Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 5

Whose God Is It Anyway?

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2006 on ABC
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Whose God Is It Anyway?
Alan Shore again defends Jerry Espenson, this time against an ex-employee who claims wrongful termination, but is taken aback when opposing council turns out to be Sally Heep.

Meanwhile, the Judge Hooper trial begins with shocking revelations, forcing Jeffrey to rethink his strategy, and Denny's relationship with Bethany is tested.moreless

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  • The Return of Sally!

    So Sally Heap returns, and what a change of character! A very hot one too, I must say, although she is no Rhona Mitra!

    Jerry's return was excellent, and I loved the case with the scientologist! It really was amusing, and provided some great laughs- especially with Alan's cross and closing! I also loved how he and Sally flirted, and the end scene between the pair of them, though I was a little sad for Jerry when he found out the pair were sleeping together.

    The murder trial finally kicks off, and what I trial it is! The crossing of the police, the Judge and the creeping neighbour, Lincoln, were all excellently done, and the bombshell revealed by the father was just shocking! So dramatic. It was good that Denny and Bethany provided some comic moments too!

    The closing between Alan and Denny was also as brilliant as ever- the chemistry between them is (or now was) the best on television, rivalled only by House and Wilson.

    Overall, a perfect episode, with so many quotes, one-liners and perfectly executed drama.moreless
  • Scientology trial dominates this episode and is greatly entertaining.

    Although I can see why people have taken offense to the 'attack on scientology' i'd have to say that you can't watch a show like this if you're going to be so easily rattled. Especially if you're going to be outraged on the behalf of others. I don't believe David E. Kelley chose scientology because it's the easy target of religions. The choice was simply made because it is such an amusing target. The comedic material practically writes itself. I doubt Kelley sat down and wondered "hmm...which religion could I attack today with the least consequences?" maybe he asked himself "which religion sounds like an absolute joke?"moreless
  • I thought this was a great episode.

    I laughed so hard. I am a new-comer to this show (only 4 episodes) and I think it\'s great. I only wish I had started watching it a long time ago. It\'s laugh out loud funny! James Spader is an awesome actor, his timing is perfect. I enjoy watching him in this role.
  • We get a welcome return from an old cast member and some developments in the trial.

    I always liked Lake Bell and was sorry that she left. So it was great to see her back and it's smart of the writers that Sally has made herself a bit more "proffesional" in appearance. I liked her new backbone to both Allan and Brad, long overdue and hope she comes back again soon.

    The trial itself was interesting as Hands always makes things fun and nice of Sally to bring up how, in some ways, Scientology's beliefs aren't that much crazier than other religions. But Alan had the good point that the founding fathers didn't mean for "freedom of religion" to become an automatic pass to all behavior. I have to admit I felt a bit bad for Hands coming to ask out Sally only to find Alan there. I'd say that Gracie is a caricture but considering Nancy Grace's actual behavior as of late...Seeing Denny get with her was fun as was Denny trying to explain it to Bethany, another nice look at how Denny's mind works. "Once I'm in a commmitted relationship, I sleep with very few people."

    The main trial had some nice developments with the son in love with his mother and the team doing a good job spreading out doubt. I still think the shrink did it, something about his behavior seems off. Guess we'll find out next week.

    Overall, a bit of a filler but having Sally back gives it some extra fire that looks to continue.moreless
  • The trial continues and Alan Shore defends Jerry Epsenson against accusations of religious bigotry.

    I find it odd that David E. Kelley had decided to use Scientology as a means to rant against those who force their religious beliefs upon others. This guy could have easily used another religion. But since Scientology is the unpopular subject of the day and not as established as Christianity or Judaism, Mr. Kelley had rather cowardly decided to jump on the anti-Scientology bashing bandwagon.

    I don't even like Scientology, but last night's episode left a very unpleasant taste in my mouth. I see that even so-called liberals like David E. Kelley is not above religious bigotry.moreless
Lake Bell

Lake Bell

Sally Heep

Guest Star

Tyler Labine

Tyler Labine

A.D.A. Jonathan Winant

Guest Star

Ethan Phillips

Ethan Phillips

Michael Shiller

Guest Star

Christian Clemenson

Christian Clemenson

Jerry Espenson

Recurring Role

Constance Zimmer

Constance Zimmer

Claire Simms

Recurring Role

Ashton Holmes

Ashton Holmes

Scott Little

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (22)

    • Denny: I promise you. Once I enter into an exclusive relationship, I sleep with very few people.
      Bethany: You know what the problem is. You're a dirty, old man.

