Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 24

Trial of the Century

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 29, 2007 on ABC
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Trial of the Century
Alan and Denny co-council two brothers accused of murdering their father. But when Alan predicts a losing verdict, Denny concocts a plan to cast reasonable doubt on their guilt.
Meanwhile, Shirley is furious when Jerry and Clarence take the case of a woman suing a casino for losing money.moreless

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  • Fantastic Finale

    This was one of my favourite Season finales of Boston Legal.

    The trial with Denny and Alan was surprising, funny, dramatic- often all at the same time! It is a credit to the writers for making it so good. Good on them.

    There is a debate about whether perjury was a good thing or not- what people need to remember is that this is a TV show, and that it is for entertaining purposes only. And boy did it entertain.

    The B&C story was also good- I loved Jerry and Clarence working together! And Brad and Claire's little quips were entertaining as well.

    On a sad note, half the cast leave prior to Season 4- sad, because it they definately have one of the strongest casts ever here.

    Overall, a brilliant episode to end a brilliant Season. Season 3 scores 9.75 based on my reviews.moreless
  • Denny and Alan defend brothers...

    A fantastic episode to finish the season! CASE 1

    Jerry Espenson and Clarence take on a casino. The casino pretty much thinks it's a joke until Jerry makes a great speech forcing the casino to settle. Awesome scene at the end with the two weirdest characters jumoing up and down together.

    CASE 2

    Alan and Denny defend brothers accused of killing their father. Denny appears to have lost it until Alan reminnds him who he is: Denny Crane! Denny devises a great strategy to have the brothers accuse each other and the lawyers pretend to be on opposite sides.. Great season finale!

    Season score: 9moreless
  • This kind of was the trial of the century, well at least in Denny's eye's...

    I thought this was a good way to end season 3. So far i would have to say that season 3 is the best. I thought this episode went very well. Most of it was about Alan and Denny defending two young boys who are charged with killing there father, and the other story was about Jerry and Clarance trying to sue a casino. At one point i thought both cases would be lost. But Alan and Denny pretended to the jury that they were spilting up and tried to confuse the jury to therefore create reasonable doubt. But Jerry almost lsot the case too but as soon as he put in the cigar he won the case no problem. The only thing that i thought was bad was that we did not get to see very much of Paul, Brad or the bady, and really not that much of Claire either. The only reason i worry is because they are supposed to not becoming back next season so i think we could opf seen more of those characters. All that being said i have to say that i really enjoyed the end of the episode where Denny says i can't wait to see what we do next season. Could that be a hint at season 4? Overall i thought this was a suitable season final and i am really looking forward to season 4. There will be new characters, new stories and more Denny Craine. Bring on season 4!moreless
  • Not so much the trial of the century, but definitely a disappointing ending to a great season...

    First off, the trial was too far fetched to believe, with all of the "twists"...Whether it be the mailed used condom to Alan Shore, and the ADA, or the blow-ups by both Alan and Denny, it just seemed cheap especially when they're suppose to be great attorneys. I didn't care for that storyline, whatsoever. I would like to see Aisha Tyler come back though, but with a better storyline though.

    The best part of the episode was seeing Jerry and Clarence working together in a case about a woman suing a casino. But, that too was far fetched, I can't believe a casino would pay $225,000 for the list of things Jerry said, everybody who goes to casino already know those things...I just didn't buy into that storyline as well.

    Also, Constance Zimmer appears in two scenes...Two scenes, she was used great at the beginning of the season, and then the second half she has just been so mis-used, and it's really sad to see that for such a great actress.

    Overall, this was a black eye of an episode for the whole season, which was a very good.

    Season Score: 8.5/10moreless
  • Alan and Denny defend two brothers who might have killed their father.

    "My client lost all her virginity"-Jerry LOL

    Well the season comes to an end in an entertaining episode. Denny and Alan defend two brothers who are accused of killing their father.

    They don't have much faith in the case. In fact this one of those where both Denny and Alan looked desperate to win a case and I loved it. “We’re desperate”-Alan

    They put the mother on the stand and make her out to be a suspect (to take away attention from the boys) by exposing an extramarital affair she had.

    However, the prosecutor (played well by Aisha Tyler) strikes down that angle by saying that doesn't really mean anything. With this dilemma then, Alan and Denny decide to play their last card which is trying to play reasonable doubt. In other words, make it out as to the jury can’t make out who really killed the father. I think it’s obvious that they both had a hand in though. The mom was involved with her love so it was up to the brothers to defend themselves. Yet for whatever reasons, the writers wrote up a rather tacky ending.

    I didn’t like this ending. Also as well there was tension between Alan and Denny as to who would win this case as they were representing each brother. I would like have to seen what would happen. The way they wrote this episode made this episode feel more like a filler than a season finale. Nothing big happened. The case with Clarence and Jerry was nothing more than comic relief as usual. I didn’t see any shred of defense here. Speaking of comic relief what was up with the title "Trial of the Century"? This was a child abuse, an important case but not a case that would put in a sentence with trial of the century.

    An entertaining episode but as season finale goes rather tamemoreless
Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler

A.D.A. Taryn Campbell

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Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn

Attorney Jonathan Weiner

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Amy Aquino

Amy Aquino

Judge Phyllis Tamber

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Denny almost leaves the office not wearing pants. In the first episode of the first season, another name partner, Edwin Poole, attends a staff meeting not wearing pants.

    • Denny mentions the web address, "" The address leads to the official Boston Legal website located on ABC's site. It was designed to look like the official Crane, Pool & Schmidt web page.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Denny: How did the judge know about our sleepovers anyway?
      Alan: Who knows.
      Denny: Is it odd that two, grown heteros have sleepovers?
      Alan: Who cares? I wouldn't trade them for anything.

    • (Denny raises his glass)
      Denny: To next season, my friend.
      Alan: I can't wait to see what we do next.
      Denny: I'm just getting started.
      (Alan raises his glass)
      Alan: Denny Crane.
      Denny: Alan Shore.
      Alan: Flamingos.
      Denny: Till death do us part.
      Alan: Let no man tear asunder.

  • NOTES (2)