Boston Public

Season 3 Episode 8

Chapter Fifty-Two

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

Danny is having trouble sorting out his feelings over the Joe Coolidge situation and his own abuse at the hands of Father Egan. He's drinking heavily, snapping at students and fellow teachers and even blowing off his classes. Danny visits Joe in the hospital to find the teen recanting his allegations of abuse by the priest. Steven is becoming increasingly concerned about Danny, more so after Joe tries to commit suicide in the hospital. After Danny vents his anger against a soda machine, he tells Steven that Joe was abused by Father Egan - then confesses that he too was a victim of the same priest. Danny realizes his anger comes not from being abused, but from remaining silent. He tells Joe about his own encounter with Egan - and that he intends to go to the police and press charges.

Meanwhile, Scott attends a ballroom dance - only to find Marilyn is also a student. After the two dance, Scott tries to strike up a friendly conversation, but accidentally puts his foot in his mouth when he says Marilyn's standoffish demeanor leaves her Winslow colleagues feeling as if they don't know her. He eventually apologizes - and she admits she does often keep people at arm's length.

Zach proposes that he and Ronnie have sex as a means to test whether their tentative relationship has a future. Ronnie initially balks, but finally agrees. After twice having their plans waylaid by make-up tests and the school's furnace, the two inadvertently get locked in the Winslow basement - and sleep together on the former senior lounge trapdoor couch-bed.

Finally, Steven and Harvey are having family issues surrounding the holiday season. Steven prepares for a Christmas without Brooke - she's going to Colorado skiing with Steven's ex-wife and her new boyfriend. Harvey, a devout Jew, is invited to spend Christmas with his African-American son and his family. Harvey initially feels attending the event would be a betrayal of his faith - but Steven helps convince him that Harvey's new-found family is too important to let slip away. At the last minute, Brooke decides staying home with her dad is more important than a glitzy, upscale Christmas on the slopes - and Harvey joins his son and great-grandchildren for Christmas dinner.
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