Boston Legal

Season 2 Episode 13

Too Much Information

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 24, 2006 on ABC

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  • "I have a rabi friend with a slight gambling problem..."

    Another review of another perfect episode- this was simply fantastic. Beverley and Brads scene was brilliant- in fact, every scene was brilliant; dramatic and funny, its just an amazing combination. Bevs firing of the sandwich guy was epic, but also shows how much Denny is influenced. The manipulation has all the partners worried but is wonderful to watch.

    Alan's case with Denise was also moving, and shows just how compassionate he is. I loved the way he won the case against the HMO, and his closing was beautifully done. The advise he gave to Denise was also moving, as well as her scene with Daniel at the end.

    Annnnd- Catherine! Woop! Catherine is just so brilliant, and provided so many laughs- I love her interaction with Alan.

    Overall, this episode just proves why Boston Legal is a seriously underated programme. Why watch drivel like the Hills or Big Brother when there is something of this quality on television?
  • Catherine is back!

    So finally Catherine is back, but she gets herself into a lot of trouble when she holds a shop keeper at gunpoint. Anyway Alan defends her at court and gets her off. Anfter she is released she gets arrested again. This time Alan realises she is doing it for attention. So he gets her a job making lunch food in the office. Meanwhile Brad, Paul and Shirley become more worried about Denny's girlfriend's influence on him. So overall i think this was a great episode. Really liked it, yet another high quality episode this season. I can't get enough of it.
  • YAY Catherine's back

    I have to say that this was such a fun little episode, with Catherine going on her wild spree. I loved the way she posed for the security cameras in the store, that was funny. In addition, at the end, when Alan meets up with Denny in the end and says "I haven't seen you all episode". I was cracking up. Also, Brad's little plan to get rid of Denny's fiance was funny too. I was NOT expecting his tie to catch fire. :)

    I found the story of the girl and her mother's death quite compelling. It's scary how much information is readily available about people on the internet, I think that part of the episode should send a strong message to several people, the authorities, and organizations that hold on to people's personal information. All in all this episode was well written and well executed. I loved it!!!
  • Fun and thought provoking. This is what television should be.

    I applaud the producers of Boston Legal for finally getting the cast right. This is the team they need to field. No Justin Mentel. No Ryan Michelle Bathe.

    Of course, the balance of tonight’s episode was a little off. Two plotlines for Alan and one half of a plotline for Denny?

    Though, I’m not really complaining. I know how the show builds on itself, and the stories weave and intertwine. Denny will have his day. And who could be sore about the wonderful work of James Spader in this particular episode?...

    Yeah, I had written a slightly different review, but I read another person’s views on this episode, and having no comments on mine, I figured I could take the moment and re-write it.

    The other review is absolutely right, the interplay between Alan and Denise was a sparkling and though provoking. Alan’s handling of the HMO case was the epitome of compassion.

    I will always be a herald for the greatness of an Alan Shore closing statement. What gifts these are for Mr. Spader. Tonight’s was second in my mind only to Schadenfeude. I say that as I sit here logged in to a site which has obtained personal information. I only hope the mattress they keep it under is sufficiently thick and heavy.

    The downfall for me and this episode was the fact that I found the Catherine Piper storyline a little annoying. Again, I’m not really complaining, it made me laugh and I know it will build to something, but I think we could have spent a little more time with Denny, Shirley, Paul, and Brad to have a more complete and well rounded episode. Surely the Catherine story could have been broken up? ...but, then how do we meet the D.A. before next week? Alright, I get it. There are greater forces at work. So…bring it on.

    This show remains the funniest show on television right now, and the fact that it is thought provoking and topical only makes it better.

    Court is definitely in session.
  • A nice return for Betty White and some intriguing ladies to get Alan's attention.

    It was nice to see Alan and Denise working together. Denise was wonderful with trying to handle her feelings for her dying boyfriend and the fears of losing him and being driven away. It was good to see Alan basically giving her the kick to go see him.

    Alan was in fine form with handling the HMO case and using that very information seeking against them was perfectly in character. We also saw his tender side talking to the girl and apologizing for using her emotions to sway the jury. It was also a nice touch that the other lawyer was played by the main doctor of Strong Medicine.

    Of course the big one was Catherine Piper's return and Betty White reminds us how great she was on this show, cracking me up with her matter of fact talk while pulling the robberies. I liked how Alan didn't come right out and confront her about her lonliness but did his best to help her. I hope we see more of her in the office with her sandwhich job as it'll be fun for her to meet the future Mrs. Crane.

    Speaking of which, while it seemed short, the bit with Brad and Danny's beau could become bigger as she seemed tempted by his offer. Interesting to see how that develops.

    While I hope Alan's assistant gets out of the clerk room soon and comes back, I'm rather intrigued by this new triangle with him, the Latina lawyer and the DA who he offered to help. Next episode seems to put him right in the center between the two and it's always good to see Alan setting off sparks on either end. Once again, a fine showcase for Spader with the promise of even more to come.
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