Boston Legal

Season 1 Episode 6

Truth Be Told

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2004 on ABC

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  • "...just to show there are no hard feelings? I'm gunna sleep with your wife!"

    The season continues strongly, as we delve more into Alan and Denny's character, whilst developing the relationship between Alan and Tara. If theres one thing this show lacked during its 5 Seasons, it was the continuation of certain storylines.

    I thought the case with the mayor was brilliantly written, and I love the dialogue between Alan and the mayors wife, where he describes his fantasy about her. It was so subtley acted and written, and done so beautifully- I thought it was the key part of the episode.

    Denny's story was also very interesting, and it was a clever connection between him and Sally's toaster case, although it did seem to drag a little bit. Nevertheless, his scenes with Paul were good (as usual), and the toaster client was also very amusing.

    Lori's storyline was quite sad, but also well written, with a nice emotional trick- the show works brilliantly well when the storylines are equally as good as each other.

    Overall, a near perfect episode keeping the strong start to the first Season going. Brilliant stuff.