Alan as a nasty lawyer willing to do anything to win a case, we get to see him as a pathetic loser. Alan is supposed to be a loveable shark, not someone that the viewer feels pity towards.

    The only redeeming quality of this episode was the opening and closing with Denny and Alan. Granted, Denny and Alan's scenes together are always the best part of the show, but they should not be the only good thing about an entire episode. Boston Legal used to be my absolute favorite show on television, but this season is is not even my favorite show on Tuesday nights. I miss my favorite show, and I hope Kelly figures out what happened to it before he loses this viewer.
  • The Verdict gives us what we love about Boston Legal. It and the episodes leading up to The Verdict are bound to become series classics.

    The Verdict and all the episodes leading up to it is (will become) a series classic! First, the cast does a wonderful job in portraying their characters and the writing is on the nose for each of them.

    For Star Trek fans, this episode and those leading up to it have been providing a fun time with some of our favorite actors without the Star Trek makeup. It is also wonderful to Quark and Odo together again (the previous episodes). Unfortunately Boston Legal didn't allow their characters to be opposite of their Star Trek roles. Rene Auberjonois still play an emotionally restrictive role, while Armin Shimerman's role is still one of antagonistic to his old nemesis. Missing is a three-way relationship between all three Star Trek alumni for (I suspect) some fun dynamics. Putting these two observations aside, Star Trek fans will enjoy watching some of our favorite actors in The Verdict.

    Second, again Boston Legal is about courtrooms, sex, and more sex. Every major character with a part in The Verdict has some aspect of sex on his or her mind. Whether they are having it or avoiding it, sex is on the minds of those at Boston Legal and isn't that one reason we love Boston Legal?

    This episode gives us everything we value in Boston Legal - a good suspenseful courtroom action and sexual relations so outrageous we love it simply because it is outrageous. (No spoilers here for anyone on the verdict – sorry.)
  • This episode was absolutely disgusting. Usually its in a good way; but the good way was only for about 10 seconds while the rest of the disgusting took up half the entire episode

    Summary? Its on the episode page

    My point of view: I am appalled at the quality of episodes these days. But this by far goes over the board of excessive.

    i take back what i might have said earlier in forums, but if they continue with their sex rant and obsession disgusting filthy lines, i dont want a S4. This show was into the much silent yet serious subject matters but now James character (for some reason i've forgotten his name) can only seem to be sex driven. And his acting or maybe his faces are just disgusting. He's fat. He's old. And he smokes. Seriously i doubt anyone is interesting in seeing him like we did today (in UK). its absolutely revolting.

    This episode was actually exceptional in that The Littles plot had come to a close with shocking revelations here and there. But its just not BL. It was just too fictional. It was like watching an episode of Desperate Housewives where they desperately (and sometimes suceed) try to shock the audience. But it was entertaining. And the kiss at the end, featured one the best camera work i've ever seen on TV. Apart from the actors going at it intensely, the camera person grossed it out with different zoom shots here and there. Great work. I actually got into the show because of the randomness the camera picks up. its usually left to you as the audience to determine if you feel the shot was significant or not to the ongoing story.

    And an unrealistic point of the episode is that both Littles, mother and son, really would not have been doing the nasty with the press only inches away.

    Nonetheless that part of the episode was the best. And that arc i must say, well considering we hardly get any was actually the best featured on the show.
    Glad it ended though ...with a knowledge of the real killer.

    What brought this episode down, (really i shld have rated 2.5) was the stupidity and sher nonsense of Alan's situation. so now he's looking for intimacy? i'm confused. His character is begining to lack consistency. Words are Alan's only friend. Sex is just leisure. Well atleast ever since that hot british chick from S1 disappeared. But now we see him hit on Shirley, Denise, Mrs. Little. i mean what woman has he not attempted to hit on. It was okay when it just playful and on occassion but now to make that into an entire episode. And the next episode doesnt seem very promising either. With Jerry showing face yet again. i am very dissappointed. Alan's character was one of the most refreshing characters to be featured on TV but now to turn him into what they've turned him into, i am dissappointed. And almost ashamed to say i watch the show.
  • The Verdict

    The case of the Judge Hooper trial comes to a close, and it certainly doesn't disappoint- what an awfully shocking ending!

    I liked how Coho and Claire tried and won the case, and it was a dramatic closing, but I didn't expect the kiss between the mother and son! EWWWWWW! Really well written though, and it provided some excellent dramatic tension, as well as a good case being spread over a couple of weeks!

    Alan's story was a bit of a let down, however. I do not like feeling sorry for him- hes meant to be this strong character, dark and bit nasty, but loveable. He seemed a little pathetic in this one. Although it was amusing when he hit on Denise, and how Sally went with Brad at the end!

    Overall, a brilliant episode in places, but a slight dip from the last couple.
  • This was a great 50th episode for Boston Legal.

