Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 7

Trick or Treat

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2006 on ABC
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Trick or Treat
Denise begins a bizarre search for the remains of her fiancé, who has been scattered around the country, and Alan once again must defend Jerry Espenson, who is accused of perjury. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Coho is sued by Lincoln Meyer for defamation of character in the Judge Hooper trial, and a meeting between Denny and Bethany\'s mother leads to an unexpected reunion.moreless

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  • C'est La Vie

    Goodbye to Daniel Post- although his participation in this Season was minimum, it was sad to see him go, and it was so effective seeing the send of through the band, and Denise realising what had happened.

    It was easily the best part of the episode for me, when she and Shirley try to find Daniels body parts! It provided so much amusement!

    The other cases weren't so great this time- Alans case with Jerry was the weakest yet, but did raise some important issues. It also gave some great lines, such as Jerry making a slip in court and saying "sexual surrogate"- that had me in stitches! Lincoln is a great character, but it just didn't work for me in this episode- although it was amusing, again, in places. Lincoln killing the judge was a surprise, and provided a continued story arc which was good.

    I loved the fancy dress party at the end, and the subsequent balcony scene- really well done as always, although I was sad to see Melissa depart from the show.

    Overall, a good, pacy, funny episode- not at its best, but still better than most shows out there!moreless
  • This episode reminded me of the movie Seven

    Let's start with Jerry. This guy has to go and give Alan Shore a new storyline. Jerry is a tired character. How many times can he get away with whatever he wants because he has a disease no one really knows about. Point made, he has severe problems, move on. Denny Crane doing the midget's mother is great! Laughed my butt off. Lincoln has to go to jail and get himself raped repeatedly to justify his role on the show. His antagonizm (sp?) of the cast is annoying and it is sad that people like him actually exist. Candice Bergen and Julie Bowen finding Michael J. Fox's head in a haunted house attraction is what reminded me Seven. Kinda messed up. All in all a great episode of the only legal comedy series that matters.moreless
  • Alan once again defends Jerry in another blunder while Denny learns that Bethan\'s mother is an ex-lover of his.

    Good episode filled with laughs although this one didn\'t that much for me. How many times has Jerry screwed up only for Alan to clean up his messes? Jerry is an annoying nerd that I\'d wish would get written of the show. Predictable storyline, I knew he wouldn\'t be found guilty. The writers seem to like using him for gags and puns. The Denny and Bethany storyline is ok I guess. Denny\'s line

    about hitting on mothers gave us a preview of what\'s to come. It was an unexpected that they kill of Daniel (Michael J. Fox) so soon, only to have his death also be

    the focus of a gag (his missing head).

    I did enjoy the Lincoln Pike storyline, you know that idiot judge would get what\'s coming to him after his distasteful insult. It seems that he will be once again part of a series of episodes. Good episode, but again didn\'t do that much for me.moreless
  • A very special Halloween episode.

    Another remarkably well-written episode. The highlight may have been how Lincoln went from caricature to human to psychopath. While I was expecting a continuation of the Scott/Barbara Little story, I was happy with this subplot. I'm sure the Littles will be back later. Meanwhile we have another incestuous relationship to bide us over.

    I'm also liking the Jeffery Coho character - his rivalry with Brad (and Alan Shore now) is pretty funny and he should prove to be a foil for Alan and Denny's respective sensibilities.

    The Jerry case made for a good 'serious' story, though with Jerry that's pretty much impossible. And as always the jury makes the right choice - well, at least on TV there is some justice.

    The Daniel Post story was my least favorite this week and I can only hope they're going somewhere with it. Still, its a shame we won't get more of Michael J Fox. But it does mean Denise is single...moreless
  • Now this is the Boston Legal that I fell in love with!

    "Verdict" was one of the most painful hours of television I have watched in a long time. That said, "Trick or Treat" was a return to the Boston Legal I know and love. Boston Legal is at it's best when the characters and storylines are over the top, and last night was a perfect example.

    Shirley and Denise's search for the missing body parts of Daniel Post was the highlight of the episode, especially when they finally find his missing head. Candice Bergen and Julie Bowen have perfect chemistry together. Scenes when them are almost as good as scenes with Shatner and Spader. Also, I loved that Denny was not as upset about the fact that he might be dating his daughter as he was about the fact that he might have produced a midget. And Shatner and Spader looked great in drag!

    Christian Clemenson was terrific as always as the quirky Jerry Espenson, though I have to admit, I am getting a bit tired of the only cases Alan defending lately are Jerry's many accidental run-ins with the law. It feels like it is building up to something, and I am definitely curious what it is.