    • Claire: (To Judge Hooper) I gotta ask you this question, Judge. Did you kill your wife?

    • (About Sally)
      Alan: I am sorry, Your Honor. This woman is clearly a Jew.
      Judge Reece: You object to her being Jewish?
      Alan: I'm sure somebody here must.

    • Alan: So, basically every time you piss, puke or crap, you're a step closer to immortality.
      Sally: Objection.
      (Alan farts)
      Alan: Getting closer as I speak.
      Sally: Objection.

    • (About Marcia Hooper)
      Lincoln: She was drawn to me!
      Jeffrey: Drawn to you? An effeminate loser who plays in his garden all day. You're a Peeping Tom, for God's sake! You should be a registered sex offender! You're a weird little pervert!
      Lincoln: You watch your mouth, you dirty mouth! You watch your mouth!
      Jeffrey: Or what? You'll kill me?

    • Jeffrey: You and I had several conversations, have we Lincoln?
      Lincoln: We have. I don't like you.

    • (About Gracie Jane)
      Shirley: Did you talk to her?
      Denny: Gave her my best shot.
      Shirley: You had sex with her.
      Denny: Cheap sex. The best kind.
      Shirley: What about Bethany? Wouldn't she object?
      Denny: Gentleman never tells.
      Shirley: A gentleman might want to look down.
      Denny: (shocked) No way.
      Shirley: Way.
      (Denny looks down and sees Bethany)
      Denny: I knew you were there. I was just trying to make you jealous.

    • Denny: (to Gracie Jane) C'mon. You and me, ten minutes of chubby sex.

    • Alan: And after you go through all the stages. You become an operating thetan, (mispronounce) thetan, thetan.
      Douglas: That's right.
      Alan: And OTs, as they're called, are said to be able to communicate with animals, move inanimate objects, leave their bodies at will. You hope to do that?
      Douglas: One day.
      Alan: Are thetans immortal?
      Douglas: It's been said.
      Alan: Well, in fact most Scientologists believe Brother Hubbard will return.
      Douglas: And Christians believe Jesus will come again. Are they all nuts?
      Alan: Most.

    • Alan: Scientology was invented by...
      Douglas: L Ron Hubbard.
      Alan: Who started out as a science-fiction writer. He said and I quote "Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, he'd start his own religion."
      Douglas: You know, people like you take that quote way out of context.
      Alan: People like me? Does that mean non-believers, lawyers, foot fetishes?

    • Sally: Brad.
      Brad: Sally. It's really nice to see you again. Would you like to grab some dinner some time? Catch up?
      Sally: I was never behind. I'm not the same girl you went out with Brad.
      Brad: I'd love to get to know the new girl.
      Alan: (to Sally) I think he's making his move.

    • Alan: Since the day you left, I've longed to go head to head.
      Sally: You can't win this one Alan. Freedom of Religion, it's one of the biggies.
      Alan: I suppose we could wager? Loser has to slather the winner in maple syrup and then lick it off. Winner gets to slather the loser with maple syrup and then... lick it off.
      Sally: I'll see you in court.

    • Sally: Brad
      Brad: Sally? (pause) You look incredible.
      Sally: I know.

    • Alan: What'd you fire him for?
      Jerry: He turned out to be a Scientologist. Full blown.
      Alan: Jerry, we do have a little thing called 'Freedom of Religion'.
      Jerry: Oh, I know that, but why should I have to work with one. I don't like this Scientology business. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

    • Denny: (to Jerry) May I ask you a question? This may be the Mad Cow speaking but, didn't we fire you?

    • Denny: We may be less relevent, but we still got it.
      Alan: Sure we do.
      Denny: What is it we got again?
      Alan: Young women.

    • Alan: I thought you wielded some influence over her.
      Denny: She's always had that problem. She surrenders, and then she's ready to march right back to war again the minute I withdraw my soldier.

    • Sally: I will beat you one day.
      Alan: I'd much rather be flogged.

    • Bethany: (To Denny) I'm not gonna date some guy who throws his penis around like it's going out of style, which it probably did about 50 years ago.

    • Alan: Your Honor, she's making fun of Christianity. It's unpatriotic. I fear it's hurting the troops.

    • (Joan Rivers bumps into Gracie Jane outside the court room)
      Gracie Jane: Hey, I'm standing here!
      Joan Rivers: Well, drop dead, Crime Slut!

    • Gracie Jane: Denny Crane, as I live and puke.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Bethany: Who are you, Columbo?
      She is referring to the character Lieutenant Columbo, a detective portrayed by Peter Falk from the TV show, Columbo, which first aired in 1968.