    What was there in this episode other than the incest bit that even made me cringe. Overall we got to see Sally and Alan together again. Haha she also went from Alan to Brad in like a day. Denny was given a little more than a camio and Shirely wan't even in the episode. Boston legal is playing out so well. Just when i think it can't get any better it does. People have to remember that humour makes this show, they ahve to do crazy and weird story lines to keep the show working well. Looking forward to next weeks episode which looks really good on the trailer.
  • I like the fact that a case is being told over a few episodes, it felt like I am watching a continuous series again, and the ending, is 'explicite' to me

    The beginning of Season 3 is a little bit different from before, a case, where Scott Little is being charge for murdering Judge Hoopers, who he was having affair with. When Coho and the Claire girl first came into the serios EP2 I didn't like any of them, however, Claire immediately showed that, she's slightly different from the rest of the associates, where she can be considered rude most of the time, but she can see through and read through the real problem of person, where normally others are not able to do it.

    Coho came like a superstar, and immediately 'booked' himself this famous murder case in town. However, I'd like to quote Brad's saying to Paul, "He acted like a superstar, but I haven't seen why he's one yet!"

    At the end of the case... after almost everybody has been 'questioned' and made a possible murderer for Judge Hoopers's murder...(her husband, the sick neighbour who's a peeping Tom, Scott's mother) we saw that, it's possibly the mother... as Scott seemed to be emotionally involved with his over-controlling over-babysitting mother.

    The testimonial session given by the mother, and with Coho, seemed to be staged, as claimed by Dennis... to switch the attention of the jury, the mother, after being harshly questioned by Coho, cried out loudly that she needed a lawyer...

    Ooh!!! that's interesting... and that set Scott Little free... cos, 1. police didn't do their job good enough, once they saw the tape, case closed, as Claire said, 2. The mother looked even more suspicious...

    All in all, this verdict reminded me of 2 of the continous episodes in 'The Practice' season 8, "Coming Home", where Alan defended his best friend who's married, arrested for murdering his lover. At the end of the story, it seemed like the friend really did murder his lover, cos, she was simply sleeping around, and he was obsessed with her.

    Similar to the few episodes in this season of Boston Legal (maybe that's one of the reason, Alan was not on this super case, cos, it'll remind us so much of The Practice.. but I suppose, Alan will do it HIS way)but in the end, it really seemed like it's the mother who did it.

    The 'impressive' scene is the last scene, where Scott and the mother were left in the room alone... usually.. if any of the lawyer 'accidentally' defended a real criminal, it'll just be shown in an implicit and subtle way at the end of the story, but this one.. ooh!! is shocking to me... first, the mother touched Scott Little's face (come on!! a 20++ year old man) and said "I love you!", then, Scott, looking at his own mother, saying "I love you too!" OK!! I thought everything will stop here, and I thought it's really just about an over-protecting mother and a super-duper submissive child, but then, after these "I love you" phrases, they both started kissing passionately!!!

    Ya, that's shocking to me... as.. well... normally we don't really get to see mother and son(real mother and son) kissing passionately so close-up, in TV series!!!!!

    SHOCKING!!! But when Coho re-opened the door and asked these two go to out to speak to the media, it didn't seem like he had any suspicion on the mother??? (as opposed to Alan, normally he'll at least, ask for the last time, "do you really kill her??")

    However, it seems to me now, that, Scott actually did it, or accidentally did it, and asked the mother for help, to clean up the whole house... but the mother did say something like "I'll step up and tell them the truth!!"... huh!! what's the truth??? mm...
  • Denny Crane would kick Captain Kirk's butt out of the office!

    Denny Crane would kick Captain Kirk's butt out of the
    Office because William Shatner plays Crane to the bone as
    Shore wants to have sex but is mad that Sally won't stay afterwards with him.
    Good to see former Star Trek actors out of make-up and costume. Also the story where a judge's wife is mudered had a great storyline and a wowing verdict IMO!
    Well-writte and funny!
  • Shocking reversal in court

    The two main storylines in this episode were of varied quality. The courtroom drama involving the murder of a judge's wife was absolutely fantastic. The reversal which revealed the boy's mother as another possible suspect was not only dramatic, but well written and surprisingly plausible. Fine writing and execution. We had to wait for it (this storyline has been going for several episodes), but what a payoff.

    The Alan Shore side plot, which featured his distaste for Lake Bell's character jumping out of bed after sex, was also well written (the fact she ends up with another man at the end is a nice twist, and what she does there is also funny), but seemed, for my taste, to be poorly suited for Alan Shore's character. It would have made more sense for the straight laced ex-Marine to be unhappy with Lake Bell's casual manner, and then wind up with Alan Shore. Remember when we first met Alan Shore's character on the Practice? Remember how intense he was? Let's bring that back. I don't care to watch the anti-hero have mixed feelings about cheap sex. Despite that, I still enjoyed the episode and give it a thumbs up.
  • Shore & Crane: These guys are like the next Odd Couple.

    It's good to see a lawyers who doesn't take there job too seriously. You have these extremely sexy women and these extremely horny men yet they actually manage to get work done. Of course, one of these women are engaged to man that is rarely around. Strange!.? I like the new guy but doesn't he remind you of Alan Shore?. Denny is still after the hot new lawyer who happens to be a little person. Alan finds out he likes to cuddle after sex. And the surprise ending is that the kid on trial for murder was really having an affair with his own mom who actually did the killing of which he's being accused. Never a dull moment, Denny Crane!.
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