    My only gripe about this episode was that we still haven't gotten rid of all the treads from the long-running murdered judge storyline that really bogged down the beginning of the season. Craig Bierko doesn't really add anything to the show to me, and him being the focus of that storyline really took away from what makes BL so unique. More humor, less angst!moreless
Marisa Coughlan

Marisa Coughlan

Melissa Hughes

Guest Star

Tom Verica

Tom Verica

A.U.S.A Carl Newell

Guest Star

Constance Zimmer

Constance Zimmer

Claire Simms

Guest Star

Christian Clemenson

Christian Clemenson

Jerry Espenson

Recurring Role

Delta Burke

Delta Burke

Bella Horowitz

Recurring Role

Meredith Eaton

Meredith Eaton

Bethany Horowitz

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • While it made for good theater to have Daniel Post's organs being scattered all over the country by the illegal organ snatcher, there is no way that they could have been usable. It would have taken too much time to return his remains to the U.S. from Brazil, harvest the organs, and arrange the sales on the black market.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Alan: Have you wonder how you'd be as a woman, Denny?
      Denny: I'd be a lesbian.

    • (Alan sees Melissa dancing with Brad)
      Alan: Sally's gone, Melissa's gone.
      (Alan looks slyly at Claire)
      Claire: Forget it, horny toad.

    • Denny: See, that's why we're perceived as soft on terror, we can't even kill our own people.

    • (Shirley enters Denise's office wearing a witch costume)
      Shirley: Boo.
      Denise: That's perfect. I have to go to Salem later today maybe you should come with me.
      Shirley: What's in Salem?
      Denise: Possibly, um... Daniel's head.

    • (After Bethany overhears that Denny could be her potential father)
      Denny: Hi honey. Who's your daddy?

    • Denise: I can't get closure from a spleen, this is not working.

    • Bella: You're dating Denny Crane? Why didn't you tell me?
      Bethany: I wanted it to be a surprise. What's going on?
      Bella: Well, Denny and I were once...
      Denny: Engaged. (pause) Surprise.

    • Alan: I see. And how did you happen to end up with this Jeffrey Coho?
      Melissa: Oh, we clicked.

    • (About Lincoln)
      Brad: Was there any evidence at all that he could've done it or that he was a pedophile?
      Jeffrey: You representing him or me in this, Brad?
      Brad: I'm just asking you the questions that he'll be asking you if this ever goes to trial, Jeff.
      Jeffrey: This goes to trial, one of us is a pretty terrible lawyer.

    • Denny: Bethany, I'm not the kind of guy that girls take home to their mother. I tend to, you know, hit on them.

    • (Brad is assigned to defend Jeffrey)
      Jeffrey: No, no, no, no. Not him.
      Paul: Yes him. This will be an opportunity for the two of you to bond.
      Brad: (to Jeffrey in a mocking manner) Get yourself in a little trouble there... Sport.

    • (Jeffrey is being sued by Lincoln)
      Jeffrey: I can defend this myself.
      Paul: Very bad idea.
      Jeffrey: I'm full of them.

    • Denise: Daniel died during a lung transplant surgery in Brazil.
      Alan: And you get the news through a mariachi band?
      Denise: You had to know Daniel. He always said when his time came, c'est la vie.

    • (About Lincoln)
      Shirley: What exactly did you say about him?
      Jeffrey: Oh, you know, that he might've been the killer.

    • (Lincoln enters Shirley's office)
      Jeffrey: Lincoln.
      Lincoln: Did someone speak? I heard a noise. It sounded a bit godless but I heard it all the same.

    • Alan: (lifting his glass in a toast) To Daniel Post. My loss.
      Denny: I didn't know you even knew him.
      Alan: I didn't. From what I gather, my loss.
      Alan: You're not getting in this dress.

    • Jerry: More than half of the world's countries have outlawed capital punishment. Virtually all of the industrialized democracies have eliminated it. The five countries that execute the most people are in order: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Pakistan. Is that the company we want to keep?

    • Melissa: What's going on, Alan, is I'm not comfortable discovering you in closets photography buffing, or walking into your office finding some sex doctor measuring your pants, or smelling the waft of maple syrup after you've tried cases against old girlfriends. What's going on is I've had enough.

    • Denny: You won?!
      Alan: Don't ask me how. The jury must have just...
      Denny: Ignored the law like total commies.
      Alan: Exactly.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Slovakia: October 21, 2010 on JOJ

    • Melissa Hughes (Marisa Coughlan) departs as being Alan Shore's receptionist to go on to work with Jeffrey Coho (Craig Bierko). Since Jeffrey left the show eight episodes later, we can all but assume that Melissa departed with him, since she has not been seen since.


    • Denny: I have long fantasized getting in one of the Lennon Sisters' dresses.

      Denny refers to the signing group The Lennon Sisters, consisting of the four siblings Dianne, Peggy, Kathy and Janet.