Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 6

The Verdict

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2006 on ABC



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    • (After Bethany sneaks up on Denny again)
      Denny: I gotta get that woman a pair of squeaky shoes.

    • Denny: She dumped you?
      Alan: Well, I think we're looking for different things.
      Denny: What are you looking for? A serious relationship?
      Alan: Don't be silly. I'm already involved with you.
      Denny: You're damn right.

    • Alan: (to Sally) When you just jump up and leave, it makes me feel cheap, devalued, skanky.

    • (Alan bumps into Barbara)
      Alan: Hmm. Hello.
      Barbara: Could you... excuse me please.
      Alan: Have we met?
      Barbara: No.
      Alan: Would you like to meet?
      (Denise walks up to Barbara)
      Denise: Barbara, we need to prep your testimony.
      Barbara: This man is hitting on me.

    • Claire: Did you know this, Lincoln Meyer was watching you?
      Scott: She told me about him. How she had a restraining order against him. She thought he was sick. Pedophile or something.
      (Lincoln stands)
      Lincoln: Objection.
      Judge Cooper: Mr Meyer...

    • Jeffrey: Denise, I... How engaged are you?
      Denise: (pause) Very.

    • Jeffrey: Did Mrs Hooper have a crush on you? You told Claire Simms that. Something about transference. The victim had developed a crush on you.
      Dr Simon: Transference sometimes occurs.
      Jeffrey: Yeah, 'cause your kinda hard to resist, I bet.

    • (After Jeffrey objects)
      Judge Cooper: I ask you, sir, to take your seat.
      (Lincoln stands and claps his hands)
      Lincoln: Atta boy, judgie boy.
      Judge Cooper: Mr Meyer, your next interruption lands you in a jail cell.
      Lincoln: (softly) So dramatic.

    • (About post-sex)
      Denny: Wait a second, you want her to talk to you after.
      Alan: Yes.
      Denny: But that would make you the girl. (Alan laughs) I don't even like to talk to them before.

    • (After they had sex)
      Sally: Your heart's good, right? You get yearly physicals?
      Alan: You think you'd kill me?
      Sally: Wouldn't look good on my resume.

    • Brad: Ask me, I don't think this Jeffrey Coho's all that hot.
      Paul: Brad... You're threatened by him.
      Brad: Oh, not threatened. Just that everybody makes him out to be this superstar and so far I'm not seeing it.

    • Lincoln: (to Jeffrey in the middle of a trial) That's what you get Mr Dirty Mouth. Mr Lawyer Man Dirty Pants.
      Judge Cooper: Mr Meyer, sit down or I will have you removed.

    • Denny: I think I have Mad Penis.

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