Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 6

The Verdict

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2006 on ABC

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  • This episode was absolutely disgusting. Usually its in a good way; but the good way was only for about 10 seconds while the rest of the disgusting took up half the entire episode

    Summary? Its on the episode page

    My point of view: I am appalled at the quality of episodes these days. But this by far goes over the board of excessive.

    i take back what i might have said earlier in forums, but if they continue with their sex rant and obsession disgusting filthy lines, i dont want a S4. This show was into the much silent yet serious subject matters but now James character (for some reason i've forgotten his name) can only seem to be sex driven. And his acting or maybe his faces are just disgusting. He's fat. He's old. And he smokes. Seriously i doubt anyone is interesting in seeing him like we did today (in UK). its absolutely revolting.

    This episode was actually exceptional in that The Littles plot had come to a close with shocking revelations here and there. But its just not BL. It was just too fictional. It was like watching an episode of Desperate Housewives where they desperately (and sometimes suceed) try to shock the audience. But it was entertaining. And the kiss at the end, featured one the best camera work i've ever seen on TV. Apart from the actors going at it intensely, the camera person grossed it out with different zoom shots here and there. Great work. I actually got into the show because of the randomness the camera picks up. its usually left to you as the audience to determine if you feel the shot was significant or not to the ongoing story.

    And an unrealistic point of the episode is that both Littles, mother and son, really would not have been doing the nasty with the press only inches away.

    Nonetheless that part of the episode was the best. And that arc i must say, well considering we hardly get any was actually the best featured on the show.
    Glad it ended though ...with a knowledge of the real killer.

    What brought this episode down, (really i shld have rated 2.5) was the stupidity and sher nonsense of Alan's situation. so now he's looking for intimacy? i'm confused. His character is begining to lack consistency. Words are Alan's only friend. Sex is just leisure. Well atleast ever since that hot british chick from S1 disappeared. But now we see him hit on Shirley, Denise, Mrs. Little. i mean what woman has he not attempted to hit on. It was okay when it just playful and on occassion but now to make that into an entire episode. And the next episode doesnt seem very promising either. With Jerry showing face yet again. i am very dissappointed. Alan's character was one of the most refreshing characters to be featured on TV but now to turn him into what they've turned him into, i am dissappointed. And almost ashamed to say i watch the show.
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